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Passions Disaster Hollywood Premier

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Who decked the Red Carpet? Plus scoopage of disaster eppy

Summer Takes a Dire Turn on July 26

Read with caution. Contains tons of scoopage!

Passions Disaster Premiere
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An earthquake, an aftershock and a tsunami all devastate the town of Harmony!  What will become of the residents of this strange little town?  That’s for you to watch and see, but for a sneak peek, you can keep reading!

On Tuesday, July 12th, NBC hosted a preview of the Passions summer storyline at the Universal City Walk.  Passions was seen on the big screen, a real treat for the fans who couldn’t contain their screams and obvious adoration for their favorite actors. One fan even came all the way from Ohio to attend! Soapdom met Scott (below right) who made the trek after winning a fan club contest.  He was pleased that his favorite character was the one to wreak havoc on the residents of Harmony (keep reading to find out who it is)!

A red carpet was rolled out for the actors, and fans lined up hours beforehand to get a glimpse of their favorite Harmony residents.   While waiting for the actors to come through, passes to the preview were given out to those who could answer Passions trivia correctly.  Jasmine, another fan we met, won tickets after answering a question she was too exited to remember later on.

When the actors finally did walk the carpet to pose for photos and talk with the media, the fans could barely contain their excitement.  Yells for autographs and pictures, with the standard “I love you” being shouted out, made it hard to hear anything else.  One fan named Jasmine was able to get many of the cast members to sign her Passions book, even though the signatures were barely legible!

Once inside the theatre, the actors were interspersed among the fans, media and behind the scenes crew.  Soapdom found itself sitting directly behind Charles Divins (Chad) and Amelia Marshall (Liz), in front of Galen Gering (Luis) and across the aisle from Andrea Evans (Rebecca, or Tina, from OLTL, to this writer). 

To start off the festivities, Sheraton Kalouria (Sr. VP of Daytime for NBC) thanked the fans, City Walk, NBC and the cast and crew’s family and friends for coming out and making the event happen.  The American Red Cross was also out in full force in order to promote disaster safety awareness.  Kalouria then introduced one of the Public Service Announcements the cast filmed on this topic.  The audience was shown Eric Martsolf (Ethan) and Lindsay Hartley (Theresa) discussing disaster preparedness.  To which Kalouria announced, “It took a PSA to get Theresa and Ethan together!”  Which of course got a big laugh from everyone.

And with that, the preview was unveiled!  It all starts when, Scott from Ohio’s favorite character, Tabitha and her daughter Endora accidentally cross their powers trying to shut Edna up!  Their power streams unite and zap a globe sitting in the living room.  This creates the earthquake, and when things start to crash down on them, Edna gets knocked out for the first time.

Across town, mayhem erupts! Theresa is accidentally shot by Alistair. Fancy dangles from a ledge where the ground has literally opened up and interestingly, lava flows below her. Jessica fights off a john, who doesn’t let a little thing like an earthquake stop him from getting his money’s worth, and she accidentally stabs him. And Kay is knocked out on her living room floor. All the while, Tabitha sits back and enjoys all the madness she and her daughter have created.

But don’t dispair, just yet!  After the quake things start to look up.  Theresa jumps up, seemingly unharmed. Edna gets up only to be knocked out by the witches yet again.  Spike comes to Jessica’s rescue, only to make matters worse in his own devious way.  Fancy is pulled to safety by Ned.  And Kay gets some mouth to mouth (if you know what I mean) from Fox.

With things seemingly stable, the residents take action!  Whitney goes in search of her son.  Ethan has to decide yet again between Gwen and Theresa, both of whom want him to take them to their children.  Spike and Jessica try to hide a body.  Random residents walk the devastated streets looking for their loved ones.  And then, the aftershock hits! 

This disaster traps TC under a lamppost while he and Eve are out looking for Whitney, and after he pleads with her not to marry Julian.  Ethan saves Theresa from another disaster when a sign is about to fall on her.  Liz comes on to Julian in a big way and reveals they slept together once before (which he doesn’t remember!)  And Heidi falls through her floor, but is saved again by Fox.

Alright, second disaster averted!  No serious casualties, but several head injuries, near death experiences and emotional outbursts. While all this turmoil dies down, the residents think they are out of the woods.  Ned and Fancy enjoy sitting by the beach. Spike and Jessica dump the body in the ocean.  Tabitha and Endora knock Edna out for a third time because she talks too much.  Katherine comes to make sure Martin is ok, much to Pilar’s chagrin.  Whitney wearily shows up at Chad’s to check on Miles. Eve pulls the lamppost off of TC (most impressive!).  And Alistair gets some important information, which he chooses not to share with anyone else. 

It appears that everyone is out of harms way.  Or are they?  Turns out, not quite yet. It seems a tsunami is the next disaster in store for these put upon residents.  Of course, Alistair gets this info on his super secret computer, but deletes the info so it doesn’t reach the weather service and no one knows it’s happening!  Or something like that. Anyway, Harmony is flooded and the residents begin to float away while Alistair and Tabitha each sit back and laugh!

It’s a lot to happen to one town all in the span of an hour.  And with all the head concussions, gunshot wounds and near death experiences these people bounce back from, it was good to hear laughter from the audience.  Even the actors seem to be in on the joke that is the campiness of Passions.  Even though it is a soap and serious things happen, this soap doesn’t take any of it too seriously.  Perhaps that’s why there is such a loyal fan base.  They can laugh at the genre and themselves and still tell a good story. 

Stayed tuned to this off beat show where witches cause natural disasters, women jump up after being shot and a lamppost to the chest doesn’t cause any harm.  Be sure to tune in the Passions disaster storyline beginning Tuesday, July 26.  See who survives, who gets together, and if Edna gets knocked out for a fourth time!

More on the Passions Disaster Premiere and First Looks from the episode next week at www.Soapdom.com.

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