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Home Shows The Young and the Restless Young & the Restless ~ Candidly Speaking Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of July 14, 2008

Young & the Restless: Candidly Speaking, Week of July 14, 2008

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Restless Style's new copy hits the newsstands but that isn't the only thing that hits ....something.... 

Michelle Stafford & Peter Bergman (Phyllis Newman & Jack Abbott) 

I’m going to work from the end of the week back this week, jumping off with Friday’s episode. What a boring show for a Friday. I was surprised they seem to drop the ball on what was some potential storylines with decent cliffhanger’s, especially after running the “Sudden Impact” promos for next week.

Jack is back! But for how long? The good old scheming Smiling Jack appears to be back and ready for battle no matter who it hurts or how dirty it gets. I was sickened by Sharon’s high and mighty act and was hoping she was going to leave Jack. I’ve never been a Jack and Sharon fan. And Phyllis acting appalled by Jack manipulating the article. PLEASE! Phyllis would have done the same thing only worse and bigger had it benefited her in some way.

Phyllis is such a great villain that fans love to love. Being good and right does not suit this talented actress and popular character. If I wasn’t so disappointed in Phyllis I would have found her lecturing Jack on the morals comical. Changing your child’s paternity test is way better in the moral department than Jack changing a few words that are true. And let’s not forget about Phyllis running Paul and Christine down in her car on the eve of their wedding, way better Phyllis. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

I’ve said it before and I say it again. If Nick would show up and work a little he may have a little more say in what is going on. When Nick is at the office he just complains that Jack is making all the decisions. Quite possibly because each day when Jack wakes up he puts on his big boy undies and gets the job at hand done. Nick wants to succeed without the work. This kid is really out of touch with reality if he can’t put the pieces together. You can barely graduate high school and slide right into an executive position when your daddy owns the company, otherwise you have to work hard in the real world to make a success of yourself and business.

By Friday Chloe had been fired from Jabot and hired at Restless Style. I just had to shake my head in defeat by this. With all of the future casting outs I had my fingers crossed that she would be at the top of that list. Unfortunately it looks like Chloe will be around Genoa City for a while. I’m all for the vixens and villains on the soaps but something about this character or actress (I haven’t decided which yet) is just annoying to me. Seeing and hearing her reminds me of fingernails on a chalkboard.

The entire week of episodes hinged on the Sabrina article and fall out so there really isn’t too much to say beyond that subject this week.

Sabrina prevailed after the article making long time GC residents look like the bad guys. This upset me but what seemed to be the most upsetting was Katherine siding with Sabrina over her friends Victoria and Nikki.

On another magazine note I loved Victoria’s look for the magazine cover last week. When the cover was unveiled I laughed out loud. That was the goofiest, dorkiest picture I have ever seen. Then everyone was saying it looked great. HA! Victoria looked like a female version of Howdy Doody.

Victor’s fury over the article was a bit weak in my opinion. After years of battling with Jack, and all they have done to each other, the only defense Victor has in his almighty arsenal is “Your father would be disappointed.” Hasn’t that one been played out to the max? If that is the best Victor has to fire back with after Jack publicly humiliated and hurt his wife then I guess Jack isn’t as bad as Victor tries to make him out to be.

The same can be said for Nikki and Victor. Nikki makes valid points and arguments when she has an unfortunate run in with Victor; but all he counters with is calling David a poor excuse of a man. Victor doesn’t even get creative with the name calling. Why people take this man seriously is beyond me. I’m so done with Victor walking around town so superior to everyone and he can’t even carry on a normal conversation.

Sabrina has some nerve too. First she sees Victor and Nikki arguing (over David of course) and assumes Nikki had a problem with her. What a joke! Can Sabrina seriously move past herself for one second. The second incident was Nick’s heartfelt apology, or attempt at an apology, Friday. Here he is trying to explain what happened and make it right and Sabrina can’t shut her mouth and stop thinking everyone is just so jealous of her to hear Nick out.

Sabrina and Victor really do deserve each other. My question is what is Victor going to think of the way Sabrina blew Nick off when he was doing the right thing; and what is she going to think when she learns Victor is still interjecting himself in not only Nikki’s life but her love life.

So Colleen returns from China, breaks up with Adrian, even after he begs her to at least speak with him; then she gets upset when she learns about Adrian and Amber’s one night stand? I’m from the south and we have a phrase for situations like this “You don’t have a dog in this fight” Colleen’s anger is so misplaced. Good potential for a catfight and we got a hint of it, much better than Sabrina and Victoria’s fight the week before. Had she wanted a say in this situation she possibly shouldn’t have been so hasty, or childish, when deciding to dump Adrian for something she practically forced him to do to begin with. That whole on again off again mess shows exactly how immature Colleen is. All she has done with her temper tantrums and indecisive feelings has proven she is just as petty in all aspects of her life.

For now I am holding out high hopes for some exciting changes to come in the near future starting with the publicized “Sudden Impact” next week.

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