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Home Features Daytime Emmy Coverage EMMY 2008 ~ 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards as Experienced by Soapdom's own columnist and fan!

EMMY 2008 ~ 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards as Experienced by Soapdom's own columnist and fan!

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From what I wore to what the stars wore. Who won and who should have won. What was it like on the inside of the Kodak during the show.

Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall) Hello from Hollywood soapers! Since my west coast to east coast flash trip to attend the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy awards, plenty of soap fans that regularly follow my work, and some that just needed to vent or make their opinion known, have shared with me their thoughts on the awards show itself. We all have come to the same conclusion --  it was pretty bad this year. Please remember when you are watching a live show on television it is not always as it appears when you are live, so you may not agree with some of my assessment. I did however watch the awards back the following day and can say TV viewers got a better show than the live audience.

I blame much of the anti-climatic show content on ABC. It appeared they tried to have so much order to the process that it became chaotic. The seating arrangements were the worst! To understand why the change, let me give you some back history on years past.

Typically, until just a couple years ago, the Daytime Emmy’s were held in New York,  When the show moved to the west coast, many of those in attendance were famished and exhausted by the time the Governor’s ball began (dinner). Last year, I noticed this distressed many of the east coast attendees. I am typically a late eater, but  felt eating close to midnight was even too extreme for me. Rumor had it the awards would be moved back to the east coast so I was quite surprised to hear that it was going to be held once again at the Kodak Theatre for 2008.

The set up was lovely last year for the Governor’s ball, very elegant and memorable, but I felt this year it became like a cheesy wedding with the table seating. As far as the eating situation, for those who attended it wasn’t much better this year as they still didn’t serve dinner until after the awards show, only bread and wine during. At least we got to drink this year during the show. Last year it was not quite as hot, but once you entered the Kodak, that was it until after the three hour show, so water or wine was a relief this year. Why there was not simply an open bar or cash bar still perplexes me considering the Kodak does have adequate arrangements in the lobbies for beverage service.

The table seating took away many valuable seats and did not allow for family and friends to be seated together. Also, being seated at round tables resulted in half the table straining to turn to see the stage. The 2007 awards show limited the seating arrangements, however this year actors/actresses were grouped together based on their characters interaction on the shows, completely annihilating seating with dates, family and friends. If a certain actor was not high profile enough for this year’s show, but there was the need for them to be on screen, the organizers would slip them into a table for their shot then remove them immediately afterwards. There was too much movement during the show, making it very distracting for those in the audience watching it live.

Coverage of the show and candid shots I felt were very one sided to ABC and their affiliates, giving little attention or praise to other networks. This completely ruined the viewing experience live and on television for me, a die-hard CBS fan. I don’t make the following comment out of favor to CBS but as an objective professional. When CBS carries the Daytime Emmy awards, they are fair and liberal with their coverage, staying true to the field of Daytime television not their network as the academy intends when putting on an awards show to spotlight the excellent work of all the men and women of daytime.

Anyone familiar with my writing or me as a person knows of the utmost respect and fondness I have for Tom Pelphrey (ex Jonathan, GL).  His loss last year, in the same category he won for 2006 and 2008, caused deep consideration on my part about not attending this year’s awards show. His win was nothing short of elation to say the least. Gina Tignoni’s (Dinah, GL) win was another favorite of mine. Unfortunately, the rest of the evening I felt was a bust when looking at the nominees and those who are outstanding that didn’t earn an official nomination. I‘m still hot under the collar that Kim Zimmer (Reva, GL) was not even nominated.

For me, personally, the preparation leading up to the event was not as complicated as last year. I sat back, took a deep breathe, and everything became simple. I knew this year I wanted to wear orange in support of my second favorite form of entertainment, NASCAR. I had to wear my Tony Stewart/Home Depot orange. Many thought it couldn’t be done tastefully, but I did manage to pull it off. The dress itself was elaborate with beading of multiple colors and design in the bodice, the skirt a form fitting orange silk. Very Bollywood, someone told me. My full intention was to go all out with the orange and black and I threatened Tony Stewart cowboy boots which made my friends and family cringe in dread. Though I did sport the orange, it was in the form of beautiful pastels. Maybe next year I‘ll really show my Tony Stewart pride.  I’m always up for making a flashy entrance and memorable fashion statement if it is the statement I want to make. The only thing really stopping me was I didn’t find just the right dress this year to make that statement.

Despite my typical wild personality and flamboyant ways, preparation was pretty simple. Due to the elaborate beadwork on my dress, jewelry wasn’t really necessary, only simple earrings and a gold cuff bracelet. I had prepared for a dress change between the awards show and Governor’s ball, but as mentioned above, there wasn’t a change of venue as they did last year, so I decided on the more elaborate dress and stayed in it until the close of the evening.

You’ve heard about what I wore now here is my breakdown and opinion of what I saw from the men and women I love from Daytime.

First Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT), orange and black, you know I loved it. But what I loved more was he actually looked as if he were dressed for a big-boy event this year, unlike the “disheveled” look he normally works towards.

Some people I have to wonder if they just wore the same exact clothes they wore last year. Winsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B) being one, and Maura West (Carly, ATWT), what did she do, dye the white dress she wore last year emerald green? And does the woman not know when the Emmy’s are? Someone please give her a heads up next year weeks in advance, because she must always plan her first trip of the summer to the beach days before the Emmy’s; she is always as red as a candy apple at the carnival.

Man, I really loved the Greek Goddess look last year for 2008 Emmy winner Gina Tignoni (Dinah, GL), but this year I just wasn’t feeling what she was trying to sell in that 80’s retro looking red dress. Yeah, “Girl’s just wanna to have fun” over 20 years ago! I did love Tignoni’s bracelet.

I have to address the big charity auctioned dress Heather Tom (Katie, B&B) was wearing. No wonder she changed as soon as she got off the red carpet. Whoa! That thing was bad. It reminded me of a homemade piñata, created out of the blue Wal-Mart plastic bags cut to shreds. Good cause, good idea, bad dress!

I feel there was too much sunshine yellow on the red carpet this year. That color is okay once on a certain person. Bobbie Eakes (Krystal, AMC) definitely gets my vote for cutest, most glamorous and attractive short-haired woman. She worked it from head to toe. Loved the dress and hair.

In contrast, Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R) to me was the worst looking all night. What was that? It looked to me as though she had taken a tablecloth and made it into a poncho. Hideous!

Speaking of hideous, Jennifer Landon (ex Gwen, ATWT) never looks good. Does she know what a comb is? Her hair, her dress, what was that fitted to be worn by someone five sizes larger than her? Every year she looks as if she has just rolled in from an all-nighter keg party. This is the Emmy awards! Clean up already!

Poor Jennifer Garis (Donna, B&B).  She looks like a stripper no matter what she wears because she is so tan. Fake bake less before a major event and don’t wear sherbet colors if you are going to be so dark your teeth and the whites of your eyes glow.

I’ve heard a lot criticism of Tyra Banks’ dress but I think it was better than last year's.  I thought she looked nice. Not much for her acceptance speech that seemed awfully high schoolish or that of a protester for some over-the-edge cause, but she looked nice giving it.

I loved Crystal Chappell’s (Olivia, GL) look, much better than last year, but I always think she is gorgeous. As a matter of fact, she seemed almost too dressed up for this event.

All in all my fav for the night was Marcy Ryland (Lizzie, GL) . I didn’t like it at first, but the drastic white fade to a nice cool royal blue Grecian dress suited her, and looked comfortable and cool.

My biggest shout out for the night is Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashlee, GL). An over weight girl who last year I felt bad for. It appeared she had simply bought a bad choice of a dress off the rack at Ross and to make matters worse sat with her legs apart as she socialized. This year, she had a real formal dress that looked great on her, and I am not saying that due to her presumed smaller size. Van Zandt carried herself and dressed herself like a true professional this year and I must say, size or not, she looked great. I am really proud of the great strides Van Zandt has made, not in her physical appearance because anyone can be beautiful she was and still is, but her demeanor. I’m so glad for her that she feels confident enough to look and act like a true part of Hollywood. I’m just sorry that it took a surgery to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.


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