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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks 2-4-08

Soapdom First Looks/Fresh Peeks 2-4-08

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Greenlee coaches Ryan, Nick surprises Brooke. Fresh Peeks all soaps


Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, All My Children)All My Children

Greenlee, now on the road to recovery, concerns herself with two matters important to her.  First, she takes Ryan on a trip down memory lane without really knowing if he will react with pleasure or hostility. Will she be able to make a difference? Second, it is her lost time with Aidan that she so desperately wants to make up for, and so, the couple spend some romantic alone time together.  While all is peaceful now, will it always be this sweet should Zach and Greens secret life-and-death rendezvous come to the surface?  For now, the duo will simply enjoy the ride, especially since Kendall and Aidan have their own indiscretion that they would like very much to keep under wraps.  They should know, however, that nothing stays secret for long in Pine Valley so a contingency plan may want to be considered… or else!  Meanwhile, Annie tries to work with Ryan to remember their life together but it's all in vain.  How much can the woman take before she breaks and is left to deal with her brother on her own?  A similar air of mystery surrounds the reappearance of Jesse; Tad muses over and over in his head how his friend could now be alive.  What will he come up with?  And finally, it's only a matter of time before Angie and Jesse collide.  Is everyone wearing their seat belt?  If not, it's best to buckle up for all the shockers to finally simmer over this week on AMC!

As The World Turns

Despite their current separation, Holden and Lily remain on the same team; Holden worries that Lily is being set up while Evan assumes that Holden double crossed him.  Given Evan's obsession with his research project, will he engineer it so this situation grows even grimmer for Mr. Snyder?  On the other side of town, Emily continues to sneak about town in an effort to retrieve evidence relative to Dusty's murder.  This time around, she tries to play Craig in the hopes he will crack with some sort of information.  Not Craig, Em!  He is slicker than the oil owned by the Dallas' Ewing family!  Meanwhile, Jack receives an anonymous phone call that only raises his suspicions surrounding Sam.  Finally, Sofie panics as Hallie develops a fever.  Take it down a notch, sista!  Will and Gwen should arrive soon to douse the hysteria.  Illness, cover-ups and scams all ensconce ATWT.  It contains all the elements of a classic soap opera, so be sure to check it out this week!

The Bold And The Beautiful

All the focus is on Nick and Brooke as the former professes his true feelings to the unsuspecting woman.  Dropping even a bigger bomb, Nick offers a proposition to Brooke that leaves her blindsided!  Are these the first steps to a new coupling?  What does this mean for Taylor considering her fragile mental state?  Not good, my friends.  As Nick reveals all to Brooke, James gives Taylor some daunting advice about her relationship with Nick which forces her to make a final decision about her marriage. It's what leads up to the woman's hysteria.  Luckily, Rick runs to Taylor's aid.  Will he make it in time to save her from herself?  And if something should happen, how will Nick forgive himself?  Drama, drama and more drama all this week on The Bold And The Beautiful!  We all love drama, when it's not our own, of course, so indulge in others.  It's a win-win situation so be sure to tune in.

Days Of Our Lives

It's party time!  Stephanie, Chelsea, and Nick plan a birthday surprise for Max.  Will he be pleased?   Meanwhile, after only returning to Salem days ago, Lexie is already spreading joy and gives Kayla uplifting news.  This is no doubt appreciated by Kayla after learning the traumatic truth about her daughter's rape.  Will the word be something she can share with her entire family?  Not having such a great day is John -- shocker!  Stefano's "soldier" makes a long awaited discovery about his past that will change his future.  Could this mean he will finally fall back into the arms of Marlena?  Watch and see if the evil forces at work in Salem continue to hinder the Bradys much deserved reunion.  Shed a tear and at the same time pay a nod to young love by making Days Of Our Lives your show of choice this week!

General Hospital

Pre-teen Michael has been showing signs of aggression as of late and an undeniable interest in his father's business (even going so far as to carry his own heat) that only accelerate last week with Sonny struggling to keep Michael in line.  What will it take for the kid to mind his way?  Boarding school might not be a bad idea for the rebellious younger Corinthos. Or maybe a tragic accident will shock him back into reality?  Hmmm… When not battling his offspring, Sonny once again meets up with the mystery woman (Claudia).  Will their meeting be just as friendly as their last?  In a totally different world, Nikolas is forced to face a cold reality - could he actually be the one to have strangled the life out of Emily?  Another Cassadine is in trouble as well; Sam's life is in danger but with both Jason and Lucky out of her life will there be anyone to save her?  Finally, the fates once again intervene and place Lulu and Johnny alone together.  Will they finally act out on their real feelings?   And poor Marianna is in league with the devil!  Can she survive another attack? Check out all the action on General Hospital this week!

Guiding Light

In response to Lizzie's question, Jon admits that he could never love any other woman the way he loved Tammy, leaving little option of forming the family Lizzie desires.  Is there any scenario that could provide all happiness and limit the hurt?  Meanwhile, Cyrus once again exhibits mixed signals when Harley tells Cyrus to go be with the woman he loves - and he says he already is.  How will Harley respond?  Will Cyrus come clean and tell Harley the truth?  Later, alone at the cabin, Olivia makes use of her greatest strength, which is, ironically, her illness, and calls Gus saying she feels faint and needs help ASAP.  How long will Gus continue to feel obligated to be her white knight in armor?  After all, everyone has a breaking point.  Finally, Cassie continues to refuse to get Will professional help.  What will the boy need to do for his mother to recognize he just might be an evil seed?  Don't miss a moment of this week's Guiding Light!

One Life To Live

The whole Ramsey/Gigi/Todd dilemma comes to a head when Mr. Manning comes close to killing Ramsey.  The scare tactic proves to have little result considering Ramsey continues to do what he has to in order to get what he wants.  Todd works on matters on his own end and decides he will handle Ramsey and Gigi once and for all.  Who should be more afraid?  Gigi or Ramsey?  Our bets rest with Ramsey.  Elsewhere, Jessica continues to keep secrets from Nash but isn't forced to face the music any time soon because she and Natalie go on the run with Allison!  Who or what are they running from?  Lastly, Rex is shocked to learn that Gigi has a son.  How long will it be before it comes to light that he is the father of this child?  So many secrets and so many lies, it'll be hard to keep up so be sure you pay careful attention and find time for One Life To Live everyday this week!  Or else you'll find yourself out in the cold!


Miguel corners the woman at the source of all their problems:  Juanita!  What kind of battle will ensue?  One thing is for certain -- never underestimate Juanita.  Meanwhile, Kay gives in to the temptation to do magic.  Who will it benefit -- if anyone?  Finally, Eve examines Vincent and it isn't long before Julian walks in on the two.  Tempers will flare!  Feel the heat on Passions all this week!

The Young And The Restless

Drinks and parties lead to trouble as Daniel and Amber find out when they end up in a compromising position that could change their relationship.  Will they think before they act?  Elsewhere, Jack makes plans to return to the Abbott mansion and defeat Gloria for good.  Is he going to physically remove her from the premises?  Later, Victor abruptly leaves town to visit a past love while Colleen becomes jealous when she sees how much Heather and Adrian have in common.  Which lovely lady will Victor share a reunion with?  Will Colleen consider a moment to think before she jumps into emotional overload?  Miss a day of The Young And The Restless this week and miss a world of information!

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