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Home Shows As the World Turns As the World Turns ~ What in the World? As the World Turns: What in the World?, Week of May 26, 2008

As the World Turns: What in the World?, Week of May 26, 2008

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Sophie melts down, "Juicy Janet" a bust.

Roger Howarth (Paul Ryan, As the World Turns) 

Wow, As the World Turns seems to be spinning off it’s axis this week with the meltdown of Sophie over her obsession with Paul, and the ripple turn of events in the Snyder households.

Holden is furious with Carly for giving Lily advice, that she surprisingly takes. Holden puts his animosity against his one-time cousin-in-law aside for the sake of helping Sage overcome her fear of horses before summer camp, but ends up mounting up with Carly. Who doesn’t have mixed feelings about this match-up? In a way I’m not surprised to see these ATWT vets finally get a chance at love and lust together. Then again, Holden really isn’t thinking things through. If he thinks Lily and her lies are bad. Whoa! That’s jumping from the frying pan into the fire, turning to Carly.

Poor Carly, can’t keep a girlfriend can she? And where does this leave Detective Jack? Carly isn’t the only Snyder getting closer to the opposite sex, that is a member of the family by marriage. Parker is finding Liberty to be more annoying, so am I, and a lot of trouble rather than a friend and cousin. Yet he wants to impress and save her. Liberty steps on Parker’s toes when he is on a date a couple times this week.

Libby seems to not want anyone in her family, or life, to be happy in love. Liberty hates her mother for cavorting around town pathetic and man-crazy, but she isn’t satisfied with the seemingly normal, happy marriage her new pops and Katie are trying to have in addition to raising a teenager.

I personally am not buying the “Juicy Janet” tag because she comes off, and appears to be, almost old enough to be Brad’s momma, not his baby’s momma. Plus she looks too much like the recent Oakdale villainous Iris. Both attractive yes, but not so hot men lose their way to be with her. I just don’t care for mother or daughter, I hope this storyline picks up or goes away soon.

Hey where is JJ? I love that kid. We caught a glimpse Tuesday , more as an extra than an established character, but that’s been it. While Parker dominates across storylines. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not much one for kids on soaps, but I like all the kids, with the exception of Liberty in Oakdale.

The week of memorial day got off to a slow, predictable start for Chris and Allison, who is failing and struggling through nursing school, but Chris is always there to put in a good word for her. When Allison’s grades begin to look up she and Chris celebrate, but she still can’t get close to him physically. Ali wants to, then she always pulls away.

Chris can’t take anymore of the seduction then sudden change of heart. He snaps Thursday and lets her have what for. Allison’s takes her hurt feelings to the farm where Aaron comforts her emotionally and she ends up spending the night. The next morning Meg lets it slip that Allison spent the night at the farm. Chris storms over to the farmhouse with a bruised ego to confront Allison. He is furious! Earlier he had felt guilty, now he is glad he said what he had said the night before. Better yet when he gets back to the hospital Chris turns on Ali telling the head of the nursing department to take whatever approach to Allison’s bad grades that she needs to. I personally am hoping this subject is left well enough alone. Allison I don’t find a good match with Chris or Aaron so this storyline is silly and boring for me. What kind of respectable doctor would run around with an immature girl with a history like Ali’s? Chris can stay or go in my opinion, but if he stays he has to mellow out and get a normal girl.

Trouble must run in families this week because Emily is getting herself into some really hot water. After seducing Casey in NY, their affair continues in Oakdale, no matter how many times Emily tries to break it off or dismiss NY as a one-time thing. Casey is smitten. Is there a barely of- age boy Emily hasn’t, or will not, seduce? Child services should look into removing Daniel at this point. I love the strong , crazy always manipulative character of Emily, but it’s starting to get sick and disturbing all the boys she is sleeping with.

Casey’s friends Luke and Noah are in NY this week in search of Noah’s father who is keeping Amira drugged and captive. This is just ridiculous and I am ashamed for ATWT that they are making such a shameful light of the plights of Iraqi women and the war overseas. To make Noah’s father a supposed highly decorated Army officer is down right insulting to the men and women serving in the Armed Forces and more importantly in Iraq or the middle east. This story and characters need to come to a screeching halt! I can barely watch ATWT, when this storyline is prominent, because it makes me so angry that the show is exhibiting such a lack of respect to our armed forces and current world situations. This storyline should have never come to light, and found it’s way onto the cutting room floor.

In addition to the above rant….. Holden and Lily don’t recognize their son is in the Big Apple searching for a killer, and they are supposed to be great parents? Makes Carly and Emily look pretty darn good as mom of the year.

On a positive note the physical and mental breakdown of Sophie Friday was great viewing! Typically on a soap, a character may throw one item breaking it for effect. Sophie went all out, destroying an entire room. To beat all she did it in a sexy red bra and panty set. I had doubts about this character and actress, but after Friday my hats off to her. She plays crazy great. If you didn’t catch it Sophie had high hopes for her and Paul to make love again and become a couple after her début party. Meg and Paul reconnected and found love, once more, during the party. Sophie was let down gently. When Paul went to the farm to see Meg Sophie went nuts.

Unfortunately Meg was on her way to Fairwinds to tell Paul she still loved him and met Sophie in the wake of her disastrous fit. Sophie was nearly possessed when she coldly lied, telling Meg Paul loved her and they were a couple now. For an educated nurse, Meg is pretty gullible. She believed Sophie. Yeah! Like I would believe a half-naked girl bleeding from the palms because she single-handedly destroyed a room. Meg doesn’t deserve Paul and this little waltz they have been doing in and out of love and trust is down right old and unentertaining. Move on, please.

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marykwink said:

I was hoping when Sophie was doing that rant in Paul's room that a piece of the gla*s would split her wrist and she would bleed to death. Than she would be gone forever. And I would much rather have a good murder trial than a rape trial.
June 02, 2008
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sweetd said:

Or if Sophie had killed Meg in a fit of rage smilies/angry.gifsmilies/wink.gifmeg is the one I really can't stand and Mike? he used to be such a good character that you cheered for but now he is pathetic. Mike needs to leave town again and come back in another form again, because this guy just isn't getting it done.
June 02, 2008
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thevelvetchef said:

On All MY Children Tuesday June 10 Erica Kane a daytime legend had a meltdown ....I guess is what that was suppose to be..... anyway it DI NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to the fit Sophie pitched. I've said it before and I say it again CBS knows what makes for good drama and they employ great actors and actresses.
I am just so impressed with the performance on the above referenced episodes of ATWT after seeing the poor performance of a daytime diva that everyone knows of fan or not.
June 11, 2008
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