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Home The News DramaQueen Gets Inside the Bubble with Robin Mattson

DramaQueen Gets Inside the Bubble with Robin Mattson

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A true bombshell
Plus, Mattson Weighs In on AMC Reprising the Role of Janet ~ with Kate Collins!

I was blessed with the pleasure of speaking recently with Robin Mattson, known throughout soapdom as Heather Webber on 'General Hospital,' Hope Bauer on 'Guiding Light", and Janet 'from another planet' Green on 'All My Children."  The character of Janet has recently returned to Pine Valley in the form of actress, Kate Collins.  Interestingly, Collins originated the role of Natalie, Janet's sister, who Janet left hold up in the depths of a well.

At the time of this interview, Mattson was not aware of any plans to bring back Janet to All My Children.  We did talk about it, however and she expressed interest in retuning to Pine Valley. 'Oh it would be so much fun to bring back Janet, and I would love to come back. It would be wonderful.'  I later saw Mattson at an event after the announcement had been made that it was Kate Collins who would be returning to the part of Janet, instead of Mattson. I asked Mattson about her feelings on the casting choice. She expressed to me that she was greatly disappointed and that she had not been contacted by 'All My Children' at all concerning a possible return.

Well, in my eyes, Mattson's Janet will always be the one that put the 'fun' in dysfunctional!  To me Mattson is one of the icons of longevity in the soap world. She took time from her busy schedule to speak to little old' me about life, style and her latest appearance in the book 'Two Faced:  Confessions of a Soap Opera Make Up Artist' by Timothy Alan.  

DQ: 'So what have you been up to?'
RM: 'Food projects, I am working on a restaurant thing with my fianc'e.'

DQ: 'Oh congratulations on the engagement'
RM: 'Thank you. We have just moved in together so we are unpacking and such.  (About the restaurant), I am excited. I love food.  As you know, I have written a cook book.  I am going on a sake tasting trip where they are bringing in all different kinds of sake into the US.  The most they have ever brought in. It will be so much fun.' 

DQ: 'Wow you are really a jack of all trades acting and cooking, very accomplished'
RM: You learn a little here and there. You just keep learning.  There is always something to learn.'

DQ: 'I must say I loved you on GH.'
RM: 'Thank you, it was great working with Tony. We knew of each other for a long time; actually we had the same agent years ago while I was under contract at Universal, but we had never worked together until GH.'

DQ: 'That must have been very exciting and familiar working with someone who you had a history with, but never really worked with. I am sure you could really play off each other.'
RM: 'Tony was wonderful, he was great to work with, and I really enjoyed it.' 

DQ: 'So, you are in Timothy Alan's new book 'Two Faced: Confessions of a Soap Opera Make Up Artist.'  How did you get involved in that project?'
RM:  'I have known Tim for a very long time. We met when I was doing my first shoot for All My Children, and became great friends.  The book is wonderful and Tim is so gracious as well as Robert Milazzo, the photographer for the book. I actually met him at the same shoot as Tim. They are both very talented.'

DQ: 'What is it about Tim?'
RM: 'He just has a great sense of what looks good and what you want. We start out with a little make up so he never hides you, he just turns it up a notch as you go.'

DQ: 'That is pretty good advice- don't hide, just turn it up.' 

DQ: 'Any lessons you learned along the way?'
RM: 'Oh yes. Subtlety and blending, I learned for the longest time I was wearing way too much blush. Finally, someone told me I looked like a clown!  So, I paid attention to whoever did my make up. You don't always have a make up artist around, so you have to learn for yourself.'

DQ:  'In the book, you describe your style as classic. Is that Audrey Hepburn classic or Marilyn Monroe bombshell classic?' 
RM: 'UM, well' just classic, I guess. Tailored style, classic cuts. Not trendy at all, and yes comfy.'

DQ:  'What piece of clothing do you think everyone should have in their closet?'
RM: 'I think one classic piece, like I have a navy blue Ralph Lauren suit, that fits like a dream.  Something that fits well and you can wear over and over again without being defined by an era.  I wore my suit to a meeting once and on my way, I caught my heel in the cuff and besides almost falling and killing myself right there in the middle of times square, I ripped the cuff. So, I took it to a tailor who let the cuff down and voila the suit was back in my closet no worse for wear. Cuff or no cuff did not make or break the suit, and yes I still wear it to this day.'

DQ: 'Wow talk about a classic moment. Anything you are loving right now?'
RM: 'Yes.  My good friend Dawn has introduced me to the wonderful world of cashmere cardigans. You just need them in the summer. You go from 100 degrees to freezing air conditioning in the city, you just need a little something and they are perfect.'

DQ:  'Is that your newest classic staple piece?'
RM:  'Yup. I would say that is a staple.'

DQ:  'Anything you look for in a red carpet gown?'
RM:  'If you are a nominee, there is so much anxiety that you should be very comfortable in your dress and not worry about fussing, low maintenance and no risk of wardrobe malfunctions.'

DQ:  'Right on! Would you mind taking our DramaQueen Style quiz to find out what kind of girl you are?'

Drama Queen's Category Quiz
Which role fits you best??  Take our quiz and find out if you're a
Bombshell, Femme Fatale, Drama Queen or Glamour Puss!

Your beauty must-have item is?
A. Pink lip gloss.  "That's all I carry."
B. A black Kohl pencil.
C. Just one?
D. Glitter and lots of it.

Your favorite actress is?
A. Marilyn Monroe
B. Angelina Jolie
C. RuPaul
D. Susan Lucci

Your perfect date outfit is?
A. Cardigan and a flirty skirt. "You know my love of cardigans."
B. A trench coat and red lips.
C. Full on war paint.
D. A ball gown, of course!

For Halloween, you'd love to dress up as...?
A. A Princess
B. Catwoman
C. Cleopatra
D. Marie Antoinette

Your beloved cat dies.  Your reaction is?  
A.  Invite your friends and have a memorial service because he was the 'Bestest cat ever.'
B.  Too bad ' but he know too much anyway.
C.  Call one of the girls from the cosmetics counter (she's on speed dial) to make him look  'natural' before you place him in his silk-lined casket.
D.  Lock yourself in your bedroom and cry 'Why!...why me!!?' And then figure out a conspiracy theory. 'I hate to say it, but yup, I would do that.'

Your best and worst traits are?
A.  You're trusting...a bit too trusting- you always find yourself in need of a rescue.  
B.  No one fools you'but if they do ' it's the last thing they will ever do.     
C.  You always look your best...and you like to tell people how to look theirs (all the time)! 
D.  You're passionate ' and with that comes a bit of a temper. 'I am very passionate.'    
If you were a lipstick what would you call your shade?
A.  Na've Pink
B.  Once Bitten Red  'I like that one.'
C.  High Watt Gloss
D.  Tantrum

In the fairytale Cinderella ' Who's the character you would most love to be?
A.   Cinderella ' She gets the dress and the guy
B.   The step sister ' she was strong and went after what she wanted 'very misunderstood. 'I guess. But she was mean. She went after what she wanted but went about it the wrong way.'    
C.   The Fairy Godmother ' she gets the wand and the power to make anyone over.
D.  The Queen...If I were her, I would take center stage at the ball

When you were a little girl you dreamed of becoming?
A.   Miss America ' she can do so much good and look hot.
B.   A Spy ' kicking butt and taking names!
C.   A Showgirl ' think of the make up.     
D.   A Soap Star ' they are on TV everyday! 'Not a soap opera actress specifically, but an actress.'

DQ: 'Well you are a true bombshell!'
RM: 'If you say so.' 
DQ:  'Thank you so much for taking time to talk to me and I really miss you on AMC.'
RM:   'You are very sweet.  Thank you for speaking with me!' 

Look Like a Soap Star contributor, Danielle Orsino is a self-proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie.  From mixing her own lipstick shades in high school to owning her own online boutique, she has seen it all. She always listened when people talked about what they loved and hated about products.  Women told her about items or designers they found and what their closet was lacking. Guys asked about gift ideas for wives and daughters.  While dishing out the advice, Orsino realized there was a bigger idea that could help everyone. She has always followed beauty and fashion and has been able to predict the next hot thing.  But she didn't want to get caught up in fads.  She chose a bolder path by adding a more glamorous element; reminding women of being a little girl and playing dress up like in the old Hollywood movies or like a favorite soap diva. The ideas meshed and DramaQueenStyle.com was born! 

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