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Home Shows The Young and the Restless Young & the Restless ~ Candidly Speaking Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of July 28, 2008

Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of July 28, 2008

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Sabrina dies! Amber and Daniel's relationship is over. Chloe gets her first ultra-sound....or does she?

Christel Khalil (Lily Winters) 

I’m grateful to the show for not dragging Sabrina’s death out. Some characters, such as John Abbott, it is emotional to see everyone in town parade through sharing their stories and memories and say their heartfelt good-byes. Sabrina not so much. She lingered long enough for everyone to float into the hospital deliver a couple of lines, and look of worry, then move on. Just the way I wanted to see her death go, short and sweet.

The unfortunate thing is, any hope of Victoria becoming a strong, respectable woman is shot. I’m going to go ahead and estimate for months she will whine and cry over Sabrina’s death. Not her death though, the fact Victoria didn’t get to ease her conscious by saying good bye and I’m sorry. Victoria deserves to wallow in her own guilt, I just dread watching it play out on the tube each day.

Nick has acted like a good son and good brother this week. He stayed neutral and level headed unlike the rest of the town. I was impressed with his mature stable behavior. Adam unfortunately acted like a 12 year old. Time and time again this week I was stunned at how cold he could be. Regardless of who it was or who was speaking to him or someone else, Adam continuously put himself in conversations with his smart mouthed remarks. Had Nick or anyone snapped, and slapped Adam square in the mouth like he deserved, I would have cheered.

Adam is going to get his. He is just too certain and eager to grab hold of what he thinks he is entitled to. I have heard rumor that Adam is not really Adam Victor Newman, but an imposter. That is very believable considering Victor’s inability to locate his son last year when Nick was presumed dead and Victor felt he needed to reach out to his youngest son. I have always found it quite strange that Victor in all of his power and resources couldn’t locate Adam. Then suddenly Hope has no problem contacting Adam in New York at a respectable job, and apparently was very aware of what has been going on in Adam’s life to include his love life.

Adam decided Friday after vowing Victoria will never run Newman that he is going to change his name back to Victor Adam Newman.

My biggest pet peeve about this storyline is Victor and everyone blaming Nikki for bringing David into Genoa city and their lives. Is the epilepsy returning Victor? Victor has gotten exactly what he deserves. If Victor wasn’t always so preoccupied with trying to hurt and destroy Jack then Sabrina may still be alive. Yes I said it! Think back; Victor brought David to town to bring down Jack from the inside during the senate campaign. David was a paid employee and spy of none other than Victor Newman, before he worked for Nikki, before he had an affair with Nikki, before he killed Ji-Min Kim. I am just sick that Victor is going to go around town pounding his chest blaming Nikki when he has no one but the man in the mirror.

Watching Victor spiral into a dark place, maybe his own addiction since he feels the need to throw Nikki’s in her face all the time, would be way better and more accurate than the current storyline.

Earlier in the week I was amused by Sabrina’s weak, dying body. She had the dark circles and sunken eyes, but her red lipstick was flawless.

Jill needs to step back and think. Ji-Min wasn’t some random act of violence or choir boy . Ji-Min maybe didn’t deserve what happened to him but he certainly isn’t completely innocent in the whole mess. Had he kept better business partners and acquaintances he probably wouldn‘t have been punched in the throat. And what is with this shock and awe….Ji-Min has been dead for months (in soap time it could be years at this point) and Jill wasn’t pining away over her tragedy when she was bedding Jeffrey just to spite Gloria.

In other Genoa City happenings Chloe changes the date on an ultra-sound photo and skips over to Cane and Lily’s to show it off. Lily didn’t fall for the crazy that Chloe was trying to sell. I used to not like Lily because she acted babyish, but I really like the woman she has become. Lily holds her own with Chloe instead of acting insecure over Cane. I enjoy watching this storyline as much as it annoys me to see and hear Chloe.

I think this has potential to get really whacky, almost like a mini- Sheila. The best thing that could happen is Lily gets pregnant again and has this baby. A typical soap move, swap the babies. One lives , one dies. Chloe’s dies, Lily’s lives but Chloe pulls a little switcha-roo, just like Sheila and Lauren. If Chloe is going to hang around I want to see her get seriously disturbed instead of acting like a high school cheerleader.

Poor Amber can’t win for losing. She and Daniel made up and broke up this week. There was a lot of crying and yelling and tearing each other’s shirts off but nothing really substantial.

I did have two observations. Just before Daniel walked out for the final time, Adrian comes yelling and banging at the door. He wants answers from Amber and is yelling at her for the manipulation of the article. Why would you go to the receptionist? That made no sense what so ever. Maybe if he had come by to vent or if he didn’t know ahead of time and was just visiting, but to blame Amber and expect answers from the lowest person on the totem pole was dumb. Poor writing and planning.

I understand the need for Adrian to come by the apartment to make the situation appear worse for Daniel but the reason they wrote for him to come by was not believable and made me dislike Adrian more than I already did.

My second observation was Phyllis desperately trying to reach Daniel to tell him about the accident? This was another pointless plot point. Daniel was going to add or accomplish what, that he needed to be made aware of the situation? I see the initial shock factor so you call people and tell them, but Phyllis’ desperation was unnecessary and over-reactive.

Once Daniel did make it to the hospital I must admit Adam’s remark was ridiculously rude and just showed his ignorance. Daniel approached Nick and asked if there was anything he could do to help. Adam replies smugly “Not unless you know something doctors don’t” Daniel could offer more than that fool could. Daniel could baby sit his sister so Nick and Phyllis could be at the hospital and work. Daniel could go to Restless Style and do some things for his mom and step-dad to keep their business running smoothly, Daniel could be a source of support and a friend for Nick; considering they have a bond that surpasses their relationship as step-son and dad after losing Cassie and dealing with the aftermath together.

Phyllis is acting almost just as irrationally and ignorant as Adam is. Never letting it go for one second that Jack re-wrote the article. So what! That article had nothing to do with her death. If the show wanted to make it into that then they should have written it as a Princess Diana plot not Sabrina just happening to hitch a ride with David. Had the paparazzi been chasing the limo in light of the inflammatory article then maybe I would buy Phyllis’ disdain.

This almost amuses me if I wasn’t so disappointed in the spitfire that I love that has lost her fire. Phyllis would have re-wrote that article and much, much worse; not in her hay day but currently if there had been something more in it for her. Jack un-intentionally hurts people in the name of success or some other less harmful motive, but Phyllis intentionally goes after the jugular just for her own satisfaction and amusement. I can’t believe it but I said aloud Friday “You go Sharon!” when Sharon turned and told Phyllis exactly how immoral she is, and not to judge Jack.

My overall take on the highly promoted Sudden Impact was anti-climatic, but I am pleased Sabrina and David are gone and hope for some new fresh storylines for some of my more favorite characters or at least a break from the ones who have been dominating the screen lately.

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