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OLTL Fan Luncheon & Pre-Events 2004

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Fans mobbed stars of OLTL in New York for lunch and fun.

Soapdom's Exclusive Blow-by-Blow LowDown on the OLTL Fan Events for 2004!

Soapdom's Special Contributor, Phyllis A. Tremblay, attended several OLTL Fan Club weekend events and spills all the beans for Soapdom's members. Did she get any scoops?  Did stars arrive who weren't expected?  Did those who were expected not show up?  And just what is a "woodsie?"   Find out as Tremblay takes you way, way down inside the bubble at this year's events.  A great time was had by all!

OLTL Fan Events Photo Gallery

Ladies of Llanview & Men of Llanview Events Coverage

The 2004 OLTL fanclub luncheon was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC on Saturday, August 21st.  It may have been a stormy day in New York City outside but inside, the participating actors delighted the fans with their anecdotes and their accessibility during the autograph session.  But first, let me tell you that 19 actors took time out of their days to please the fans and oh yes, let’s change that to 20 actors since Kamar De Los Reyes (Antonio) came only for the autograph session.  Some of the fans may not have known that he was there since he came unannounced.  To the fans that did not get a chance to see Antonio, at least I have a photo to share.

Carol Dickson, the fan club president, works so diligently and relentlessly to provide a great venue for the fans.  Before the doors actually open for the luncheon, fans are given the chance to bid on Chinese Auction items, or on the big prizes, purchase designer jewelry or jackets, choose from various items from Catherine Hickland’s makeup line and my favorite, purchase miscellaneous 4x6 photos from past events neatly packed in stacks of ten.  The fans told me that it was like buying baseball cards.  I thought it was more like the Forest Gump quote “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.”  Some of those photos were perfect headshots suitable for autographing.

Once the doors opened, and after all the raffle prizes had been won, the actors were announced:  Kassie DePaiva, (Blair), followed by Dan Gauthier, (Kevin), Eddie and Kristen Aldersen, (Matthew and Starr), Robin Strasser, (Dorian), Melissa Gallo, (Adrianna), Matthew Metzger, (Duke), Jay Wilkison, (Riley), John Paul Lavoisier, (Rex), David Tom, (Paul), Melissa Archer, (Natalie), Renee Goldsberry, (Evangeline), Bree Williamson, (Jessica), Trevor St. John, (Todd), and Catherine Hickland, (Lindsay) were the first to arrive.  Then the fans were told the schedule of events.  First would be the announcing of this year’s OLTL Fan Awards, followed by a Q and A session hosted by Kassie and Dan to be followed by the most eagerly awaited autograph sessions.

Catherine Hickland was the host for the OLTL Fanclub award presentations.  She really seemed to enjoy her task.  Before I list the awards, let me just add that while the presentations were being made, Bob Woods, (Bo), Timothy Stickney, (RJ), Patricia Mauceri, (Carlotta) and fan favorite extraordinaire, Nathaniel Marsten, (Michael) arrived.

And now for the awards:  It should be noted that these awards are voted upon by the attending fans at the time of their ticket purchase.  These awards are special to both the fans and the actors.

Free Spirit Award:  Ilene Kristen (Roxy)

Fantasy Date Award:  Michael Easton (John)

Pillar of the Community Award:  Bob Woods (Bo)

Best Storyline: “The Music Box Killer”

Best Newcomer:  Heather Tom  (Kelly)

Best Couple:  Michael and Marcie  (At this announcement the fans went into a frenzy.)

Best Younger Actress:   Kristen Aldersen (Starr).  (Catherine called her a “hot body.”)

Best Younger Actor:   Eddie Aldersen (Matthew).  Eddie thanked everyone and said “I can’t do it without you.”

Best Supporting Actress:  Melissa Archer (Natalie)

Best Supporting Actor: Dan Gauthier (Kevin) tied with Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio).  Since Kamar was a no-show at that time, Dan took it upon himself to accept for him.  He unbuttoned his shirt and in his best Antonio voice and said, ‘Thank you, very much.”  Then he buttoned his shirt and thanked all the fans for voting for him.

Outstanding Villain: Matthew Ashford (Dr. Steven Haver).

The final two awards were for Outstanding Lead Actress and Outstanding Lead Actor and they were awarded to Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Trevor St. John (Todd).  Kassie, in her acceptance speech, added that she couldn’t have won without Blair’s Best Clothes and Best People, her TV honey, Trevor St. John, Dan and Heather.  Trevor, on the other hand seemed so embarrassed and shy.  He told the fans that he was an awful public speaker.  He said that he had no reason to do his job with nobody watching.

Next came the Q&A with roaming correspondents, Dan Gauthier and Kassie DePaiva.

The first question was directed to Jay Wilkison (Riley), most recently one of the Llanview Full Monty men of the Love Crew.  He was asked to repeat his performance for us live and up close.  His reply was that he would for lots and lots of money for charity.  He didn’t even give us a tease.  Darn!  Melissa Gallo was asked if Adriana is pregnant.  The viewers who were lucky enough to see that Friday’s episode already knew the answer to that question. 

Matthew Metzger went on to tell the audience how he was awarded the role of Duke.  He seemed genuinely excited about how the show flew him out to NY for an audition and callback.  He certainly is going to add charm to the Wharton campus this fall.  The next question that was directed to Bree Williamson (Jessica), garnered a response that the audience was not happy to hear.  When asked if Jessica and Antonio would be getting married, she replied that Jessica would be getting married.  Could it be to Tico?  We will have to wait and see now, won’t we?

It seemed like forever to Catherine, but finally there was a question for her.  ‘What is it like to be sharing intimate scenes with John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex)?  Well, first she stressed how JP is a very handsome man but that she was also married to a very handsome man.  Then, as she was trying to say how much fun their scenes were, JP kept interrupting that he wanted to say how much he enjoyed the scenes too.  The chemistry that they share on screen seems to also be shared off screen.  Way to go Catherine!

One fan seemed to think that Kevin Buchanan was a dim bulb.  She asked how long it would take before Kevin realized that Ace is a Chandler baby.  Dan seemed to think that it won’t be revealed for many months to come.  Another fan really was upset for what Evangeline did to RJ.  Other fans were quick to come to her defense by saying how ‘hot’ her scenes with John McBain were.  What was obvious this year was just how involved the OLTL fans are in their storylines and how they wanted to be heard.  There were so many hands up that Kassie and Dan didn’t know where to turn.  For the readers who don’t see their questions, I’m sorry.  It’s just that we should keep some of those answers for the attending audience, don’t you agree?

Here are some of the questions I felt were just too juicy to be ignored. Well, maybe it’s not the question as the replies.  Tell me what you think.

This was for Trevor St. John:  What was Blair wearing in the Las Vegas love scenes?  His reply; “NOTHING!”  Kassie then felt that she needed to explain to us just how non-sexy she is in those scenes.  She told us about the coconut shaped cups that are taped to her in the front.  What may seem like a slinky, sexy body to the audience looks rather clumsy and silly.  But informed viewers would already know something like that. She then continues and tells us that the cups are called ‘Woodsies’ after Bob Woods.  It seems that Nora Buchanan also wore these ‘Woodsies.”  Bob had to plead the fifth.

Robin Strasser then gave us proper diction lessons.  She said “repeat after me,  La Boulaie”, La-Boo-Lay, “Adrianna,” Ah-Dree-Ahn-Ah, and finished with “Carlotta,” Car- Loht-Tah.  Where is David Vickers when we need him?

The fans then expressed their concern about the release of Ilene Kristen, Roxy.  Bob Woods displayed his displeasure of the releasing of the ultimate professional.  It’s a pretty scary prospect for an actress in daytime once they reach 40.  Bob seemed genuinely concerned about possible future personnel changes.

One of the highlights of the Q&A had to be when a fan from South Carolina read a poem that she wrote called ‘Ode to the Backpack Hug’ for Nathaniel Marsten.  As she read, the audience was treated to the most sincere form of flattery of the characters of Marcie and Michael and to Nathaniel himself.  The poem was then followed by a series of backpack hugs for this South Carolina fan by Nathaniel himself.  I don’t think that she will ever forget her special day.

One thing that was obvious this year, the men have started to watch the activities of Llanview and are not just being brought to the event by their wives.  I like that.  Daytime TV has changed in 30 years and seeing the men in the audience throughout the OLTL weekend only confirms that.

I spoke with several fans as we prepared for the autograph session.  Fans came from as far as Canada, and from Florida to Portland Oregon to Portland Maine.  One father brought his two lovely daughters all the way from Washington State to see their OLTL faves.  Now that is special.

It was a day filled with lots of hugs, love and happiness.  The actors really showed the fans just how much they appreciated them.  It was a very successful event.

OLTL Fan Events Photo Gallery

Ladies of Llanview & Men of Llanview Events Coverage

Plus -- more exclusive photos of the OLTL and the AMC fan events coming soon. Stay tuned!

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