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The Never Dull, Always Intriguing 90's

Erica loses Bianca to Travis...

As 1990 approached, Bianca developed Reyes syndrome and yearned for her mom and dad to get back together. Erica called off her affair with Jack and remarried Travis. However, Bianca caught Jack and Erica kissing and recklessly set her "Jack" doll on fire, causing the house to go up in flames. Travis also discovered his wife's deception and sued for custody of Bianca. He won. Shortly thereafter Erica and Jack broke up.

Love and competition...

Meanwhile, fun and wacky cop Trevor Dillon fell hard for Natalie Hunter. Adam also wanted Natalie, thus starting a competition for the worthwhile blonde. The beginning of the decade brought Opal Gardner back to town and she embarked on an unlikely romance with Palmer. The two married later in the year.

Meanwhile, Donna Tyler resumed a romance with her first love, Dr. Chuck Tyler. Donna also watched as her daughter, Emily Ann Sago fell for Joey Martin. Across town, Palmer set out to break up Tad and Dixie. He succeeded for a short time. During their separation, Tad bedded Brooke and she became pregnant with his child.

Tad rescues Dixie but "dies" battling Billy Clyde on the bridge...

While Tad and Brooke were carrying on together, Billy Clyde Tuggle returned to town and became obsessed with Dixie. He kidnapped her, but Tad rescued his ex-wife. They reunited and planned to remarry. On their wedding day, Tad was caught in a struggle with Billy Clyde on a bridge. Unbeknownst to Tad, Billy Clyde had set the bridge to explode. Both men plunged to their deaths in the icy waters below. However, Tad's body was never found. Dixie was crushed.

Emily Ann miscarries...

Meanwhile, Travis romanced Tom Cudahy's ex-wife, Barbara. The two married and had two kids together. As 1990 drew to a close, Emily Ann became pregnant, but miscarried the baby. She was so distraught that she needed psychiatric care. She and Joey split up.

Newcomers Hayley and Brian conquer Pine Valley...

1991 marked the year that teen queen Hayley Vaughan blew into Pine Valley. Sporting spiky black hair and a self-righteous attitude, Hayley immediately became embroiled in a romance with fellow classmate Brian Bodine.

In other relationship developments, Craig Lawson came to town and romanced Dixie. Shortly thereafter, they married. He said he was an old friend of Tad's, but he was really a con man out for her money. To make matters more complicated; Gloria Marsh came to town as well and hooked up with her old friend, Craig. Their cover was blown when Brooke caught Gloria and Craig kissing. Craig found out that Brooke knew he wasn't who he said he was and immediately left town. Gloria was left to come to grips with her guilt and tell Dixie what had happened.

Tad's son is born...

Speaking of Brooke, she took time off from sleuthing to give birth to a baby boy, Jaime. Fathered by Tad during their brief affair, the birth was not without its complications. Hayley was in a car with her alcoholic and drunken mother, Arlene, when their car swerved into the wrong lane and hit Brooke's car head on. After it was discovered that Arlene was the driver, Arlene dropped her own bombshell and announced that Hayley was Adam Chandler's illegitimate daughter!

Janet from Another Planet...

Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Trevor and Natalie married. Trevor adopted Natalie's young son, Timmy, from a previous marriage to Ross Chandler. Natalie's self-conscious sister, Janet Green, arrived in town soon after and took over her sister's life! She remarried Trevor and got pregnant. In the meantime, she threw her sister down a well on the grounds of a private estate. At the Wildwind estate, Count Dimitri Marick rescued Natalie. Natalie was torn between true love Trevor and her savior Dimitri.

Angelique returns, Hayley marries, Edmund arrives, Erica divorces then meets Kendall...

In 1992, after 15 years in a coma, Dimitri's wife, Angelique, came back to life. And what better time to regain consciousness? Smack dab during Dimitri and Natalie's engagement party! Surprise, Dimitri. Surprise! Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Hayley turned down Brian and married scumbag, Will Cortlandt. At the same time, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Edmund Grey came to town and was immediately smitten with Brooke.

In other news, Janet gave birth to her and Trevor's daughter, Amanda. Natalie realized she truly loved Trevor and the couple reunited.
Elsewhere in town, Adam granted Erica a divorce. While Erica celebrated her freedom, Edmund discovered that Dimitri was his brother and he was entitled to half of the Wildwind estate. Looking for romance, Erica and Dimitri became an item.

Speaking of Edmund, he left Brooke to track down the truth about his parentage in Budapest. Back in Pine Valley, Opal and Palmer gave birth to a baby boy, Petey. In other news, Janet Green killed Will Cortlandt in what became Pine Valley's biggest "Whodunnit" mystery. Almost everyone was a suspect and no one was to be trusted. Before 1992 came to a close, Natalie was blinded by a blaze in her and Trevor's home. She miraculously regained her sight on Christmas Eve. Also, Erica received a stunning announcement before the year was over when Kendall Hart stormed into town with proof that she was the glamour queen's daughter.

Romance blooms, Natalie dies, Alec arrives, and Tad returns!

1993 was the year of romance as Gloria became involved with Stuart, but Adam convinced her that she would have more fun with him. They later married. On another relationship front, Jack romanced Laurel Banning, a mother of an autistic child who embezzled money to help her daughter. In a tragic turn of events, Laurel accidentally killed Natalie in a car crash.

Meanwhile, ruthless businessman Alec McIntrye came to town. In one of Pine Valley's happier moments, Tad "returned from the dead," but suffering from acute amnesia, he believed himself to be Napa Valley wine mogul, Ted Orsini. As his memory returned he shared a glorious reunion with Dixie. However, Dixie had gotten married hours earlier to Brian Bodine! The news shattered Tad and he went back to the mother of his child, Brooke. The news that Tad and Brooke were resuming their romance left Edmund devastated because he truly loved Brooke. However, beautiful neurosurgeon Maria Santos helped take his mind off Brooke. Maria and Edmund became engaged to one another.

Simultaneously, Kendall became obsessed with finding her father. Erica admitted that Kendall's father raped Erica as a teen. The horror began giving Erica severe hallucinations. She accidentally stabbed Dimitri thinking he was her father.

Maria weds Edmund, Tad weds Dixie. Del, Anton and Jane Cox arrive, Mona dies in her sleep...

As the new year began, Maria and Edmund began their new life together as man and wife in a gorgeous ceremony. Romance was also in the air as Tad and Dixie reunited and married for a second time. Speaking of Dixie, Del Henry came to town in search of Dixie--his sister--and a new kidney.

Meanwhile, Dimitri recovered and was amazed to find that he had a grown son, Anton. It was a sad day in Pine Valley when Erica's beloved mother, Mona, died in her sleep. At the same time, Janet Green had cosmetic surgery and was released from jail. Posing as "Jane Cox," she began a love affair with Trevor. Trevor eventually uncovered her identity and was furious.

The tornado...

As summer's sweltering temperatures hit Pine Valley, so did a terrible tornado that tore through the entire community. Maria's sister, Julia, was severely scarred from a wayward chandelier, and when she wound up hiding on the streets, she sought comfort with streetwise Noah Keefer.

Tad was knocked into a coma when the Martin house collapsed on top of him and was destroyed. It resulted in Tad having a near death experience where he saw his long-dead sister, Jenny, and dead friend Jesse on the other side. He was also taunted by his dead father, Ray Gardner. After dispatching Ray, and heeding the counsel of Jenny and Jesse, he returned to the land of the living to hold and keep Dixie and support her decision to give a kidney to her brother, Del. A few months later, Gloria learned she was pregnant with Adam's child.

Laurel weds Trevor, Laura Kirk arrives, Erica takes drugs, Liza returns to seduce Tad...

In 1995, Laurel realized that she really loved Trevor, not Jack, and the two got hitched. In other romance news, Erica and Dimitri married for a second time.

Meanwhile, homeless teen, Laura Kirk, arrived in town and crashed Brooke's Woman-of-the-Year benefit. Eventually, Brooke adopted Laura and the two developed a close mother/daughter bond. Across town, Erica took a serious fall and injured herself. She became addicted to painkillers. At the same time, Liza Colby returned to town and seduced a married Tad. His indescretion will cause a major rift in his relationship with Dixie.

Hayley, Arlene, Alec and Mateo, and a pregnant Kelsey arrives...

Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Hayley and Alec got hitched, but soon after, Alec started sleeping with her mother, Arlene! Hayley divorced Alec and was comforted by Mateo Santos, Maria's caring, younger brother.

While Hayley and Mateo were enjoying the comfort of one other, Erica and Dimitri got divorced again. In other news, Joe Martin's granddaughter, Kelsey, came to town and was pregnant with Bobby Warner's baby. She decided to give the baby up for adoption to loving couple Edmund and Maria. Meanwhile, Opal threw Palmer out of the house when he shacked up with Janet. In another unsettling development, Gloria lost her baby and suffered a mental breakdown.

Baby debacle and Julia and Noah wed...

With the new year in full swing, Kelsey decided she wanted her baby back. Maria was devastated and in the horror of the moment, slept with Edmund's brother Dimitri. Speaking of offspring, Adam Chandler's daughter, Skye, witnessed the one-night stand from a window. She became obsessed with winning over Edmund. On a lighter note, Noah and Julia married in a fairy tale Cinderella-like wedding.

Taking a cue from Noah and Julia's storybook romance, Hayley divorced Alec and began a relationship with Mateo. At the same time, Joey Martin returned to Pine Valley, but insisted people call him Jake. Meanwhile, Adam divorced Gloria and married Liza to make Brooke jealous.

Dixie leaves town...

Jealousy was a common theme as Dixie left town in wake of Tad's infidelity with Liza and Laurel's murder as a result of a taping of Tad's talk show, "The Cutting Edge." However, happier times prevailed when Hayley and Mateo got hitched and opened a restaurant called Holidays. Unfortunately, Mateo's sister Julia faced an unfortunate case of circumstances when she and Noah were targeted by criminals and forced to go into the Witness Protection Program. They immediately left town.

In the meantime, Tad became romantically involved with Gloria. Elsewhere in town, Laurel had been killed by a stray bullet and Trevor was beside himself. At the same time, Janet began to enter Trevor's life with hope of a new start. Starting over was a common theme as Kelsey returned baby Sam to a joyous Edmund and Maria. In addition, Erica checked herself into the Betty Ford Center. Unfortunately, that didn't stop Dimitri from filing for divorce.

Troubles at Wildwind and Maria dies...

With 1997 in full swing, Maria learned she was pregnant, but was unsure of the father. Edmund was furious to learn that Maria's unborn child could be the product of her one-night stand with Dimitri. Erica also became pregnant, but was devastated when she suffered a miscarriage. Maria gave birth in a private cabin with the help of Erica. However, Erica told Maria that her baby was stillborn, so Erica could pass the child off as her new adoptive daughter from Russia. Edmund and Maria reunited in the midst of their tragedy. Erica finally admitted the truth and returned the baby to a joyous Maria.

In the meantime, Skye switched the paternity results to show that Dimitri was the father of Maria's baby, not Edmund. Tragically, Maria died on a plane crash from New York to Pine Valley. Obviously, Edmund was crushed. To make matters worse, Dimitri tried to win custody of "his" child, but the truth eventually came out that baby Maddie was Edmund's.

While Edmund reunited with his daughter, Erica was sent to jail for kidnapping Maddie. Jack helped her through the tumultuous time and they became an item once again.

Bianca's illness and David and Gillian arrive...

Speaking of Erica, her daughter Bianca returned to Pine Valley suffering from anorexia. In other news, Liza became pregnant with Adam's child, but suffered a miscarriage. At the same time, devious Dr. David Hayward came to town with hopes of winning back his former girlfriend, Dr. Allie Doyle. Too bad?Allie was already involved with Jake. In other relationship news, Brooke started a romance with photographer Jim Thomason. However, Laura was livid since Jim took lewd pictures of her as a young girl.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Dimitri romanced Gloria, much to Tad's chagrin. In the meantime, Tim tried to sabotage Janet and Trevor's deepening relationship. Later in the year, Dimitri's niece, Princess Gillian Andrassy, arrived in Pine Valley.

The first Crystal Ball...

Before 1997 came to a close, Edmund held the 1st annual Crystal Ball in honor of his late wife at the Wildwind Estate. It became a Pine Valley tradition on New Year's Eve with all of PV society at their most glamorous and glitzy!

Ryan arrives and Mike Roy and Dixie return...

As the curtain came down on the Crystal Ball and rose on 1998, hunky con man Ryan Lavery hit town. His first stop? A romance with Gillian. Their relationship changed him for the better and he abandoned his money-hungry ways. Meanwhile, Erica couldn't believe her eyes when past love Mike Roy returned from he dead!

Speaking of the deceased, Brooke went to trial for murdering Jim, who had become a threat to her and Laura! She was later acquitted. In the meantime, it wasn't long before Dixie returned to Pine Valley and reunited with Tad. But their Debra Kerr, Carey Grant "An Affair to Remember" reunion almost didn't occur as she collapsed and was diagnosed with a virus in her heart. It was touch and go for a while but with the help of Dr. Hayward, she recovered. At the same time, Adam went to great lengths to win back Liza's trust and love.

Mateo has a former wife and son, Jackson meets his long, lost sister...

In other news, Haley learned that Mateo had a wife and a son! To complicated matters for both Hayley and Adam, a madman named Lee Hawkins arrived in town with a plan to destroy the Chandlers. However, he succeeded in blowing up Holidays. In the meantime, Jack didn't believe Kit Fisher when she announced that she was really his long-lost sister, Christine.

In a happier moment, Trevor and Janet tied the knot and became one big happy family. In addition, Ryan and Gillian married. Across town, Marian Colby returned to town to help Liza get a nice divorce settlement from Adam. She proceeded to jump into bed with him in exchange for performing certain "favors," but accidentally slept with Stuart instead! Stuart and Marian embarked on an unlikely romance and married in a winter wonderland wedding.

Ryan accused of rape, Jake donates sperm, Vanessa manipulates Erica, Tad and Dixie and Adam and Liza re-marry...

With 1999 upon them, Gillian stood by Ryan when he was wrongly accused of raping Kit. It turned out that Ryan's brother, Braden, was the culprit. Tragically, a car crash scarred Erica's face and indefinitely postponed her return to the world of modeling, but the new year brought happier times for Hayley and Mateo as they opened a club and named it Sounds of Salsa.

At the same time, Liza asked Jake to be a sperm donor for her child. Allie was livid with Jake's willingness to comply and tricked him into thinking that she was pregnant with their child. Meanwhile, David's mother, the equally devious Vanessa Bennett, positioned herself in Erica's life to receive various perks. She even finagled an invite to live at Erica's home!

Later that summer, Tad and Dixie married for a third time! In addition, Liza and Adam said, "I do" one more time, but unbeknownst to the bride, Adam had switched the sperm samples to make him the father of her baby, not Jake. Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Ryan and Hayley kissed when her marriage to Mateo hit the skids.

Dixie miscarries and Alex Marick arrives...

Tad and Dixie were enjoying their third try at marriage when Dixie became pregnant. She was so happy about having Tad's baby. Tad, however, was more concerned about her health risks in carrying a baby to term due to her weakened heart and only one kidney. Her heart specialist, Dr. David, assured them that she could have the baby without any complications, but Tad remained unconvinced. The conflict caused much confrontation in the Martin family. Eventually, Tad came around and gave into his happiness about having a baby together with his soulmate. When Dixie miscarried they were both devastated.

In other developments, Alex Marick came to town claiming to be Dimitri's wife. Dimitri died of a rare brain disease, and Edmund and Alex fell for each other.

Adam fesses up and Leo arrives...

Adam confessed to Liza that he was her baby's father. Liza was furious but had to keep Adam in her corner when Jake decided to sue for custody of baby Colby. Before the Nineties came to a close, Leo du Pres arrived in town and was revealed to be Vanessa's son and David's half-brother.

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