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Home Features Soap Opera Teen Scene Soap Opera Teen Scene, Week of July 7, 2008

Soap Opera Teen Scene, Week of July 7, 2008

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Soaps from a teen's point of view. Plus delicious recipes and fun activities for you to share with your friends and family.

kristen Storms (Maxie, General Hospital)

OMG! Big things going on all over Soapland this week. The teens are getting into some serious trouble as summer stretches on, and when I say trouble I mean big trouble.

Colby gets drunk on AMC and Dre and Cassandra drive her home on the back roads of Pine Valley in her new car. BAM! They hit something and it is a person. Dre and Cassandra decide to keep the hit and run a secret when they learn the person they hit is Ritchie. The teens freak out as the days drag on and gossip is spreading through Pine Valley about Ritchie being murdered. The friends bond together afraid of what might happen to them if someone finds out that they were the ones who hit Ritchie. Cassandra and Colby are nervous and very upset making people wonder what is going on with them.

The teens of Pine Valley aren’t the only ones looking at jail time for murder. Lulu and Maxie find they are suddenly friends instead of the usual enemies when Lulu accidentally kills Logan. Lulu sees Logan attack Maxie and comes over to Kate’s office to save her. She hits Logan too hard and it kills him. Maxie and Johnny help cover up the crime for Lulu who is barely keeping her wits together. Johnny tells his sister he was the one who killed Logan because he loves Lulu and wants to protect her, and Claudia helps get rid of the body.

Things aren’t so dangerous on One Life To Live, or at least not right now they aren’t dangerous. Cole tells Todd that Starr is pregnant and she is going to give the baby to Marcie. Todd is angry and tells his daughter that he will never let Marcie and Michael adopt the baby. Todd seems serious and he has a history of violence so things could get worse before they get better for Starr and the baby.

CBS defiantly didn’t have as much action going on this week. Just lots of sex! Amber is worried that Daniel is going to find out about her and Adrian sleeping together on the 4th of July when he and Kevin get home from Dublin. Daniel is happy to see Amber and tells her how much he missed her and loves her. Amber can’t keep her secret long and tells Daniel the truth about what happened after the Restless Style party. Daniel leaves Amber.

Chloe made it look like she and Cane had sex and lets it slip the next day in front of Lily. Cane denies anything happened. Lily doesn’t believe Chloe and goes off on her.

Parker and Liberty the youngest of the Soap Opera Teen Scene gang learn to deal with all of the sex their parents are having with each other. They are angry and hurt, turning to each other.

On Guiding Light things are definably not so dramatic. Ashlee and Daisy fight over the relationship Grady had with each girl, putting their friendship on the line. Ashlee is the smart and mature one. She doesn’t understand how her friend could love someone who hurt their friend, Tammy. Daisy just wants to hurt Ashlee to make herself feel better.

When Ashlee isn’t arguing with Daisy she is posting a live blog about her weight loss after having surgery. She has lost 55 pounds to this week in real life and on the show. You go Girl!!!

This is a very good storyline for teens to see. Weight is a very big issue in middle school, so I guess high school too. I’ve talked to my friends and family about the issues of weight in my own life and the lives of my friends and I have a very good understanding of the good and the bad. Some people are just born bigger than others but for some people they can help their weight by eating healthier and being active. Teens and pre-teens are too young and their bodies need nutrients and food so adult diets and diet aids is actually worse than eating what ever you want. Adding a couple vegetables and fruit to your diet each week instead of chips and fries and just play outside with your dog or friends and you will be surprised to see some pounds drop off plus you will make your muscles more fit for a better looking, and defiantly healthier, body.

Speaking of healthy here are a few vegetable recipes my mom makes for me instead of the same old boring steamed boring veggies.

Green Bean Fries: Start with whole frozen green beans, let soak in milk for five minutes.

While beans are soaking, mix 1 cup of flour, ½ cup of corn meal, dash of salt and pepper, and table spoon of dry ranch dressing mix (Hidden Valley) Shake until completely mixed then drain beans and toss in flour covering each bean completely.

In a deep fryer or pot (with 1-2 cups of oil depending on the size of the pot/pan) heat oil on about 400 degrees. When oil is heated to cooking/frying temp drop a few beans at a time frying until golden brown.

Remove from oil and place on plate lined with multiple paper towels to adsorb the extra oil. Repeat until all your green beans are fried.

Serve with thousand island dressing, honey mustard, sweet & sour, or the dipping sauce of your choice.

Cauliflower Italiano: Steam cauliflower florets, then mix in 1 cup of pizza or spaghetti sauce per pound, a dash of black pepper and any Italian herbs you have on hand, garlic (fresh or powder), and a handful of mozzarella cheese. Place over low-low/medium heat to warm and gently melt cheese. Serve topped with grated parmesan cheese. Serve with a grilled chicken breast that has been marinated in a lemon juice and olive oil or Italian dressing and a side salad for an all around healthy dinner.

Nacho Broccoli: Steam broccoli and place on top of crumbled tortilla chips. Top with 1-2 tablespoons of nacho cheese, and salsa. Finish it off with a little dollop of sour cream. Feel free to add anything you would add to nachos or a taco like fresh tomatoes, black olives, lettuce, onions, or even jalapeños.

Croc Cell Phone Holder:

Buy a pair of crocs meant for babies or toddlers that will fit your cell phone the snuggest.

At home with a paint marker or puff paint (any kind of permanant paint or pen) write your name along the band that goes along the back of your foot.

Use the buttons made to decorate crocs or any kind of jewles or patches, ribbon, anything decorative that you like or have on hand to decorate the exterior of the shoe. And you have a personalized and durable cell phone holder.

Apply clips to attach to your purse or jeans or make a strap out of ribbon and beads so you can wear it around your neck.

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