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Home Shows As the World Turns As the World Turns ~ What in the World? As the World Turns: What in the World?, Week of June 9, 2008

As the World Turns: What in the World?, Week of June 9, 2008

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Luke and Noah are over, Carly gets closer to Holden, and Susan proves to be a failure as a mother.

Van Hasis (Luke Snyder, As the World Turns) 

The Snyder children are off to camp and only trouble can come from them being out of town and not being around to keep mom and dad in line. Okay good family storyline going, although we all see it coming, they are going to muck it up by letting the parents of best friend cousins Sage, Natalie, and Faith hook up. I feel bad for the kids who will obviously be caught in a very nasty middle. The relationship to-be in question does involve Carly so it can only go wrong.

We did learn for some mysterious yet, unexplained reason JJ is sick. Sick enough to need ER care but not sick enough for parents attention beyond a doctor’s visit. There was no real point to JJ being sick unless they come up with something down the road, which I found to make Carly look only worse as a mother leaving her son at home to go off to camp with the girls. Granted he was with Jack but, he is only half in tune to his kids with work and Carly, and we already see Carly is moving on so he is super in tune to her now.

The biggest news on the Snyder report is that of Brad and Liberty. She is annoyed when mom tries to hone in on her attention from Brad. I get that, the girl has most likely battled an over-sexed mom her entire life, even when there was no real competition to be had; but Janet’s fake Italian accent? When did she become Italian, at least enough to fake the really bad accent she sported for a couple of days this week? This is just bad, bad, bad! Janet needs to go and As the World Turns needs to move on past this and quickly.

Why is Katie threatened? The fact that they are making Katie that weak and insecure is sickening because Katie is cute and has a much better personality than Janet so her insecurities are bull. Brad loves Katie and the show is going to spend all summer long taunting viewers with a Katie verses Janet storyline. DUMB! Janet would never win out against Katie, especially in Brad’s eyes.

I did notice however Jack seems to be paying attention to Janet. Maybe he should hook up with her and he will finally see Carly isn’t the vixen he makes her out to be.

Moving on, big Oakdale news is the sexual harassment suit Allison waged against Chris and Memorial. So far it has been parent against parent defending their grown children. I must tip my hat to Emily who finally said what I have been thinking for years. It’s about time the Hughes stop walking over the Stewarts. Why do they get to use and abuse anyone they want to. Chris was wrong; and Tom was too when he had his affair with Emily, yet both are now made out to be the town sluts. We don’t even want to remember how badly Susan’s reputation was tarnished when she slept with Dr. Bob all those years ago. Guess what Kim?! It takes two, I remember Dr. Bob laying there naked in the hall with Susan back in the 80’s.

I can’t believe Susan would defend Chris and his family before her own girls! No wonder they turned out as screwed up as they are and no wonder Kim is still allowed to walk all over Susan has the town Scarlett kim would have her to be. Susan is souly to blame for Emily and Allison’s poor upbringing, and lives they have made for themselves.

Cole arrived back in Sophie’s life just as she was really turning crazy. Cole may have his own issues, but he knows what Sophie is calling her crazy. Cole will appear to be Sophie’s undoing though it will be her insecure desperation that will finally be what breaks Sophie for good. Cole can only mean trouble and I hope he rains a flood down on her.

I can’t believe I am saying this but Meg seems to be the only clear headed person in the bunch thinking ahead to check into Sophie’s past to combat Sophie‘s claims and clear Paul‘s name. Good job, Meg! There may be hope after all; but I am sure she will start whining about something else soon enough.

Uh-Oh! Trouble in Luke and Noah-ville. Noah thinks the best way to overcome his fathers narrotic suicidal actions is to close off the only person that has ever truly loved him unconditionally. Luke takes it like a man respecting his boyfriends wishes though he isn’t happy with Noah’s way of thinking. Luke tries to be the strong man for Noah that he obviously needs, but Noah is too caught up in his own issues to realize Luke isn’t the one to be angry at.

I’ve had my doubts about Luke, but the performance on Tuesday by Van Hasis (Luke Snyder) was what daytime was all about. Rather than go over the edge with a flamboyant portrayal of a gay spat between lovers Van gave an awesome performance that made it a love story not a gay story. Many people have expressed to me the unhappiness of a gay relationship on ATWT but I feel this has been executed in a loving and caring way as the progression of any relationship gay or strait and we must give that credit to Van. I would love to see more drama out of this actor now that I have been teased with what he is capable of.

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