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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 7-24-06

First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 7-24-06

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Luke and Malta. Felicia and Dante. Fancy arrested. Fresh peeks all soaps

All My Children Photo Gallery

All My Children

After what seems like just days of planning (ok, maybe a full week), ConFusion’s big opening night arrives.  Will all go as planned?  Our keen soap senses tell us something just might go awry.  But what will happen?  No word on how the club does, but it seems JR decides this is the night he will blow Josh and Erica’s worlds apart.  What does he do?  Insiders tell us Junior plays the tape of Greg spilling all regarding Josh’s true parentage for everyone to hear.  That certainly won’t make him any more popular, but why does JR do this?  What will it accomplish?  Can’t say for sure, but just how will Josh deal with La Kane being his mommy dearest?  Furthermore, what will JR do when faced with Erica’s wrath?  You’ll have to watch and see, but as for JR’s wife, Babe is furious with him for what he did and decides to follow Josh when he takes off from the party.  Where do the two end up?  It appears he was all prepared to leave town before the big reveal anyway, so he hops in his jet and prepares for take off. Will Babe go with him?  We hear she doesn’t have much of a choice, but what occurs when things go from bad to worse?  The secret is out in full force, so find out what happens in the aftermath this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

After weeks of his meddling, Damian finally gets Luke completely on his side.  What happens?  We’re told Luke decides to move to Malta with his biological dad.  But what makes the young Snyder want to leave his family in Oakdale?  Is it really what he wants or has Damian’s done something new to manipulate his son?  Meanwhile, Dusty is insecure when it comes to being a dad.  What happens to make him worry about taking care of Jen’s son?  Will he be able to handle it on his own, or will he get some outside help?  Elsewhere, as Simon and Carly go forward with their new business venture, Frasier sets out to hire a contractor for their new building.  Who will he take on as his new builder?  Since he’s married to Katie and just so happens to be quite the handy man, Simon decides on Mike.  But is Katie truly the reason Mike gets hired or does Simon think he is the right man for the job?  More importantly, will Mike take the job when he finds out Simon is the boss? In other parts of Oakdale, Maddie becomes a suspect in Lia’s murder.  Could this sweet girl really be so distraught that she would kill someone?  We certainly hope not, but if she didn’t do it who did?  Furthermore, will the murderer strike again?  It’s the start of a new mystery, so don’t miss any of the clues this week on As the World Turns.

Bold & the Beautiful

Nick comes up with a new idea.  What does he suggest?  Whatever it is, it leaves his new bride mortified.  But what could be so bad?  Furthermore, will he act on what his plan?  As for Brooke’s sister, Donna gets herself a new job.  Where is she working?  Will it be in the world of fashion as well?  Across town, Bridget takes a pregnancy test.  Could she be pregnant already?  Don’t know, but she better keep her eye on her sister as she sets out to seduce to Dante.  How far will Felicia go to get what she wants?  Will it work?  It looks like not, as her scheme to break the new couple up starts to fall apart.  Where does she go wrong?  More importantly, will this deter her from going forward or will it only strengthen her resolve?  At the same time, Ridge makes a shocking decision. What does he vow to do?  Apparently, whatever it is doesn’t make the Forrester matriarch very happy.  What will Stephanie do in response?  Elsewhere, it seems a new couple is in the works as two people you wouldn’t expect end up in one hot and juicy lip lock. Who could it be?  We’ll let you find that out first hand when you watch The Bold and the Beautiful this week.

Days of our Lives

While in Cincinnati, Steve and Kayla meet someone intriguing. Who do they come across?  The buzz is they’re introduced to someone claiming to be very close to Steve.  Who is this mysterious person?  We hear it’s his wife, but did Steve really get married?  Is she really who she says she is? While her parents are busy tracking down Steve’s past, Stephanie is busy trying to get Max’s attention.  Will she be successful?  Can she turn his head away from Chelsea?  Can’t say for sure, but it looks like Steph definitely gets under...




Chelsea’s skin.  How does she do this?  All we know is whatever she does makes the troubled teen lash out at her.  What happens when they go head to head?  In the meantime, the gloved hand continues to deliver notes to Sami. What do they say? What does this person ultimately want?  Isn’t it too hot to be wearing gloves this time of year, anyway?  Drop in on the fine citizens of Salem for all answers this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

Fans of the hottest doctor to hit Port Charles since his father’s debut are in for a treat this week.  Why’s that?  It appears this week will be all about Dr. Patrick Drake!  What’s happening with the hot to trot player?  Our sources tell us an AIDS patient finds her way into the ER, but sadly doesn’t have insurance and you know how that Ms. Snead is about rules--the hospital won’t admit her.  What will she do?  Since he has experience dealing with young ladies with the disease, Alan pulls some strings and gets her the treatment she needs. Yea, Alan!  So what does this treatment entail?  We hear she needs surgery and there’s only one surgeon for the job, PC’s own Dr. McDreamy.  Will the procedure go as planned? Don’t know about the patient, but apparently Patrick cuts himself and is exposed to the girl’s blood.  Oh no, does this mean he’s been infected as well?  We don’t know yet, but Robin immediately gets him tested and has him take preventative drugs.  Will this be enough to keep our super stud healthy? We don’t have that info, but how will this experience affect the young doctors in love? Will it make Patrick realize how courageous Robin has had to be while living with HIV?  Will it ultimately bring the two closer?  Our intuition tells us it will, but you’ll have to find out for yourself this week on General Hospital.  

Guiding Light

Now that she’s given up her position at Spaulding, Harley’s ready for a career change. What does she want to do now?  Rumor has it she’s ready to join the force again and even has a partner in mind.  Who does she want to team up with?  Seeing as her husband is a cop as well, she has her sights set on Gus.  But does he share her feelings? Does he want his wife as his partner? Elsewhere, Reva finally heads back to Springfield.  Does this mean she’s on the road to recovery?  We don’t know for sure, but we do know she gets quite a shock when she shows up at the farm.  What does she see?  Will it make her stick around or take off again?  Meanwhile, Blake comes on to Jeffrey.  That’s certainly interesting, but how will he take her advances? Will he take her up on her offer or rebuff her flirtation?  All we can say is there’s a room key involved, but will it be used? On the other side of town, Alan tells Lizzie that Jonathan is only using her for her money.  Could he be right?  Will Elizabeth believe her grandfather?  She doesn’t at first, but what will happen when the father of her baby suggests they open a joint bank account so he can access her money?  Will she agree or will this be the thing that pushes her over to Alan’s side? Be a part of the Springfield scene this week when you tune into Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

Evangeline comes out of her surgery while Todd and Cristian continue to fight over her.  Who will come out the victor?  We’re told when the lovely lawyer wakes up, it’s all about her and Cristian as they declare their love for each other.  Does this mean Todd’s out?  Maybe not, as Evangeline later learns Todd is the one who authorized the surgery.  Will this have any affect on her feelings?  Will she be swayed by Todd’s obvious care and concern for her wellbeing? Maybe she should wait to see if the operation was a success. What happens when the bandages come off?  Will Vangie be able to see again?  Elsewhere, Adriana thinks Rex is hiding something from her.  You mean Rex Balsam might actually not be 100% upfront with his girlfriend?  Shocking! But what is he keeping from her?  We don’t know, but Adriana starts to think he has something to do with the stalker.  Could she really believe that about our sweet misguided Sexy Rexy?  More to the point, could it be true?  Over at Capricorn, Antonio’s lined up one hot guest this week. Who will be playing at Llanview’s favorite club? That would be one Ms. Mary J Blige.  You’re not gonna want to miss her exciting performance, so make sure you get home in time to catch One Life to Live all week.


They got close during their time in Rome, but this week puts Luis and Fancy in a whole new dynamic. What happens with the two?  Our sources tell us that Luis pulls out all the stops when he arrests Fancy.  But why does he do this?  What’s she done?  Meanwhile, Theresa blows up at Jared.  Why’s she so upset with him?  Is her wrath valid or is it just some good old fashion sexual...



tension?  Elsewhere, Fox tries to jog Kay’s memory.  What does he do to get his fiancé back? Will it work?  In other parts of Harmony, Julian feels like the third wheel when it comes to Eve and TC.  What brings about his feelings?  Does he have a right to feel like the odd man out or is he just jealous?  Over on the baseball field, it seems two teams meet up to go a few innings.  Who’s on the roster?  All we know is a battle of the sexes ensues, but who will be the victor?  They might not even get a chance to finish the game as a line drive to the head puts one player’s life in jeopardy.  Who’s the unlucky infielder? More importantly, will they survive? Get in the know this week when you flip on over to Passions.

Young & the Restless

This week finds Sharon apologizing to Victoria.  Why does she feel the need to make amends with her sister-in-law?  Could Vic have found out about her and Brad, or is there something else Sharon has done wrong?  Can’t say for sure, but Sharon is up to other interesting things as she delivers a suitcase for Brad.  What’s in it?  Why is she the go between for Carlton?  Meanwhile, Sharon and Nick have a sit down with Noah about their divorce.  How will he take it?  Will they get the little guy through this rough time? Elsewhere, Colleen follows JT to Cleveland.  Why’s she going there?  Will they find any more useful information on her father?  We don’t know for sure, but it looks like Colleen is quite the traveler this week when shortly thereafter, Brad takes his family on a vacation to Hawaii.  Why does he want to get everyone out of town?  Is he starting to feel the heat of his past coming back to haunt him?  At the same time, Daniel is still freaked out by all the notes they’ve been receiving.  What is his plan of action?  The buzz is he wants his wife Lily and him to stay at the main house until the threat is over.  Is this a viable option?  Will this move keep them safe?  Find out when you visit Genoa City this week on The Young and the Restless.

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