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Home Shows General Hospital General Hospital Check Up General Hospital Check Up - Week of May 5, 2008

General Hospital Check Up - Week of May 5, 2008

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She's back, and Port Charles couples really make me laugh



Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital)I’m so glad Finola Hughes finally came back, even if it was too brief.  She looks amazing.  I loved Anna’s apprehension about getting old and becoming a grandmother.  Her solution was to overindulge with Luke at the HS.  When she was on that swing, she was Catwoman and I was impressed.  It was funny to see Anna and Robin switch roles with Robin playing the mom and Anna playing the rebellious daughter. 

Max is totally smitten with Diane.  He becomes a stammering idiot when he’s around her.   Diane is officially my new hero.  She knows what she wants and she goes after it.  What Diane wants right now is Max.  Diane and Max talking baseball in the Metro Court bar made me laugh out loud.  I love their connection and I really love their age difference.  Diane took the cake when she popped up out of nowhere in front of Jerry and Alexis and yelled “pot, meet kettle!”  She floors me every time.

Alexis and Jerry are a different story.   I find it really difficult to swallow that someone as uptight as Alexis would fall for Jerry.  It’s just unrealistic and it doesn’t work for me, sorry.  I’m still not sure if Jerry is sincere in his feelings for Alexis or if he has an ulterior motive.  He seems to enjoy embarrassing her way too much.  Jerry continues to enjoy making Alexis look like a fool too.  I think Alexis is just plain physically attracted to Jerry.  Who can blame her?  On the positive side, once Alexis gets truly involved with a “bad boy” she soon loses interest (think Sonny and Ric).  Of course, she tends to have a child too.  Lets not even go there. 

It was refreshing to finally see Alexis suspicious of Jerry and his possible ties to Ian.  I only hope she keeps on digging.  She’s finally putting 2 and 2 together and getting 4, instead of 3.   Alexis was actually in control of the situation this week when she questioned Jerry about Ian.  It’s quite possible that Jerry is the best liar in Port Charles.  He lied about knowing Ian and he lied about being a “changed” man.  Though Jerry did seem sincere when he talked about “how important” Jax was to him.  I actually believed Jerry’s lies and I know what he’s been up to!  That’s how good he is.  Alexis’ vow to find the connection between Jerry and Ian “one way or the other” had me cheering for her, finally.

Getting back to Jerry, I think I saw a glimmer of James Craig on Friday.  When Jerry got physical with Claudia and threatened her, I was sure Mr. Craig had returned.  Claudia has no idea who she’s dealing with, does she?  We’ll have to wait and see. 

I never get tired of seeing the Jason and Spinelli dynamic.  Every time we see those two together it’s better than the time before.  Spinelli spouting information about Canadian wildlife had me laughing hysterically: 

Jason: Why can't you just drive faster, Spinelli?

Spinelli: Moose.

Jason: Moose? We haven't -- we haven't even seen a moose.

Spinelli: Well, moose calves, to be more specific. They tend to wander the roads of Canada this time of year. They have no understanding or fear of moving vehicles. They are very large, very awkward, and very hard to see at night.

Jason: All right, put the brights on.

Spinelli: I can't do that either.

Jason: Why not?

Spinelli: The five-lined skink.

Jason: The what?

Spinelli: It's one of five lizard species in Canada. It's their mating season. They might be attracted to the lights, and I wouldn't want to squish one.

Jason: All right, pull over

Even funnier than that dialogue was Spinelli’s attempt to frisk Maxie.  Still sweeter was when Spinelli confided to Jason that he’s in love with Maxie.  Will poor Spinelli ever find a girl who loves him the way he deserves to be loved?

I’m not a fan of violence but I was happy when Jason shot Ian.  Though it made no sense that Ian admitted shooting Michael, I have to admit that I’m so glad the character is dead.  What’s with all this about Ian saying some “last words’ to Jason?  As far as I could hear, he said nothing.  He just grunted then died.  According to Jason, Ian said, “there’s more,” before he died. What?

It’s sad that it took a bullet in a little boy’s head for everyone to realize Sonny lives a dangerous life.  Jason seemed to be carrying the brunt of the guilt over Michael’s shooting.  His scenes with Michael were so emotional, especially when he talked about the decisions he made when Michael was born.  Speaking of emotional, little Morgan broke my heart when he tried to wake Michael up to play video games.  I’m not sure he needed to hear Sonny say Michael will “never wake up.”  A little finesse would have been nice. 

I understand Carly’s devotion to Michael but I don’t think taking care of him at home was one of her better ideas.  I do think Sonny’s threat to take over Michael’s guardianship was low.  It was interesting that Kate became Sonny’s voice of reason.

The tension is building between Jason and Sonny.  Jason, Jax, and Carly blame Sonny for Michael’s injury and Sonny blames himself.  It’s been a while since Sonny has had me in tears.  He got me a couple times this past week.  When he told Carly Michael was “already gone,” it was just beyond sad. 

Speaking of the town criminal element, the Zacchara family has had their moments lately.  Anthony is the funniest psychopath the town has seen in years.  I also love the way Claudia goes out of her way to put Kate in her place.

Jax has really grown on me lately.  His concern for Michael and Morgan is so genuine.  I love Jax’s devotion to his family.  He’s really trying to do what’s best for everyone, even if Carly doesn’t see it that way.

Jake celebrated his 1st birthday this week.  I get why Robin was there but I don’t get why Bobbie was.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s always good to see Jackie Zeeman.  Even if it’s only for a minute or two.  Speaking of that, how great was it to see Mac again?  I loved it when he calmly threatened to “break every finger” on Spinelli’s hands if Maxie ever got hurt.  It would be so great to see more of Bobbie and Mac. 

Tracy and Luke are my new favorite couple.  Luke’s proposal that Edward and Alice have a “naughty” weekend made me laugh out loud:

Luke: I want to spend some private time with my wife. Do you think we could get Edward and Alice to take a weekender?

Tracy: That's disgusting.

Luke: It is a pretty freaky visual, isn't it? Which one do you see on top?

Tracy: Oh, will you stop it.  And while you’re at it, go away.

No character makes me laugh the way Luke does.  I also love the way Tracy puts Luke in his place.  No other woman has ever been able to do that. 

Here’s what confuses me about Luke.  How is it an intelligent guy like Luke leaves evidence of money laundering lying around so Anthony Zacchara can use it against him?  Luke is better at covering his tracks than any character on the show.  The bigger question here is about Lulu though.  Is she going back to Johnny to protect Luke or is she doing it because she really cares for him?  I pick door number two.

Luke as the town therapist worked for me this past week.  I loved it when a clueless Patrick went to Luke for advice on love.  I also liked seeing Sonny and Luke together.  I was annoyed that they were drinking though.  Tell me why a bipolar person and a heart patient are drowning their sorrows in alcohol?

It was so nice to see those scenes with Luke and Nikolas.  Luke actually gave Nikolas some fatherly advice about love and loss.  It was refreshing to see Luke treat Nikolas like a son rather than an enemy.  It was nice to see them bond over their lost loves.

Now that Nikolas had the surgery, will Emily finally rest in peace?   Enough with the ghost already.  They’ve beaten this story to death – pun intended.  They need to let Nikolas move on and find love again.  I have to admit no actor can cry on command like Tyler Christopher though.

Claudia and Ric could prove to be a dangerous and interesting team.  I’m wondering if they could work as a couple.  Claudia actually glows when she’s with Ric.  I want more.

One last thing before I go.  Can someone please tell me what May Sweeps is?  Aside from Jason killing Ian, nothing earth shattering has happened so far.  I’m waiting anxiously.

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