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Home Shows Guiding Light Guiding Light ~ Little Light of Mine Guiding Light: Little Light of Mine, Week of June 16, 2008

Guiding Light: Little Light of Mine, Week of June 16, 2008

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What is all the fuss over G? Reva and Buzz... could they be an item again?

Tom Pelphrey & Stephanie Gatschet (Jonathan randall & Tammy Winslow, Guiding Light) 

I begin this week with a heartfelt plea to writers….. Please do not spoil the memory of Jonathan by trying to make G into a wanna-be Jonathan. The character and/or portrayer of G is not, and will not, become the stellar phenom of daytime that Jonathan/Tom Pelphrey created. Hey if GL wants to bring Tom back as Jonathan I think nothing would make this storyline better than Jon returning to town to……well we all know Jonathan. I can’t imagine what he would do but we all have a good idea how it would go. That would defiantly be a call out of work day and TiVo for certain just to tune in and see exactly how mean Jonathan can be.

Unfortunately this week is going to be more of a rant than anything else, and it will be all about G in some way, shape or form.

Okay aside from the previously mentioned complaint about the direction I feel writers are trying to go with this character I have to ask, why is everyone so upset and sad about him being back in town and forced to face the consequences of killing Tammy? I will admit I have been super busy this week with the Emmy’s approaching Friday, but this seems like it should be a good thing. If it were me and my loved one that was killed I would want him in town and face the true heartache and loss that he created instead of being tucked away nicely in some far off prison. Please don’t yell at me readers, but I am an eye for an eye kind of gal and I think this should be a time of relief rather than anger. I do however understand the pain that has been brought to the surface once again but GL has never really let the citizens of Springfield or viewers forget the immense loss of Tammy so has the suffering really been brought up again or just being glamorized?

All I can do is shake my head in disappointment and regret over past praises I have given to the growth of certain characters, namely Lizzie and Daisy. I really hate to see Lizzie get mixed up in the business of dealing with G. My hope for the storyline is Bill somehow realizes and bails Lizzie out of whatever predicament she ends up in and they find their way back to each other.

Daisy, I’m just so upset over the complete turn around the writers have taken this character. I was just complimenting the smart young woman Daisy had become, now she is nothing but a silly, and once again annoying teenager.

My heart really went out to Reva, as she pointed out that it was originally her son that was G’s target and Ashlee who was quite close to both Jonathan and Tammy. Both actresses excelled in getting their point across, Kim I’m not surprised because she acts so well I don’t think she is acting anymore. Caitlin Van Zandt’s portrayal of the heartbroken friend was great. She cried and expressed pain without going overboard as soaps often do. I bought it and felt for the girl.

Yeah for Dinah! She put her big girl panties on to cover the arrest of G. I was really glad to see Dinah dropped the dumb, immature act to cover the story as a responsible professional instead of acting like a scheming con. How Dinah handled everyone’s feelings while assuring she got the true and real story was a lesson some reporters in real life may want to try and mimic.

Before moving on I have to ask is everything else in every other characters’ lives going to stop until the G’s arrest and trial is over? GL does not have a single storyline that does not revolve around this semi-interesting character and base story. Okay, we gave this our full attention for a week can we please move on and utilize the talents of other cast members and get some real entertainment going?

The bright side of this week was Reva and Buzz’s interaction. Like most I have come around to Jeffrey and Reva, but I love Buzz and Reva together. Now, it would be so much better as they are both such different people than they once were. I love Buzz and would like to see a major storyline for him, if it involves Reva all the better. Seeing them play and laugh on the mid-week episodes was great.

Not to keep beating a dead horse but I want to address the new format once again, this time I have a personal praise for the new intro to Guiding Light. I really like that the clips of character video and photos in the new theme song and credits. It/they change every episode. I look forward to watching it each day rather than getting up and going to get a drink or walk the dog at that break. I like that it is taken from video to come or previously shot and I always pay attention to the opening to see what I recognize or what to expect to see in the near future. If you hadn’t noticed try to keep an eye out. The constantly changing intro makes it more personal I feel rather than just running the same old clips by everyday.

Until next week Guiding light fans keep your light shining as Springfield keeps theirs’ shining for us.

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