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Home Shows The Young and the Restless Young & the Restless ~ Candidly Speaking Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of July 21, 2008

Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of July 21, 2008

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Sudden impact, and lives are changed forever, not to mention some long time questions are answered at last!

Melody Scott Thomas (Nikki newman) 

The week begins with Victor lashing out at his children and we all know how it ends as the “Sudden Impact” promos have been running for two weeks. I must commend Sabrina’s genuine concern for Nick and Victoria’s feelings and future. I chuckled when Sabrina told Adam that he wasn’t necessarily going to get more just because Nick and Victoria won’t be getting their share of Victor‘s fortune. Good for her. I respected Sabrina and actually thought twice about her leaving the show seeing potential for her to be a good character. That thought didn’t last long because Sabrina’s superior attitude and sickening relationship with Victor overshadowed what good she was trying to do.

I’m finished with Victor as of this week. I dread watching the next few weeks and months tick by after Sabrina’s demise. Just a mere couple months ago Victor was willing to risk his grandson’s life to save Victoria’s because he was that devoted to her as a father, and now he can cut her out of his will over the fact she doesn’t like his wife. Victoria or Nick for that matter hasn’t done anything to Sabrina except not welcome her into the family fold with open arms. How flakey can you be, to be all over the board in regards to someone’s life. Just months before Victoria’s coma and near death experience, Nick spent the summer missing, presumed dead. Victor sat alone weeping “my boy, my boy…” You know I can understand being disappointed, but disown them, the two people you have literally mourned and lost, because of a family disagreement.

There is no way Victor is really the strong business mogul. If he were really running a company he wouldn’t run it anywhere but into the ground.

Then Wednesday when Victor was acting so irrationally for no good reason, Nikki stood up for her children and Victor threw her alcoholism in her face calling her a bad mother. Nikki has never harmed her own children or purposely lashed out to hurt them mentally or emotionally. The character of Victor will never be respectable again for me.

Sabrina hit the nail on the head when she and Victoria showed off Wednesday. Victoria is nothing but a weak, spoiled brat. She is another character that, thanks to this storyline, I don’t think I can ever respect or enjoy watching again. Victoria still has hope depending on how she handles the loss of Sabrina, but as of right now I will be surprised if they can keep Victoria from becoming just as sickening and annoying as her father.

While Victor, Victoria, and Sabrina are trying to figure out who has insulted who the most Nikki is learning of David’s mob connections, and David is plotting the murder of Nikki. Paul and JT are hot on the trail of David. It looks as if it is going to be a real race against time, but JT intervenes to save Nikki, not before she has ingested morphine, but in time to get her help.

The bulk of the action came the night of the gala, the rest of the week was a majority of David chasing his tail and cover his lies, and Nikki trying to avoid him.

Over at Restless Style not much really going on beyond preparing for the Gala and dealing with the bittersweet success of the latest copy of Restless Style that everyone wants.

Amber and Chloe hatch a plot to get Amber and Daniel back together the night of the Gala. Amber’s heart isn’t in scheming, she just wants Daniel back for real, no games. Too bad Chloe doesn’t feel the same towards Cane.

Her delusions are escalating as she corners Cane and Lily just before he is about to propose, and tells them she is pregnant. Lily doesn’t buy into Chloe’s craziness and lies for one second. Cane’s proposal is put on hold, but they still have a nice evening in spite of Chloe.

In more Winters’ family news, Tyra is a third wheel at the gala when everyone is with a date except her. To make her feel welcome and enjoy the evening Neil dances with Tyra as Karen looks on jealous. This is just too predictable. Ray Charles could see where this storyline is going. Blah, blah, blah,. I wish Neil had gone ahead and sent Tyra and Anna packing back to Seattle. At least if they had left town viewers would have been spared the endless singing.

This is a soap opera not a musical, move on. To make matters worse Devon is now singing. Am I the only one who sees how ridiculous this singing bit is. And on a related note, since when can minors hang out and sing in bars/clubs. Having Anna in the club constantly, and singing as the house entertainment is completely inappropriate and unrealistic.

Being a mother of a little girl about the age of Anna I appreciate her talent but I am not watching Y&R to see a bunch of kids singing every time I see them on the boob tube. If I want to see that I’ll turn the channel to Disney. Now that Devon and Anna had their big public debut at the gala, PLEASE let that be the end of the singing at least for now. Breaking out the vocal chords every once in a while can be a nice change of pace, but let us have a couple months break in light of the frequent serenading since Anna came to Genoa City.

The gala was a big old bore. I think viewers were only entertained with the gala, by waiting on what they knew was coming. Useless chitter-chatter, the dresses and what was suppose to be an elaborate décor was boring. Amber was the most elegantly dressed guest and she was wearing a pant suit. I loved her look, it was so old Hollywood. A lot of the dresses on the women looked as if they were pool floats that had been deflated. I have yet to figure out the style that is popular right now, and Y&R loves to dress their women in, that look as if they are wearing their dress backwards. Not a good look for anyone, no less a room full of people. And Katherine’s dress, OIY! What were they thinking? It looked as if she cut a hole in the center of a flag and draped it over her like a poncho. I was so disappointed in the Gala that has offered some fanciful and exciting party wardrobes, events, and decorations in the past.

The room didn’t look bad, but it looked typical. The one thing that still puzzles me is the martini glasses. They were lime green and appeared to be plastic while all of the other stemware was a nice crystal with an attractive band of gold on the top. Everything in the room was traditional, except for the gaudy martini glasses that belonged at a luau not the annual Genoa City Charity Gala.

I’m glad the Gala is over, and I am glad David is gone and there will be no more sneaking around and secret phone calls and I am glad Sabrina will soon be gone. I’m most of all glad that a couple of different storylines have finally ended and Genoa City and viewers can begin to move on to different, and hopefully, better plots and some interesting new characters.

We didn’t get to see much of Glo this week, but I know she is out there lying in wait. She never fails to entertain us whether you are a fan or not. Everyone loves to hate her, or loves to love for her or sometimes a little of both.

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