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Home All My Children All My Children Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All My Children Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Michael E. Knight (Tad)Today's show is dedicated in loving memory to Mary Fickett, the first Ruth Martin.

At the Martin Compound Tad calls Jake, worried that their parents didn't call like they usually do every Sunday. As Dixie enters, the doorbell rings. Surprise, it's Ruth! Later Opal and Krystal enter, stunned to see Ruth. Ruth explains that Joe has been asked to return as a consultant at the hospital, which means the patriarch and matriarch of Pine Valley are moving back! Tad quietly freaks out. He is so happy that he worries something bad will happen. Dixie tries to calm him as there is another knock at the door. Surprise, it's Jamie! Tad practically faints with happiness as he embraces his son.

At the hospital a petite blond patient (Sarah Michelle Geller) points to Maria, who is in town for a consult, and says she wants her to treat her. The patient insists she is Erica Kane's daughter, who sees…wait for it…vampires! She saw them before they were trendy. (Hee.) Maria examines the patient, who says that she feels like she knows Maria and that Pine Valley is her home even though she has never been here before. Maria smiles. There are excellent doctors here who should be able to help her.

Amanda greets Jake to tell him the loft next to theirs is for sale. She would love to buy it, knock down the interior walls and expand their place! Jake is too worried about his parents to think about home renovations, but luckily Joe walks in. Maria spies Joe and happily embraces him. Joe would love for Maria to return to Pine Valley to work, but Maria explains she and the kids are settled in Los Angeles -- or is it Miami?

Later Joe, Amanda and Jake arrive to join the impromptu party at the Martin Compound. The Martin's are all together again! Joe pulls Dixie aside and Dixie tells him that she and Tad have never been happier. Ruth pulls Tad aside to remind him that Dixie's return is a miracle. Both Tad and Dixie get an idea and they separately leave the room. They text each other to meet at the park, where they clearly have the same idea: to propose! Together they kneel, each one wanting to pop the question, but Tad wins because he jokes it's hard for him to stand after kneeling. Dixie helps him to sit on a bench where Tad accidentally hits the call button on his cell phone.

Back at the Martin Compound Jamie tells Krystal that Adam and Brooke are in town for a visit. Krystal hopes the can talk some sense into JR. Jamie nods; kind of like Babe could have. The home phone rings and Opal picks it up. She realizes that Tad is proposing to Dixie and puts him on speaker phone. They listen as Tad begins to propose, but Dixie interrupts, explaining she would like to give it a try. Tad already had a turn -- or three. Dixie tells Tad he is where she belongs as tears spill down her cheeks. She is so glad she followed their star back to him. Tad responds that he doesn't want to waste any more time worrying about anything because he is with her. She is his home and family. He commits his life and heart to her -- just like he did twenty years ago. Dixie smiles. Together forever--again! As they kiss, they hear the hoots and hollers from the rest of the clan over the phone. When Dixie and Tad return, they find everyone trying to play cool, but Opal can't resist and jumps up to congratulate the newly engaged couple. Trevor, Jenny and Kathy join the party as Joe and Ruth watch over their children and grandchildren and hope that Grandma Kate is watching over them. Later the Martin clan poses for a family photo as we get a montage of classic Martin family flashbacks.

Jesse brings David into the interrogation room to meet with Griffin. Griffin explains he needs David to tell him what to do; the meds he gave their mysterious Orpheus patient is not working! They could lose the patient! David replies that he needs to see the patient in order to save the person. David reaches out to Angie to ask her to convince Jesse to let him work on his Orpheus patient. Jesse says no way, but Angie begs him to reconsider. A person's life is at risk! It could be someone's mother or father or sister or brother or wife or husband. Jesse reluctantly agrees, but asks David to tell them who the patient is first. David agrees and while we don't hear it, Jesse and Angie are both stunned.

Adam and Brooke walk into the now empty Chandler mansion. Adam is concerned when he sees a discarded photo of himself and JR in the trashcan.

Upstairs JR is stunned when he sees Babe standing in the doorway. JR moves towards her, but Babe tells him to stop. She gently removes the gun from JR's clenched fist and allows him to embrace her. Tears fill JR's eyes as he touches Babe's face and kisses her. Babe tells him that she is worried about him, but JR is fine, now that she is here. Babe shakes her head. He is the only person who can save himself. Babe sadly tells JR that she isn't real. David has been messing with his head. JR refuses to believe it as Babe says maybe David tried to revive her, but it didn't work. JR would know in his heart if she was alive. JR cries that he has nothing left -- he can't left "them" win! Babe urges him to remember what a good man he is. It's never too late to change. JR says that Babe can't help him because she is dead! Alone he breaks down sobbing.

Downstairs Adam opens his gun box to find one of his pistols is missing. JR enters, revealing he has it. JR assumes Adam is here to tell him what a failure he is. After all, Adam cut him out of the family will. Brooke orders JR to be respectful, but that doesn't stop JR from ripping into Adam. Adam threw money around instead of being there for him. Adam explains that he cut JR from his will because he saw how money corrupted him. It was for his own good, son! JR sneers that he doesn't want Adam to call him "son" ever again. Adam apologizes for being so hard on JR. Brooke explains that Adam taking JR's inheritance away is his way of making JR stand on his own two feet and becoming his own person. JR interprets this as Adam disowning him and returns upstairs to pack a bag, including bullets for his gun. He loads his gun. If everyone thinks he is so bad now, they haven't seen anything yet!

In the living room Adam berates himself for being a lousy father to JR. He sees a photo of Stuart and wishes he were here. Suddenly he looks up. He swears he just heard Stuart's voice, saying he is right here, just like when they were kids playing hide and seek!

Jesse brings David to the hospital as Griffin brings in their Orpheus patient. David begs Jesse to remove his handcuffs -- if he can't work on the patient, the patient will die! Griffin and David work quickly on the patient whose vitals are very weak. David urges the patient to fight as we see the person's face. It's Stuart!

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