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Home All My Children All My Children Episode Recap, Friday, September 23, 2011

All My Children Episode Recap, Friday, September 23, 2011

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David Canary (Adam/Stuart, All My Children)Final Broadcast Episode on ABC Daytime

The last episode of "All My Children" begins with a series of births, starting with Erica's (Mona holding a pretty baby girl), followed by Bianca's (Erica and Travis in the delivery room), Jake's (Charles Tyler congratulating Joe Martin -- it's a boy!), Amanda's (Natalie urging Janet to push), and Trevor's (Amanda smiles at Jake). We see happy families now and happy families then: Brooke and Tad with little Jamie and now with adult Jamie, hugging him good-bye; Dixie with baby JR; Angie hugging baby Frankie as Jesse drives; and Erica brushing the hair off of Bianca's face and Bianca turning to do the same to Miranda. We hear Angie's voiceover as she attempts to convince Jesse to release David. She says to watch your children grow up and share that with a town is such a gift. (How very meta!) Conflicted, Jesse understands, but he can't condone David for breaking the law. Cara defends David as she says he gave many people second chances. As Cara talks, we see Greenlee and Ryan playing with Emma in the park and Kendall and Zach playing with their boys at home.

At the Chandler mansion JR throws his gun into his bag and leaves, a man on a mission. The voices of David, Krystal, Marissa and Adam fill his head as he hears them say he can't see AJ, he is a loser, and he should leave town. JR heads to the airport where Jamie finds him waiting to board his private plane. Jamie is happy to see his step-brother, but JR is clearly not happy to see Jamie. In fact JR accuses Jamie of returning home only to steal Babe from JR -- if she was alive. (Uh, delusional much, JR?) Jamie tries to get through to JR by telling him that he loves him, but JR is too far gone. He says that everyone has stabbed him in the back and he is leaving town. But he will come back. There is no way in hell he will let two lesbians raise his son. After Jamie leaves to board his flight, JR continues to listen to the voices in his head, which make him angrier and angrier. Dixie and Tad arrive to tell JR that Stuart is alive. JR insists this is yet another one of David's head games. He tells Dixie that it's too late for her to make things right; it wasn't Adam who screwed him up, but Dixie! Tad gently leads Dixie away; maybe they need to let JR go.

Erica arrives at Casa Slater to find AJ, Miranda and Spike ready to practice a poem they must recite at a school assembly, which is Agnes Nixon's classic verse that used to grace the opening credits of the show:

"The great and the least,
The rich and the poor,
The weak and the strong.
In sickness and in health,
In joy and sorrow,
In tragedy and triumph,
These are all your children."

As everyone claps, AJ glumly tells Marissa how this poem reminds him of Daddy. Opal arrives to tell her best gal pal that Jackson is packing his bags; she thinks he is leaving Erica! Erica doesn't believe her so they return to the penthouse where Jackson and his stuff are gone. Erica reiterates her big dream of being a movie star; why can't Jackson understand that? Opal lectures Erica; she let her stupid pride keep her from Palmer and now he is gone. Don't let that happen with Jackson! Kit arrives to tell Erica that it's now or never. He has to leave for LA! Opal snarls at him; Erica is staying in Pine Valley!

At Krystal's, Krystal watches Jackson grimace after drinking a few shots. He tells Krystal that after 24 years, a couple of broken engagements, three TV shows, a marriage and a divorce, he thinks he and Erica are over.

At the hospital Scott brings Marian to be reunited with Stuart. She bursts into tears as Stuart touches her face. Is she a dream? Marian sobs that she is the one dreaming. Scott affectionately says they are both wide awake and leaves to give them some privacy. Marian crawls into bed with Stuart. He touches her face, calls her his "Queen of Hearts" and kisses her. Aw!

Liza heads to the police station where she tells David that Adam arranged for David to be out on bail as a way of thanking him for saving Stuart's life. David turns to Angie to tell her she has, by far, given him the greatest run for his money. He thanks her for trusting him. Angie replies it took her being blind to see past David's arrogance to see the good in him. She says him saving Stuart redeemed David. Jesse swallows his pride and thanks David for restoring Angie's eyesight. David smiles; he is going to remember this moment for the rest of his life.

Back at the Chandler mansion Adam appears to have a weight lifted off of his shoulders as he rejoices over Stuart's return from the dead. However the smile fades from his face when he looks around his former house. Brooke announces that she used her inheritance from Aunt Phoebe to buy the mansion back. She kisses Adam. Welcome home! Later Scott and Colby hang a painting (Adam and Stuart as boys) over the mantel. Colby suggests they throw a huge welcome home party as Winifred hugs Adam to welcome him home. Adam orders her to unpack the boxes and bring out their very best champagne!

Later that evening, all of Pine Valley arrives at the Chandler mansion dressed in their finest. Angie gushes that it's like Pine Valley is being reborn (again with the meta, Angela!) Jamie arrives to tell Brooke and Tad that he intentionally missed his flight to tell them that he saw JR at the airport -- and he is in big trouble. It turns out Jamie is right. At the airport JR hands the pilot an envelope with $20,000. He instructs him to take off; JR has a party to attend!

At the mansion, the party is in full swing with lots of dresses, suits, food, drink and laughter. Randi reveals to her family that she might be pregnant as everyone congratulates Angie on the return of her eye sight and Natalia and Brot on their engagement. David arrives to speak with Adam, but Adam is talking with Dixie while JR listens from the secret passageway. JR fumes as they say it's probably best that JR left town.

Erica arrives ready to win Jackson back. They head to another room to speak privately as Brooke and Adam toast to Pine Valley. In the secret passage JR shares in the toast with a swing from his flask. David approaches Adam, who didn't invite David. He asks David how he can repay him and David suggests cash. Adam is more than happy to pay up. Later Dixie has a moment alone with David. She asks who else David saved, specifically the other woman in the lab with her. David chuckles; Dixie would never believe him, even if he told her.

Jacob Young (JR, All My Children) (c)ABCJR continues to spy on the party. He listens as Erica tries to convince Jackson to fly to LA with her. Jackson says he's been waiting for Erica for 24 years and feels that she chose this movie over him. He wants roots, family and marriage! He doesn't want to watch her chase her dreams. Erica reminds him that they share their dreams and is committed to him. Jackson urges Erica to admit she doesn't want to get married, which Erica finally cops to. Jackson wishes Erica the best of luck with her movie and her life without him.

In the main room Tad gives a heartfelt speech that speaks for everyone there and the viewers. Neighbors, family and friends--he found all of them in Pine Valley, which has been his home. Tad says there are many who should be here, but aren't. But if they were all here, they would remind them what a miracle this place is. His dear, dear friends; what would he do without them? They are tragedy and triumph come together. He wishes all his children were here, but he'd like to think all his children are always with him. Tad raises his glass as everyone claps. JR continues to watch, his anger bubbling under the surface as Adam adds one more thing to the festivities. He pulls out a sparkly diamond ring and proposes to Brooke, who happily accepts.

Jackson storms out of the party as Erica runs after him. Everyone watches as Erica tells him that she needs him. Please don't leave! Jackson turns; frankly, he doesn't care what she needs. As the crowd murmurs and Erica runs after Jackson, JR opens the secret door, raises his gun and takes aim. Erica cries, "This is not the ending I want!" as JR pulls the trigger.

Until we meet again on TOLN, Good night, Pine Valley.  

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