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Soap Talk premieres, Billie back on DOOL, & Casting & event info

Dear Suds Buds,

What a DOOL weekend. What a week ahead on SoapTalk! Not to mention all the other breaking news in soaps. Sit back, relax, and scroll away. There's tons to cover this week!

As promised, we've got the inside scoop on SOAPnet's all new, all talk, daily show all about soapdom. SoapTalk premieres today, Monday, June 10, 2002 at 11 AM ET/PT with guests Jackie Zeman (Bobbie, GL) and Kym Douglas, real-life wife of Jerry Douglas (John Abbot, Y&R). Turtle-Run was invited to participate in the first-ever audience, along with friends and family of the stars, producers, network, etc., and we had a blast. 

To get to the SoapTalk stage, which is located at ABC Studios in LA, I had to walk through the GeneralHospital prop and set department.  It was great seeing accouterment that said things like "Sonny's bedroom!" I can now honestly say that yours truly was in the Corinthos boudoir. Move over Carly! LOL

SoapTalk's co-hosts couldn't possibly have more chemistry. Ty Treadway (Colin/Troy, OLTL) is charming, witty, and adorable. Lisa Rinna is like your girlfriend, chatting up the latest scoops, trends and dish on soaps. Or, as Treadway says, "she's an ex-hippie chick who's beautiful, smart and down to earth!"

"Daytime talk shows are so much fun," says an excited Rinna according to the official SOAPNet SoapTalk press release. "I love the spontaneity, and I get to just be myself. But the best thing about daytime television is that it has the nicest, most die-hard fans of any genre. It's so much fun to be around people who are enjoying themselves as much as I am!" 

The press release continues with Treadway in total agreement, and looking forward to their new partnership. "Lisa is such a pleasure to be around," he says. A fan of daytime, Treadway hopes to be a voice of the fans, as well as a sounding board for them. "Soap fans are so incredibly loyal. It's rare that shows garner such a fan base. " But as a neophyte to the world of talk shows, he adds, "I'm terrified, but I'll have a fun look back at this and laugh!"

For the first ever taping, there were hardly any snafus. Treadway revealed in a phone conversation several days later (see below for Part 1 of TRO's Treadway interview) that during the rehearsal the day before taping, everything was pretty much scripted, but the tone came off stilted and rigid. He asked if he could just try winging it on "the day," and producers said "go for it!" He and Lisa did and you'll get to see the fun results beginning today.

Speaking of fun, Treadway lives life by his "fun meter," and that's how he became the co-host of SoapTalk! (See interview below.) It's a good thing that he has such a great sense of humor as he will be taping all week long in NY on One Life to Live, then hopping a plane for the west coast where he and Lisa will be taping not one, not two, but three SoapTalk's on Saturdays and three on Sundays! That's a lotta dish.  To get free tickets to SoapTalk, see our coverage of the premiere episode below.

We couldn't get an extensive interview with Lisa Rinna, as she was in NY promoting SoapTalk (you may have seen her on Live with Regis & Kelly last Wednesday), and then got on a plane to head back to LA were she started taping her scenes as Billie on Days of our Lives! Yes, DOOL fans. Billie will soon be in the house once again. Or should I say, on your TV screen in the house! I am sure we'll catch up with Lisa soon. Stay tuned.

Speaking of Days of our Lives, DOOL fans had the time of their lives at this year's DOOL Fan Weekend. From the Wesley's Moulin Rouge hosted by Kevin Spirtas (Craig) and Patrika Darbo (Nancy) to the Ultimate Fan Breakfast, Dinner with the Men of DOOL, Jack's Back at InterAct, DOOL Basketball game and other activities, it was a jam-packed, non-stop weekend of getting up close and personal with the stars. We've got our take on the Ultimate Fan Breakfast and the basketball game below, as well as the official NBC Press Release recapping the weekend and the scoop on how you can bid on a DOOL-signed commemorative photo of the World Trade Towers. 

Congrats to Passions for winning the Imagen Award for the second year in a row and for nabbing Emmy Winner Kathleen Noone as a recurring cast member! As usual, keep scrolling for more casting and public appearance info.

SoapTalk Premiere -- The First Daily Dose

By Jessica Radloff

Exclusive! Read all about it!! SoapTalk, the new soap-themed talk show on SoapNet, taped its first show ever last Friday and Turtle-Run got an exclusive the invite to witness all the behind-the-scenes action!  Taped at ABC Studios in Hollywood, the show--which features co-hosts Ty Treadway (Troy, OLTL) and Lisa Rinna (Billie, DAYS)--resembles a mix of Live! With Regis and Kelly and The View. 

As the show counted down to its premiere episode, the studio was buzzing with activity, ranging from seating audience members to moving furniture. The first two rows of the studio were reserved for VIP guests, consisting of mainly SoapNet executives, and of course--Turtle-Run. The set was larger than expected, and featured a mix of corals, oranges, teals, and purples. Looking rather identical to Regis and Kelly's set, the only difference was a large coffee table off to the right where Lisa hosts her "SoapBox" segment. As with most tapings, a warm-up comedian was brought out to get the audience excited about the show. SoapTalk is not a live production, allowing Ty and Lisa to tape all the week's episodes on the weekend, so that they can give 100% to their soap jobs during the week. In case you hadn't heard, Ty commutes between L.A. (home of SoapTalk) and New York City (home of One Life to Live). That's a ton of frequent flyer miles!

Minutes before showtime, Lisa and Ty came out to greet the audience. Given that Lisa has two children with husband Harry Hamlin, I marveled at how small and petite she is--easily a size 0. Lisa was decked out in a black off-the-shoulder peasant top, complete with white pants and black sandals from Dolce and Gabanna. Ty looked absolutely terrific in a blue button-down shirt and black slacks, although his best accessories cost nothing--a million-dollar smile and oh those dimples! Following their brief hello to the audience, Lisa and Ty ran backstage as cameras got into position and last-minute details were ironed out. 

Finally, an hour and a half after arriving, the show was set to begin and SoapTalk was about to enter the history books on its first day of taping! The theme music pumped from the loud speakers, and Ty and Lisa made their way to the stage. Obviously excited with their new job as talk-show hosts, Lisa and Ty shared great chemistry--rare for two people who have never worked together before. They learned the ropes together, and showed obvious affection for each other during their first segment. Lisa talked about the history of ABC studios and how her dressing room has hosted many popular entertainers back in the day. Much of the time, Ty kidded around with Lisa, acting like a charming big brother.

With segment one underway, Lisa and Ty prepared to welcome SoapTalk's first guest: Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie, GH). Jackie looked positively radiant, displaying the characteristics of an enthusiastic 10-year old. She spoke about her kids, as well as her 27 years on daytime--25 of which have been on General Hospital, and two on One Life to Live. Ty brought up her early days as a Playboy bunny in New York City. Without hesitation, Jackie graciously relived her Playboy experience to the audience, even demonstrating the famous "Playboy Dip," a way to serve a drink by leaning down backwards from the waist with a swoop!

Although Lisa and Jackie gabbed away, Ty was given the signal for a commercial break, and had the tough job of wrapping up the conversation between two very outgoing ladies! Commercial breaks are always fascinating because it's during that time that you get to see whether the guests and the hosts are anything like their "on-screen personas." Once the cameras stop rolling, it is often an entirely different story into their personalities. Pleasantly though, Lisa, Jackie and Ty kept talking, each displaying the same charming qualities that were seen minutes before on camera. Lisa told Jackie that this show was the only one they were taping day, but on Saturday they would be taping two shows, followed by three shows on Sunday. Jackie appeared completely amazed with Lisa and Ty's grueling schedule. 

Once the hosts received the countdown indicating their commercial time was up, the three actors jumped seamlessly back into conversation. Before Jackie prepared to leave, Lisa and Ty surprised her by having members of the Los Angeles Fire Dept. present her with a plaque honoring her 25-years of service on General Hospital. Whether or not Jackie knew of the surprise beforehand was a mystery, but she greeted each firefighter with a warm hug and handshake. Although it seemed odd to have so many members of the LA Fire Department make an appearance, it was a lovely gesture for an actress who has given the soap community so much. 

The show's second guest was Kym Douglas--the wife of The Young and the Restless' Jerry Douglas (John Abbott). She showed diamonds and jewels that are currently popular with Hollywood celebrities and also ones seen in soap opera weddings. Jackie stayed around for this segment, and marveled with Lisa as they practically drooled over the diamonds and gems. Ty, of course, did his best to look like he wouldn't rather be anywhere else!

Following Kym's segment, Lisa hosted her first round of SoapBox, a forum featuring two guests, plus Jackie. Lisa's SoapBox is set up as an opportunity for Lisa to talk about all the issues and storylines on all ten soaps, along with a fan and a soap industry journalist. The four members discussed everything from All My Children's Bianca and Erica, to whether Lisa and Jackie let their own kids watch soaps. In response, Jackie said that she preferred more stories based in reality. Although Ty sat out this segment, he did pop in for a moment with a show-stopping quip!

The last segment featured Daytime Emmy Dresses from ABS--a design house that spits out fashion knockoffs almost as soon as the celebrities are seen wearing them. The good news? ABS fashions are far more affordable!  The models walked the SoapTalk red carpet in designs that replicated Lynn Herring's (Lucy, PC) gray asymmetrical dress, Crystal Chappell's (Olivia, GL) two-piece lace Pamela Dennis (originally $1800. The ABS creation sells for $200), Melody Thomas Scott's (Nikki, Y&R) coral halter dress, and Lisa Rinna's $20,000 red, sparkling halter dress from Armani.

For the tag--the closing segment--Lisa and Ty brought out a Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake for the audience. You'll see why when you watch the first SoapTalk airing Monday, June 10. It seems that one of the co-hosts maintains their trim, lean physique on a diet of Krispy Kremes! Which one do you suppose? 

They served each audience member a donut and whipped cream, along with a small box of Krispy Kreme's to take home. Two and a half hours after the show taping first got under way, it was now a wrap! Without a doubt, SoapTalk's premiere episode was a smashing success, and Lisa and Ty proved they have the stuff of which great talk show hosts are made! Move over Regis & Kelly. You have some new competition on the horizon!

SoapTalk premieres Monday, June 10, 2002 at 11 AM ET/PT with a repeat airing at 11 PM ET/PT. The shows are taped on the weekends, three on Saturday and three on Sunday, and will air daily Monday-Friday at 11 AM ET/PT and 11 PM ET/PT and at 6 PM and midnight ET/PT on Saturday and Sunday. The audience is small (about 80 guests) and you're right up front and personal with the stars. For SoapTalk tickets visit http://tvtix.com/show.php?eventID=141&scheduleID=8122 or call 323 653-4105.

Talking with SoapTalk's Ty Treadway Part 1

By Linda Marshall-Smith

Amid his busy schedule taping a frontburner story on One Life to Live and promoting the new SOAPnet show, SoapTalk of which he is co-host, Ty Treadway (Troy/Colin, OLTL) found several moments to talk with me over the phone from New York. I learned all about Ty's website http://www.tytreadway.com, his credo, and his fun meter! Not to mention getting a few hints at scoops on what's coming up for Troy on OLTL, how he got from being an accountant for the government to being a soap star, and now a soap talk show host! Plus, you'll never guess who he can't wait to interview on SoapTalk. Not only that, Ty revealed that he is a frequent visitor to Turtle-Run! Hi Ty ;o)

LMS: Juggling a front burner storyline, taping six shows a weekend for SoapTalk, being bicoastal, are you going to have any time at all for yourself? 

TT: I probably should have thought about that beforehand! But I love to meet new people. I love to talk and have conversations, and I am very opinionated. If they want to put a camera in front of me and toss me a paycheck every week, very cool, because I was going to do that for the weekend anyway!

LMS: Will OLTL give you any special consideration, like giving you Fridays off? How is that all going to work?

TT: I went to Gary Tomlin (OLTL, EP) and asked if we could work something out so I could do SoapTalk. I think he was a little leery, but he said you can do it as long as it doesn't interfere with One Life to Live at all. So, I will be working a regular schedule on OLTL. For example, I work this Friday, and as soon as I get out, I will catch a plane. I am sure there will be times I won't get a lot of sleep, but I can sleep standing up anywhere at any time. At the drop of a hat, I can fall asleep. I'm a power napper! I can sleep on the plane, on the set, anywhere, you name it and I can sleep! In fact, I'm sleeping right now and you just don't know it! 

LMS: Did you ever in your life think you'd be hosting a talk show?

TT: Never in my life. No, It never remotely entered my mind. When they first asked me to do the talk show I said nah, I don't think so. Then the producer called me later that night and asked 'what do you think now?" I said if I meet the other host and it feels right and fun, then I'll do it. If it doesn't (feel right) than I won't. I live my life based on if it's fun or not. 

LMS: So when did you decide co-hosting would be fun?

TT: I met Lisa Rinna and she is the coolest, coolest ex-hippie chick! She is very down to earth. She is like a glamorous ex-hippie girl. She is very sweet, beautiful, smart and funny and it just felt right. We did the rehearsal the day before you saw me and literally they had to tell me -- don't eat the microphone. They had to start with the basics for me. That being said, I love to talk and chat and hang out, so a lot of things come natural. They said whatever interests you is what you talk about. It is what I was going to do that weekend anyway, except I get to meet all my favorite celebrities!

LMS: Who are you just dying to interview?

TT: Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH), Roger Howarth (Todd, OLTL) and Anthony Geary (Luke, GH). They are some of the most talented guys in daytime.

LMS: Is most of the talk on SoapTalk written for you, or is the conversation spur of the moment?

TT: We get a rough idea of a script. The producers put together some questions that might be interesting or might not be interesting. The day before (we taped the first show) we did a heavily scripted rehearsal. It felt very stifled. We talked to the producers before we did the first actual show and I said I don't know if I can do it this (heavily scripted) way. They said 'do whatever you want to do' and I said 'seriously?' and they said "yes! Do whatever seems fun to you." I said, okay, that's cool, then I can do it! It's very much in the moment stuff. We sort of throw the script out and have fun! 

LMS: How did you get picked to co-host?

TT: The producer (Mary Ellen DiPrisco) was trying to find a host. She was doing focus groups. She went to (get her) voice messages and there was a call from me. I left this message saying 'I don't know if you know who I am but I am Ty Treadway, I play Colin and Troy on OLTL, and I have an idea for a new show. I heard that you are looking for new shows.' She called me back and said 'I know who you are. Please, come out (to LA), come out.' I came out and pitched her a show that I had developed that I was very interested in doing. She liked it but said they'd rather do it as a segment. Then, she asked if I'd be interested in hosting this other talk show, as the she didn't have any other money to do any other new shows only this talk show they were doing. That's when I said nah, not really. I can't imagine being a host. I live my life by my fun meter. So she asked if I could just think about it. I said sure and went home talked it over with my girlfriend. She said 'I think it could be fun. You never shut up anyway!' When Mary Ellen called me later that night asking if I'd thought about it, that's when I said if I meet Lisa and it feels right, then yes. Sure. But if I meet her and it doesn't feel right, then no. I do everything by "feel" in life. I have learned to trust my instincts because they always seem to be right. When I was younger, I would outthink myself. I would think one thing and then I would think something else, and my first instinct was always right.

LMS: Tell us about the computer program you created and how it changed your life.

TT: I was an accountant for the government. Then I designed computer networks for New Jersey in the auditors department of the NJ Legislature. I had written a program in my spare time that counted down the seconds until I retired. So, there I was at about 27 or 28 years old, and I had just wished away 30 years. I said oh my lord, I either need to shoot myself in the face, or get out of this job. There is no way... I just want to drink it all in. Experience everything. See what the world has to offer. Everyone told me I was crazy. People always do that to you. But in my opinion, the only limitations in this world are ones that we allow other people to put on us.

LMS: Ohhh. I like that. The only limitations in this world are ones that we allow other people to put on us. 

TT: Absolutely.

LMS: May I say that's the Ty Treadway way of life?

TT: Absolutely. 

LMS: So you decided that you weren't going to let anyone put any limits on you.

TT: That's exactly right. It's a hard thing to do sometimes, as people always want to tell you what you can or can't do. I just walked in and said I gotta go, I am going to be an actor. My boss was like "you're out of your mind!"

LMS: Had you ever had any inclination to act prior to that?

TT: No. I liked to watch movies.

LMS: Had you ever taken any acting classes?

TT: When I quit my job I did. I am one of those people that whatever I'm doing, I dive in head first. I don't stick my big toe into anything. I dive in. When I'm doing accounting, I am full force accounting. When I am doing computers, I am full force computers.

LMS: Which brings me to tytreadway.com. Did you design your own website?

TT: I didn't design it, but I've had a hand in designing it. We have two ladies, Laura's from St. Louis and Pam who's from Canada. We sat down and we talked and I told them what to put where, but unfortunately, I don't know html. At that point I'd already left the computer industry. I just know how to surf around, and I know basics. I don't know html programming at all.

He may not do his own programming, but Ty does like to come on to his website and chat with fans and respond to email when time permits. More on Ty, Troy, Colin and goings on in Llanview in Part 2 of our Ty Treadway interview in next week's Top of the Week! Stay tuned.

DOOL's Ultimate Fan Experience

By Jessica Radloff

Remember when Days of our Lives was named favorite daytime drama at this year's People's Choice Awards? You know, the one where Julia Roberts was so giddy to be seated next to the cast that she requested a picture with them backstage? Well, I think that all the fans that voted showed up at this year's "Ultimate Fan Experience" held on Saturday, June 1, 2002 at Universal City's Sheraton Hotel. More crowded than previous years, the record 700 fans in attendance were lined up around the entire hotel!

Although there were numerous events throughout the weekend (featuring more intimate DAYS gatherings), the breakfast--which benefited the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Greater Los Angeles--was Days Fan Weekend's main event. The "Ultimate Fan Experience" featured a Q&A session, a chance to purchase original creations worn on the show, one-on-one time with the cast members for photos and autographs, and a clip reel.

Unlike other events that I have covered, the Days breakfast allowed me the chance to become of the fans--and I took full advantage of it! Upon arriving, I went to the top floor of the absolutely gorgeous Sheraton to collect my orange wristband--my ticket to get inside. As I took the escalator back downstairs, Suzanne Rogers handed out "SoapStyle" cards that enabled fans to enter a drawing for free jewelry. I mentioned that I was with the press, but she said not to worry--I could still enter and enjoy the prizes if I won. (To be fair to the other fans, I didn't). In addition to passing out SoapStyle cards, she entertained fans that wanted their picture taken with her. Every fan commented on how sincere and enjoyable she was, hoping that the other cast members would take Suzanne's lead (as you'll see later--they did not disappoint!) 

The only downside to the event was the long wait to get inside the grand ballroom. Thankfully it was a beautiful, sunny morning in Los Angeles, because for almost an hour, I waited outside to even get in the building! While in line, it seemed impossible not to become friends with whoever was standing next to you. One gal flew all the way from Florida for the event, saying that even if it weren't for her free airline ticket, she still would have come! I chatted with a lovely woman named Dayna, who flew down from Sacramento, CA just to meet some of her favorite stars. Each fan was a joy to talk to, explaining that they love the entertainment DAYS provides day in and day out. Finally, after an hour and a half of waiting to get in, I made my way to the security entrance where each fan was subject to a metal detector and their bags were examined. In this post 9-11 world, there was intense security, but no one seemed to mind the extra long wait. However, it would have helped if there was more than one metal detector set up for fans to walk through. 

Anyway, as I made my way through the lobby, Dayna accompanied me and asked if she could switch tables to join me at mine. We managed to work something out, and it was great having someone show me the ropes and give me some insight. As we walked into the hallway, numerous tables were set up featuring all kinds of merchandise on display. One table featured over fifty different 8x10 photographs of Deidre Hall, while another table had a full supply of Kyle Lowder posters. I was surprised to see Peter Reckell (Bo) and his wife, Kelly Moneymaker, standing behind a table selling his CDs and other merchandise. I would have expected to see him signing stuff during the one-on-one time, but it was a pleasant surprise to see him mingling with the fans prior to the start of the breakfast. 

Once I walked into the ballroom and found my table, I was greeted with a huge gift bag from DAYS. Inside was a DAYS 2002 calendar, an autograph book, an hourglass pen, Mrs. Field's cookie certificates, a DAYS T-shirt and mug, and other small gifts. I put the bag under my seat and darted over to the buffet line to check out the breakfast. From eggs benedict to hot, crispy waffles, the breakfast was quite delicious and seemed to get a thumbs-up from almost every one in attendance. Shortly thereafter, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Patrika Darbo (Nancy) took the stage to welcome everyone and thank the sponsors of the event. As mentioned before, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society played a huge part in sponsoring the breakfast, and Nadia talked about her special connection to the organization. She lost her father to Leukemia when she was younger, and talked about her commitment to defeating this horrible disease. Following her remarks, Master of Ceremonies James Reynolds (Abe) took to the podium and introduced a Clip Show.

The Clip Show was a wonderful highlight reel featuring the events of the past year. Everything from Princess Greta's coronation and massacre to Hope and Bo's wedding, had the fans glued to their seats, hoping for a peak at upcoming storylines. Any clip of Chloe got a huge applause, and it was obvious that the Broe (Brady/Chloe) and Phloe (Philip/Chloe) contingents were out in full force!

After the Clip Show ended, James told everyone to enjoy the buffet, as the Q&A would start in five minutes. During that time, I took the opportunity to meet everyone at my table (all girls except for two guys).  One of the men, Damian, who has watched DAYS for 35+ years, was especially excited when he saw some of the teen characters make their way to the holding room. He took his friend and ran outside to take pictures!

Just as James promised, five minutes later he began to introduce the cast in small groups for a Q&A with the audience. Bryan Datillo (Lucas) and Justin Melvey (Colin) were sent into the sea of fans armed with microphones so everyone in the room could hear the questions. When a fan asked Justin if he was going to get a girlfriend, Justin replied that he wouldn't mind having Nicole, to which Bryan charmed in, "No!!! You don't want Nicole!" His humor had everyone in stitches! In addition to Bryan (who, may I add, needs a haircut) and Justin (absolutely gorgeous in person), Aaron Van Wagner (Jason), Heather Lauren Olson (Jan), Farah Fath (Mimi), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Kyle Lowder (Brady), Jay Johnson (Philip), Jason Cook (Shawn) and Kirsten Storms (Belle) made their way out on stage. Heather Olson confirmed that Jan is leaving, but added "I'm looking at scripts for film and TV shows, so I'll be around!" When asked what he hopes are in store for his character, Kyle Lowder indicated that he hopes Brady gets to fight the DiMeras. I'm sure John Black would appreciate the much-needed help! 

The following group featured Patrika Darbo (Nancy), Kevin Spirtas (Craig), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Matthew Ashford (Jack), and Matt Cedeno (Brandon). Patrika and Kevin hammed it up on stage by embracing and then falling all over each other once they were announced. Melissa admitted that some of her favorite scenes are those in which the entire cast takes part. She said that the Fourth of July barbeque is coming up and those scenes are the most fun because everyone plays tricks and goofs around! Later, Matt Cedeno took the safe approach when asked how he will react when it is revealed that Abe is his father. "IF Abe is my father, I'll have to be in the moment (to know how I'll react)," Cedeno said. 

The third group that James announced consisted of Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Peggy McKay (Caroline), Lauren Koslow (Kate), John Aniston (Victor), Frank Parker (Shawn), Arianne Zuker (Nicole), and Josh Taylor (Roman). This group was asked how they would respond if the powers-that-be informed them that DAYS would go live for a week (like OLTL recently did). James took that question and said, "I don't think we'd mind doing it, but a week is a pretty long time!" His castmates seemed to agree. Meanwhile, Suzanne took the opportunity to talk about the Emmys and why DAYS fails to garner nominations. She said that DAYS just doesn't have enough votes to get Emmy nominations because of block voting. Without missing a beat, Patrika chimed in, "but we do have the best fans!"

Following Suzanne's comments, James introduced Tanya Boyd (Celeste), Will Utay (Dr. Rolf) -- counterpart Bart (played by Steve Blackwood) --was absent due to a prior engagement, Renee Jones (Lexie), Alison Sweeney (Sami), Bill Hayes (Doug) and Susan Hayes (Julie). Renee and Ali garnered the loudest applauses when they were introduced on stage. Judging from the audience reaction, fans love to root for the bad girls! Renee talked about her recent transformation from a good girl to a bitch. "It's really weird. . . people now keep their distance on the street (when coming up to me)," she joked. Alison got a favorable response when she said that it would be fun to pair Sami and Lucas together. In the meantime, Susan used her opportunity on stage to thank the fans for their dedication and support. "I am delighted to be in a room where so many people share the love and devotion to Days," she said. 

Finally, the last group was announced. Throughout the day, most fans had anticipated that Peter Reckell (Bo) and Drake Hogestyn (John) were going to make appearances. Those who had been to previous Days events kept in mind that Deidre Hall (Marlena) usually doesn't attend the breakfast. In addition, some fans said that they wouldn't be surprised if Kristian Alfonso (Hope) makes an appearance, but later bows out before signing autographs (especially this time because she's pregnant). However, everyone was pleasantly surprised when not only did Peter and Drake walk out on stage, but so did Deidre and Kristian as well! Deidre was absolutely radiant in a bright canary-colored suit, and Kristian was glowing in a tailored black pantsuit. Pregnancy obviously agrees with Kristian--she looked happy to be in the presence of so many fans and couldn't wait to meet each one personally. Before the audience was given the chance to ask questions, Deidre took the mike and made a plea to Days fans, saying that DAYS is up for renewal next March and thus urging the fans to keep tuning in and writing, "so we can stay on the air for 35 more years and counting!" Following her comments, another surprise was waiting in the wings as Frances Reid (Alice) came onstage and took a seat in between Deidre and Kristian. Except for a couple of fans, everyone else seemed too star-struck to ask the "big names" at DAYS any questions. Apparently everyone was just staring in awe at Bo and Hope, John and Marlena and everyone's favorite grandma and doughnut queen--Alice. 

At the

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