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Home Features Exclusives Most Memorable Soap Moments of 2005 ~ Part 1

Most Memorable Soap Moments of 2005 ~ Part 1

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Soapdom Contributors' Picks for the Best of ...


Part 1

Do you agree or disagree with their picks? What were your most memorable moments in soaps for 2005?  Contact us and let us know!

 hspace=10 src=Busted To Blissful Columnist
Lesleyann Coker

1.) The Return of Actors to Their Best Known Roles

It was great to see so many beloved faces return to the daytime canvas this year.  Some had been off daytime completely, others had jumped to roles on different soaps, but all returned to their roots this year.

On Days of Our Lives, Billy Warlock resurfaced as sweet Frankie Brady after being gone from Salem for 14 years, during a portion of which he played evil AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital.  Christie Clark also retuned to Days as heroine Carrie Brady after a six year absence, as did Clark's love interest, Austin Peck, who reprised the role of Austin Reed after a three year hiatus.

General Hospital fan favorite Kimberly McCullough revisited the role of ing'nue Robin Scorpio that made her a two time Emmy winner, after having been off contract with the show since 1999.  An even more surprising GH comeback was mounted by 80's heartthrob Rick Springfield, who returned to the show that made him a star 22 years ago.

All My Children fans were delighted when Sydney Penny came home to Pine Valley -- and the character of Julia Santos Keefer-- after nine years.

On the Bold and the Beautiful, Hunter Tylo's popular character, Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester arose from the dead after three years, and on the Young and the Restless, Kimberlin Brown returned as villiainess Sheila Carter after a 7 year break from terrorizing the citizens of Genoa City.

I hope this trend of actors resuming their best known roles continues on into 2006, as I can think of several more faces whose returns would only enhance their shows, and possibly the ratings.  Patch and Kayla on Days of Our Lives, anyone?

2.) Killing Cassie on Y&R

It was a bold move for The Young and the Restless to kill off the character of Cassie Newman, especially since fans had watched her grow up on the show.

Cassie's portrayer, Camryn Grimes, joined the cast in 1997, at the tender age of seven.  She won a Daytime Emmy for her role at the age of ten, and at the time the show killed her, she was blossoming into a lovely young lady of 15.

Talent like Grimes' doesn't come around often, particularly on soaps, where child actors tend to be garden variety cute but irritating moppets.  However, her 'death' was a gift to the other actors on the show, who rose to the challenge with the difficult and gut wrenching material.

Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow, who play Cassie's still grief stricken parents, Sharon and Nicholas, will most certainly receive Emmy nominations for their work, as will Grimes herself.

This was a instance where a show actually kept the secret of a major character's death, making it all the more shocking when it happened.  Even though the show lost Grimes, the fall out which continues to this day, some eight months later, made the difficult decision worth it.

Rest in Peace Cassie Newman.

3.) Striking Comedy Gold on AMC

The surprising pairing of Adam and Krystal on All My Children this year was a brilliant move.  The two complete opposites make so much sense as a couple, it's a wonder no one thought to put them together sooner.

The incomparable David Canary and the delightful Bobbie Eakes are a comedic dream team.  Separately, they are both accomplished actors, but together, they are as good as gold.  Watching them bicker and flirt has been great fun.

From Adam and Krystal's wedding under the influence of moonshine, to Krystal's refusal to grant Adam a divorce unless he gives her half of everything he owns, to each trying to one up the other in a variety of creative ways, everything these two do is a joy to watch.

Canary and Eakes have taken witty repartee and sexual innuendo to new heights with every interaction their characters have.  The pros play off each other like they've been doing it for years, and their sense of timing is impeccable.  The show's writers have also been at the top of their game writing brilliant one liners for these two to tease and taunt each other with.

The writing is on the wall that neither one really wants to get rid of the other despite all their protestations to the contrary.  It's clear Adam and Krystal have stumbled onto something bigger than either one bargained for.  Obviously they are falling in love, and what a treat it has been to watch them fight against it.  Neither Adam or Krystal has been lucky in the love department, so just maybe they will get it right this time in the most unlikely of places -- with each other.

Suds Buzz and Feature Article Contributor
Mark Edward Wilows

Without a doubt, 2005 will go down as a year of trials and tribulation in the world of Daytime Dramas.

For me one of my most memorable moments comes from Days of our Lives and dear old Sami (Alison Sweeney). I mean will the poor gal ever find happiness? But then again... I can hear everyone yelling  'Happiness for her'!!!! Yea right. But really...who are we to judge?

Sami has been through so much and especially trying to get together with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), especially for the sake of their son, Will. Everything was going well. The wedding was ready to rock, or so we thought. Even I must admit I thought this time would be the charmer for Sami. But you know...it was too good to be true.

Thanks to the plotting of Kate (Lauren Koslow), who hates Sami more then... well you finish it. The future mother-in-law from hell, (Kate) cooked up a plot to keep Sami out of her hair and away from her son Lucas. And what would work better then for Lucas to find Sami in bed with Brandon, her former love.

Oh Yes...Kate schemed and won. She drugged Sami, got her in bed with Brandon, and of course Lucas saw it, and as they say adios. Imagine poor Lucas on the day before his wedding to see such a site.

Was it great television? Why of course! With all what Sami has done to everyone over the years, I love to see her world crumble. I was just sitting there and laughing hysterically. Anytime Sami gets her due, it just makes my day.

Now another victim, but a poor one is John (Drake Hogystyn). The guy is good. Ask any lady and they would love a husband like John. But, not his wife Marlena (Deidre Hall), who is suffering from amnesia. She chose Alex (Wayne Northrup), who claims to be her first husband. I mean lets get real. When was Marlena ever married to Alex in the 40 years of storyline? It's so fascinating to just sit and watch the plot unfold, but then again it is Days of our Lives where the plots unfold and sometime thicken.

So will Sami get her man? Will John get his wife? I don't know, but these storyline are so twisted that it was a nail biting 2005.
 hspace=10 src=Another memorable moment for me was on As The World Turns. Actually there were two. The first is when Lily (Martha Byrne) and Holden (Jon Hensley) broke up. I mean c'mon? These two go together like butter and toast. When trouble maker Keith (Kin Shriner) came to town, it was like a thorn in the side. Like all couples in real life, Lily and Holden had problems, but Keith added fuel to the fire. I'm so happy that despite what they (Lily and Holden) have been through the love still remains. I thought it was so touching when Luke needed a kidney, and Lily and Holden bonded closer. Keith may be lurking, but I'm enjoying these two soap icons are giving him a run for his money. I think Lily and Holden will show that true love will prevail, no matter what.

As for Jennifer (Jennifer Ferrin), Gwen (Jennifer Landon), and that poor baby. I know it was a mess from the start and of course Craig (Hunt Block) was to blame, but it was bitter sweet to see Gwen hand over the baby to Jennifer, her biological mother, who all along thought her baby died. Gwen on the other hand raised Jennifer's baby thinking it was hers, when it was Gwen's baby that died. Both women gave birth on the same day, but it was a baby switch by Craig causing the mix up. Now...this happens in real life, or sometime the adoptive parents have to give back a child to the real parents. Remember the famous 'Baby Richard' case a few years ago? I think As The World Turns should be commended on how they presented this storyline. This is an issue that is very touchy and emotional story that brought joy, but tears to my eyes. And for me to get tears....well lets say it must tug at my strings.

Feature Article Contributor
Phyllis A. Tremblay

My most memorable daytime ' TV moment of 2005 was the return of Thom Christopher to One Life to Live as villain Carlo Hesser.  In short, the man was brilliant and his stay was too brief.  From the moment Carlo Hesser arrived it was as if he NEVER left.  Carlo Hesser, the man whose maniacal laugh stimulates haunting nightmares, the man who steals every scene in which he appears, the man who makes the smallest scenes a work of art, was the focal point of the prison break storyline.  It was delightful to see how Hesser would manipulate the prisoners, the guards and of course, the Llanview police department.  As evil and manipulating as Hesser was, he was a villain that I would find myself routing for just to see what he would do next.  Carlo Hesser has recently been water cooler chatter at many offices.  I was told that husbands actually sat and watched the prison break scenes because of Carlo Hesser.  Hmm; Carlo Hesser actually brought in a larger viewing audience.  Since Hesser never got to see his beloved Renee and his last words to Natalie were 'until next time' hopefully we will not have to wait to long for his return.

 hspace=10 src=Next would be the casting of Forbes March as Nash Brennan.  Granted this is not March's first daytime role but his presence as All My Children's Scott Chandler did not make the same impression as his portrayal of Nash Brennan.  From the moment I saw him in his Miami Vice type white suit, I was hooked.  From what I've been reading the audience literally fell in love with Nash at the same time that Tess fell for Nash.  This is no small coup; he came in to break up the existing super couple, Antonio and Jessica.  He not only succeeded, he won the hearts of everyone along the way.  I don't know how Jessica's DID storyline is going to play out but I hope it includes a reunion for Tess and Nash.  March has been like a breath of fresh air.  It is so refreshing to see a model who can really act.  I am so happy that March elected to pursue a career in daytime rather than continue his path down the Sci-Fi trail.

One Life to Live has really improved in 2005.  I especially loved the following storylines: the Killing Club murders, the prison break, and anything that had to do with Margaret Cochran.  Tari Signor did an outstanding job portraying the oh-so-frightening, obsessed, deranged Margaret Cochran.  She literally gave me nightmares on several occasions.  She kicked the 'fatal attraction' syndrome up a few notches. And, do we know if she is really dead?  She's come back from the ashes before!  Then there was the over-the-top performance of Jed Orelmann with his portrayal of Hayes Barbour during the prison break storyline.  Can you say looney toons?  He took a character that we figured was written off for good once the Killing Club murderer was apprehended and made him into such a tragic villain.  His performance was so exaggerated that I found myself laughing at him instead of being afraid.  He was the most pitiful prisoner and such an easy pawn for Carlo Hesser.  Orelmann may not be a household name but his portrayal of Hayes Barbour will not be soon forgotten.  And this leads me to how all the storylines lead to Spencer Truman.  Paul Satterfield has weaved such a niche for himself as this dastardly villain.  Not only is his agenda still a relative mystery to the audience, his character is involved with almost everyone on the One Life to Live canvas.  His ex-wife is Paige who is dating Bo Buchanan, his brother is David Vickers who is linked to Paige in the past but involved in the lives of Dorian, Kelly and Blair, all of whom seem to be targets for Spencer.  What is his vendetta against the Buchanans?  Why does he want Blair so much?  Did he kill Margaret Cochran to frame Todd and get Blair?  At least now we seem to know why he was nice to Ginger Foley, Margaret's niece. Or do we?

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