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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks Soapdom Fresh Peeks/First Looks Week 1-28-01

Soapdom Fresh Peeks/First Looks Week 1-28-01

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Ryan's amnesia. Vienna and Henry fight. Fresh peeks all soaps


Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children)All My Children

As Adam’s suspicions turn to discoveries, his anger can’t be contained. He swears revenge on Krystal and JR, but what does he have in mind?  More importantly, how did he find out?  Could it have something to do with Babe’s threatening to expose Krystal and JR’s scheme?  At the same time, as Jack and Erica inch closer, a new politician hits Pine Valley and will be drawn to Erica.  Will she return his advances?  Meanwhile, as Angie goes about her business trying to save lives, Jesse comes around to check in on his son.  At one point, he barely avoids being spotted by Angie. Why is he hiding?  Maybe because he’s supposed to be dead?  Then, as poor Greenlee takes a turn for the worse, Ryan’s strange behavior nose dives. He now has no memory of Annie or that they’re even married!  This is not going to bode well for his young bride.  Will Ryan snap out of it before it’s too late?  Find out this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

We all know that Lily hasn’t been thinking straight when it comes to Dusty. Now that he’s been murdered, she’s still can’t get him off her mind.  But does that mean she has the right to accuse Holden of taking the fall for her?  More importantly, is that precisely what Holden’s doing?  Then, just as suddenly as she awoke, Rosanna relapses back into a coma. What will that mean for a prognosis?  Has she left the ranks of the cognoscente for good this time?  If so, where will that leave Paul, Craig and Meg?  While on the other side of Oakdale, as Kit catches Carly and Sam looking like they're about to kiss, Vienna and Henry have an argument.  Looks like things in coupledom are starting to heat up.  But wait!  One young couple makes a stunning decision this week.  Gwen and Will announce they need to officially limit Sofie’s contact with Hallie.  Why? Has Hallie not been on her best behavior?  Find out when you watch As the World Turns this week.

Bold and the Beautiful

The first part of the week is all about Stephanie, Donna, Katie and Brooke.  The end of the week focuses more on Taylor and her situation.  As we know, Taylor has not been herself of late. In fact, she’s been pretty unstable.  At the end of last week, she was sipping quite a bit more than just a little tea.  She managed to remain composed in front of Nick, but will she continue to spiral downward into the bottle this week?  One thing is certain. She is going to need something, whether it’s booze or professional assistance, to help her get past her fears regarding Brooke and the baby.  Mustering up some courage one way or the other, Taylor decides to host a dinner party for Ridge, Brooke and a surprise guest.  Will the evening progress without incident?  Here’s what we can share.  Before the night is out, Taylor has a break down when Brooke refuses her gift. What was Taylor giving Brooke anyway?  Why does Brooke turn her back on it?  As the fireworks erupt over at Taylor and Nick’s, Ashley and Rick share a passionate kiss.  Does this mean they will give it another shot?  Watch the Bold and the Beautiful this week to find out.

Days of our Lives

The voice of reason this week, Chloe convinces Shawn, Belle, and Philip to put aside their differences to find Claire.  Will the three agree to Chloe’s suggestion?  Let’s hope so. Four heads sure are better than one.  At the same time, Lexie calls a DiMera family meeting to discuss Stefano.  What will the meeting reveal?   We gotta believe that Tony will have a lot to say. Watch for him to mouth off this week.   Meanwhile, as the action switches to Ireland, we meet Colleen Brady (Shirley Jones) and Sean (Kevin J. Ryan) her bodyguard. Why would Colleen require protection?  Back in Salem, Lucas calls Sami, and asks her to come see him one last time. Will Sami cave in and visit with her one-time husband? Tune in to Days of our Lives this week and see.

General Hospital

Fickle, fickle, fickle. And they say women can’t make up their minds. Last week, Lucky was recommending that he and Sam share the same home.  By the end of this week, someone or something will turn Lucky against Sam. Can you say Elizabeth?  Whatever she tells her ex, he decides he now wants Sam out of his life.  What vile tales did Elizabeth spread to make Lucky do such an about face? More importantly, how will Sam counter Elizabeth’s words?  While on the other side of town, Emily tries to jog Nikolas’ memory about the night she was killed.  Does he come around?  Speaking of the murder, the killer makes another move this week – this time on Sam.  Does she get away unscathed?  Finally, despite his protests, Lulu walks away from Logan.  Has she set her sights on someone else?  Like maybe Johnny?  Keep your remotes glued to General Hospital this week to find out.

Guiding Light

Finally, Reva comes clean to Josh. She tells him everything and he promises to keep her secret.  Will that be a good decision?  While on the other side of Springfield, Marina is working it to keep Cyrus under her thumb.  But Harley sees through Marina’s scheme. In fact, she soon comes clean to Cyrus. Does she share her own feelings for him, or simply open his eyes to Marina’s machinations?  At the same time, first Gus tells Lizzie to try and get Jon to open up, so she can get dirt on him.  Then, Gus breaks the bad news to Reva. He tells her that Lizzie wants to press charges against her for kidnapping. Will Lizzie go through with that plan?  Keep your remote on Guiding Light this week to find out.

One Life to Live

Ramsey is butting in where he doesn’t belong again this week when he warns Todd not to make a deal with John.  Will Todd take Ramsey’s advice, or will Todd defer to his heart and do the right thing?  While on the other side of town, Rex finds out the truth when Roxy tells Rex that Charlie really is his father.  Is Rex going to be happy about that?  Wait a second. If that’s the case, then that would make Jared Rex’s brother -- or half-brother, at least. Oh boy, this is getting interesting.  Speaking of sparking interest, Antonio goes to great lengths getting arrested in order to spend time with Talia when at first; he tried to shun her advances.  Are these two a super couple in the making? While over at St. Anne’s, Allison continues to taunt Jessica with her secret, but it’s Dorian who now threatens to expose Jared’s scheme.  The week winds down as Viki comes face to face with Charlie at Dorian’s.  We knew it was inevitable, but how about that!   See how it all plays out this week on One Life to Live.


As the week progresses, we will see that Rebecca is now suspicious of Esme.   What has Esme done this time to cause Rebecca concern?  From our standpoint, Rebecca should not worry that much about Esme, when it’s Viki who will be her downfall. Before the week is out, Viki will stab Rebecca. Is the wound fatal?  Early in the week, Juanita trapped Theresa and Pilar and Ethan will discover that they are both in grave danger.  Will he be able to come to their rescue?  Here’s the thing. He may not have to.  Not with Tabitha offering to save Theresa and Pilar. But how?  What will give Tabitha the edge? Magic, of course! Watch as Tabby bibbitty, bobbitty, boos this week on Passions.

Young and the Restless

Nick, Jack, Phyllis and Sharon make a remarkable decision this week.  Realizing they are all at a crossroad, they determine that their only recourse is to go into business together.  How will Victor react to the news?  While on the other side of Genoa City, Gloria and Jeffrey prepare to move into the Abbott mansion.  Shortly thereafter, Sharon can’t help but observe some pretty odd behavior between the two.  Naturally, her suspicions peek,  leading her to question if the marriage is real. Will Sharon uncover the shame?  Find out when you tune in to the Young and the Restless this week.

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