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Home Shows As the World Turns As the World Turns ~ What in the World? As the World Turns: What in the World? Week of July 14, 2008

As the World Turns: What in the World? Week of July 14, 2008

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Carly and Jack show down. Lily tries to run down someone. And some interesting forensic facts are learned about Sophie's death.... you'll be surprised by who reveals these facts.

Maura West & Michael Park (Carly & Jack Snyder) 

Oakdale is where drama lives this week for CBS soaps. I don’t even know where to begin I am so excited! Everyday this week my fellow soap friends and I were emailing our fingers off with all of the buzz about As the World Turns.

I guess the biggest news is two bad guys are back in town. One I expected to see again the second knocked my socks off. Rick Decker the doctor turned serial killer that nearly killed Dr. Bob and rocked the world of Barbara Ryan and Susan Stewart. The second being Cole.

Just when it looked like Paul was going to prison for a long time Cole pops up to ensure he gets a large payoff and someone else takes the fall for his crime. At least what I have believed is his crime. Cole decides to target Barbara. After convincing her she killed Sophie when she was high on morphine Cole blackmails Barbara for his silence.

I have to criticize this portion of the story because I am such a fan of Barbara. She is way too smart and cunning to fall for some silly little teenager’s bullying. I know she is sick currently, but Barbara always could rely on her brains above brawn. There is no way Babs would have fallen for Cole’s attempt at gas lighting in the past.

On the positive, I’m glad Cole returned sooner than later and this didn’t become one of those murder cases where viewers almost forget what the initial crime and players were because the story has been drug out so long. I feel confidant Cole is going to regret the day he messed with Barbara because I have faith in one of my all-time favorite CBS characters.

Just for the record I would like to share I didn’t come to really like Barbara until I met her portrayer Colleen. What a phenomenal actress this woman is. She is so mean and underhanded to everyone on the show then Colleen is one of the nicest, sweetest people you could meet. Here is a woman that literally has decades under her belt as a soap superstar and her interaction, kindness, and caring with her fans is amazing. After meeting this daytime phenom, then watch Barbara on ATWT you will be just as amazed and impressed by the range of talents both character and portrayer share with us every day.

Now moving onto bigger storylines concerning the Ryans’, Rick Decker is not only back in Oakdale he is the leading forensic pathologist that is going to prove or disprove who really killed Sophie. I chuckled when Barbara was opposed to Rick working on the case and he says, “I’m your best shot. I’m your only shot.” Since Sophie died from a lethal injection I found the comment to be rather tongue and cheek. Barbara realized Rick was the best man for the job and agreed to his help. Rick remained calm and under control, but his mere presence caused quite a bit of upset around town. Margo’s face when she was told Rick had jurisdiction was priceless.

I love Margo because she is one of only a few characters from my childhood left, but I love each time someone puts Margo in her place. She tries way too much to be the Steven Seagal of daytime.

What I would like to ultimately see come of Rick and Cole’s return is, Rick turns out to be the father of Cole or Sophie. Cole would be super interesting to watch play out considering Gwen and Will have his baby and Gwen is Cole’s brother. How is Barbara and Paul going to handle their beloved sister and daughter in law being related to Cole and Rick. Either way it would turn out entertaining with great future potential.

On the outskirts of town there is major dramas going on as the kids learn to deal with all of the parent swapping that is going on unaware the biggest bomb is about to drop. Carly leaves town with Neil under great opposition, not only from Holden, but Jack too. Can you believe that, Jack is sleeping with Janet and he has the nerve to lecture Carly on her love life? I was blown away but what I loved was their argument. Carly really gave Jack a one, two punch and told him essentially to stick his opinion and his relationship with Janet where the sun don’t shine. YEAH! Carly Tenney is back!

I once loved this character. Carly was my all time favorite for years, but as of recently I haven’t been thrilled with the direction Carly has been taken. I’m loving what I am seeing now. I’m still not a fan of the Carly/ Holden pairing but I can live with it.

Back to Carly and Jack’s fight early in the week. When Carly discovered Janet at the farm making herself at home I loved Carly/Maura West’s mocked up Italian accent making fun of Janet’s really bad fake accent, it was too good. Maura delivered the line sarcastic and serious making it really have a “look what a fool you are dating” punch to it. That was probably one of the best one liners of the year thus far.

The argument itself, the bulk of words being thrown around left the viewer picking a side and cheering your man or woman on. I’m a true Jack and Carly fan, but they can fight way better than they can make love. I feel confidant that my girl Carly walked away from that one the winner.

Well if you didn’t catch it, Carly did go as far as New York with Neil, but she had company. Holden showed up unannounced. After a little lovers spat they find themselves having sex, again. Carly decides she can’t continue on to Paris with Neil and makes a graceful exit back to Oakdale. Holden makes some serious decisions for himself.

Holden comes home and tells Lily he’s been having an affair. I must commend ATWT for once again, as mentioned above, they have moved along with a storyline. Instead of months of awkward looks and longing for each other viewers were spared. The unfortunate thing about this storyline finally coming to a head is we have to see more of Lily attempting to be devastated. As if watching her trying to be all into her marriage was bad enough devastating, anger, and sorrow is worse.

Holden angers Carly by telling her he told Lily. She steps out of Yo’s and into the street, right in the path of Lily who guns her car and tries to run Carly down. Carly is okay, but Lily finds herself in the hospital. She ends up being okay too, but Jack investigates the accident and learns of Carly’s latest conquest from Lily. An argument ensues in the hall, then Jack follows an already stressed out Carly back to her house to pick right up where they left off. Carly continues to hold her own with self-proclaimed “Saint Jack” as she did earlier in the week.

Jack and Lily’s attitude of superiority over Holden and Carly is just sickening. I’m not one for the chemistry between Carly and Holden, but at this point I say be together and be happy just to show Jack and Lily.

Anything at this point in place of the Chris/Aaron/Allison storyline or Brad chasing after Liberty and Janet as if he cares, is entertaining.

I once liked Brad and love Austin Peck because of the not so typical flare he brings to his character, but “Brad” has gotten out of hand. Back to the drawing board, or storyboard I should say, ATWT writers need to head. What was appealing about Brad has gotten so out of hand he is annoying in a bad way now. And Katie….what happened to her backbone. A one time scene stealer is now just second fiddle to a second rate story. Terri and Austin (Katie and Brad) are much better than being wasted on this plot, or lack of.

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