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The Exciting 80's

Billy Clyde breaks out and Nina and Cliff break up

Although the eighties ushered in big hair, big clothes and big business, Erica could only claim two out of three as her dazzling disco club lost money and went bust. Elsewhere in Pine Valley, scum bag Sean Cudahy, Tom's brother, seduced Ellen's daughter, Devon. He later became bored with her and set his eye on sexy nurse Sybil Thorne. Meanwhile, Billy Clyde broke out of prison and drugged and raped his wife, Estelle. Before he could bury her and Benny alive, Chuck rescued the couple and overpowered Billy. Later, Benny and Estelle married, but not before discovering that she was pregnant with Billy's child. They decided to tell everyone that Benny was the father.

Speaking of Chuck, he and Donna divorced when she was unable to give him a child. In the aftermath, Donna and Palmer became an unlikely couple. In other news, Daisy Cortlandt, Nina's mother and Palmer's ex-wife, showed up in town after Palmer told his daughter that her mother had died. Palmer continued to wreck havoc on Nina and Cliff's relationship. Due to his interfering ways, Nina and Cliff broke up and Cliff drowned his sorrows in Sybil's bed. Sybil then discovered she was pregnant with Cliff's baby. On the other side of town, Kelly Cole was sentenced to death row for murdering her manager.

Cliff and Nina marry... Phil dies in a plane crash... and Jenny dates Greg...

As 1981 began, Tom annulled his marriage to Erica and married Brooke. In other happenings, Paul grieved when Anne was killed by a car bomb meant for Paul. Meanwhile, much to Palmer's dismay, Nina and Cliff reconciled and married, even though Sybil was about to give birth to a baby boy, later named Bobby. Unfortunately, Bobby would never get to know his mother because she was murdered shortly thereafter and Sean Cudahy was the killer! Unfortunately, Sybil's death wasn't the only one in Pine Valley that year. News of Phil Martin's plane explosion devastated the entire community and Tara was left to raise their young son, Charlie, alone.

As the year came to a close, the wacky and flamboyant Opal Gardner arrived in town with her sweet daughter, Jenny, in tow. Jenny became friends with Jesse, a streetwise black kid. She also started dating Greg Nelson, a clean-cut, upstanding young man. Jenny and Greg were an adorable couple, but had many obstacles to overcome: his cantankerous mother, Enid, and Liza Colby, a snobby fellow classmate who had the hots for Greg.

Jenny and Jesse in NY... Donna and Chuck in Switzerland... Ray plants a bomb...

As 1982 approached, Liza revealed to Jenny that her father had raped Ruth Martin. Jenny confronted Ray in jail and then fled to New York City. Jesse joined her when Liza cried wolf and accused Jesse of raping her. Together, Jesse and Jenny experienced many adventures. However, both missed their respective lovers, Angie Baxter and Greg. Back in Pine Valley, Erica seduced sexy Kent Bogard as a means to make her lover Brandon jealous. At the same time, Silver Kane arrived in town and set her sights on her sister's man. In another one of "All My Children's" lavish location shoots, Chuck and Donna went to Switzerland and had the adventure of a lifetime. They ended up making love in a Swiss cave. Donna later returned to Pine Valley and told Palmer that they were going to have a baby. Palmer knew it was a lie--he was sterile. In other news, Cliff and Nina continued to have problems, and Nina slept with Steve Jacobi. Meanwhile, Jenny and Jesse returned home. On Christmas Eve, Jenny and Greg became engaged just as her father, Ray was planting a bomb in the Martin household. Fortunately, Jenny returned unexpectedly. Ray saved her life, while sacrificing his own and sealing his fate.

Erica shoots Kent as "Tad the Cad" shoots the moon...

With hopes that 1983 might be a tad calmer, Palmer looks toward a prosperous new year until he realizes that Donna was carrying Chuck's baby. So much for an uneventful start! He continued to charade, but took up a secret affair with his ex-wife, Daisy. Speaking of Palmer, his niece Nina was served divorce papers from Cliff when her husband found out that she was having an affair with Steve. Elsewhere in town, Erica shot and killed Kent when she found him in her sister Silver's arms! In a happier occasion, Jesse and Angie secretly married. Meanwhile, Tad got into lots of trouble and became known as "Tad the Cad." Tad seduced Liza and they became intimate. Tad also took a job as shampoo boy at the Glamorama. It was there that Tad also hooked up with Marian Colby--Liza's mother! Tad ended up having affairs with both Colby women. At the same time!

After Erica recovered from the traumatic circumstances resulting from Kent's affair with Silver, she enlisted Mike Roy to write her autobiography, "Raising Kane." In other news, Mark Dalton became addicted to drugs and on a lighter note, Angie gave birth to a baby boy. Meanwhile, in a first for soaps, Devon was drawn to her doctor, Lynn Carson--daytime's first lesbian character. However, Lynn helped Devon realize that she was heterosexual and just going through a difficult time.

Jenny dies and Adam Chandler arrives in PV...

As 1984 ushered in, Jenny and Greg married, but tragedy struck shortly thereafter. Jenny was killed in a jet-ski explosion meant for Greg. Tony, a model who wanted Jenny for himself, was the culprit. Devastated, Greg left town. Meanwhile, Erica and Mike became engaged, but wealthy and sly tycoon, Adam Chandler, arrived in town, determined to win Erica for himself. He promised her a movie career and Erica left Mike for Adam. When Erica moved into Adam's mansion, she discovered his twin brother Stuart. Adam and Stuart were complete opposites, evident to this day.

In and out of love and marriage as Grandma Kate and Dr. Tyler pass away and Tad leaves town...

Across town, Tad began dating Dottie Thornton after her mother paid him to take out her daughter. Meanwhile, a pregnant Brooke left Tom after he and Erica slept together the night before Erica's wedding to Adam. To test Erica's affections, Adam faked his own death. Erica was sad, but quickly rushed back into Mike's arms. Even after Adam revealed himself, Erica chose Mike. Unfortunately, Mike was killed a short time later during an undercover operation. As the year drew to a close, Tad fell in love with the adorable Hillary Wilson.

As the new year approached, Palmer married money-hungry Cynthia Preston even though he loved Daisy. In other news, tragedy struck the Martin family and all of Pine Valley when beloved Grandma Kate died in her sleep. At the same time, Erica fell for art collector Jeremy Hunter. Too bad he couldn't love Erica back--he'd taken a vow of celibacy! On another front, Donna became Benny's wife in a wild wedding!

Tad and Hillary married in 1986 after a bizarre beginning to their wedding day in which Hillary was accidentally hit by Edna Thornton's car and Tad was locked in a bank vault! Meanwhile, Natalie, a beautiful blonde, yearned to become intimate with Jeremy Hunter, but she had one obstacle standing in her way--she was married to his father, Alex! Released from his holy vow of celibacy, Jeremy and Erica were free to be together. In a black and white themed wedding, Cliff married Nina for the third time. On a much more somber note, Pine Valley mourned the passing of Dr. Charles Tyler. In other news, Wade Matthews arrived in town with a plan to get his hands on Phoebe's money. He succeeded in splitting Langley and Phoebe up, drugged Phoebe, and flew her to the Caribbean where they became man and wife. Later, when Hillary found out that Tad knew about Wade's scheme, she was furious and demanded a divorce. Tad admitted he needed a fresh start and left town.

Cliff dies in South America. Not...

With the new year upon the citizens of Pine Valley, Cliff decided to make a change and traveled to a war-torn South American country to lend his medical skills, but was ambushed by rebels and killed. Nina was devastated, but quickly turned to Matt Connelly, a former mercenary soldier, for comfort. In a surprise move, she and Matt quickly tied the knot. As it turned out, Cliff wasn't dead and returned to Pine Valley. Nina and Cliff shared a heartwarming reunion, but he soon found out about her new life. He quickly stormed out in a rage.

Jesse kills Angie's Dad... Erica weds Travis... Cindy has AIDS...

Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Angie dumped Jesse after he accidentally killed her deadbeat dad! What a way to win over a gal's father! Meanwhile, Erica was overjoyed when she became pregnant with politician Travis Montgomery's baby. The two married soon after. In other news, sweet Cindy Parker arrived in Pine Valley with her young son Scott. Stuart and Cindy became romantically involved, but not before learning that Cindy had contracted the AIDS virus from her ex-husband. While Cindy struggled with the news of her health, Erica became intrigued by attorney Jackson Montgomery while planning her wedding to Travis. The major bombshell was that Jackson and Travis were brothers!

Nico arrives and tragedy strikes as Laura and Jesse die...

In early 1988, Erica gave birth to a baby girl, Bianca. In other happy news, Stuart and Cindy married in a beautiful ceremony. Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Natalie killed Silver Kane and Palmer dumped her body in his pond! Meanwhile, Latin heartthrob and recent prison release Nico Kelly came to town. In other happenings, Nina became pregnant, but wasn't sure if Matt or Cliff was the father. Believing she truly loved Cliff, Nina sadly divorced Cliff and left town with Matt. At the same time, in one of daytime's most tragic moments, Brooke and Tom's daughter, Laura, was killed after being hit by a drunk driver.

While Brooke and Tom mourned the loss of their only child, Natalie planned to marry Jeremy, but Palmer stopped the wedding when he suddenly took ill and collapsed while in attendance. In the meantime, Jesse became a police officer but was killed in the line of duty. Angie was grief-stricken. Before the year was out, Cooney siblings Dixie and Will arrived in Pine Valley to live with their Uncle Pete Cooney, aka Palmer Cortlandt.

Nina and Cliff depart while Adam marries Brooke but beds Dixie...

As the Eighties drew to a close, Nina moved back to Pine Valley when her son Michael became ill. In the process of treating the young boy, Cliff discovered that Michael was really his son, not Matt's. Nina and Cliff reunited and remarried for a fourth time. They left town soon after. As Nina and Cliff started their new life together, Adam married Brooke, and became desperate to have a child to carry on his legacy. However, Brooke was unable to get pregnant. Adam hired Dixie as his maid/assistant, bedded the young girl and married her when she became pregnant with his son.

Tad returns...

At the same time, Tad returned to Pine Valley and fell in love with Dixie Cooney. In an attempt to get custody of Adam Jr., Adam attempted to make Dixie believe she was going crazy. Tad came to her rescue and together they exposed Adam. In the meantime, Cindy lost her battle with AIDS and Stuart adopted her son, Scott.

Erica meets Eric... Cecily comes to town... Adam has a stroke...

In the meantime, Erica tracked down her long-lost daddy, Eric Kane. She found him in the circus! Back in Pine Valley, spunky Cecily Davidson came to town and told Nico that if he married her, they would both be rich from her trust fund. They initially hated each other, but as it turned out, they were a perfect match! Meanwhile, Adam held an elaborate masked ball at his estate to celebrate a triumphant career achievement. However, nemesis Palmer Cortlandt ruined the party by announcing Adam's poor business dealings. Adam was shocked and suffered a major stroke. He later recovered, but it was a long road back to the top. Before 1989 came to a close, Dixie and Tad married, although her Uncle Palmer disapproved.

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