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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 12-31-07

First Looks & Fresh Peeks Week 12-31-07

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Jack defends Kendall.  Lily attacks Dusty. Fresh peeks all soaps.


There are pre-emptions again this week.  Check Soapdom’s Holiday Schedule .

All My Children 

The week begins as Zach steps up and takes the blame for setting up Greenlee.  He is protecting his wife by assuming the responsibility himself, but little does he know that Kendall has a whole other agenda – namely, admitting to the crime.  It’s not long before Jack comes to Kendall’s rescue, however, and takes her on as a client as her defense attorney. When she asks him why he would do this for her, he explains that regardless of his differences with her mother, Erica, Kendall was and always will be a member of his family, and what better way to put the Kendall/Greenlee animosity behind everyone?  Hum…is it wise to have a family member defend you, or is that a conflict of interest?  We digress…  In court, it’s Greenlee who steps forward testifying that her actions drove Kendall to frame her.  The Judge is benevolent and gives Kendall community service.  Ryan, Annie, Kendall, Greenlee, Zach and Aidan all celebrate as Joe remains privately concerned about Greenlee.  Even with Joe’s concerns, everyone is happy except for Hannah, who pulls a gun, aims at Kendall and shoots – but who gets shot?  At the same time, Krystal tries to fight her feelings.  But for whom?  Jenny?  Tad?  Adam?  Will she succeed?  As the week winds down, Richie puts his plan against Annie into motion.  Will Annie fall prey to his scheme?  Find out this week on All My Children. 

As the World Turns

It may be New Year’s in Oakdale, but for some denizens, there is not much time for celebrating.  First of all, Chris believes that Dusty is responsible for his father’s relapse.  What makes Chris believe that Dusty is to blame?  Will Dusty fess up?  Meanwhile, Will has rather disheartening news to share with Paul.  He explains that he’s not sure he wants Barbara to be a part of his life anymore.  What has Babs done this time to make Will turn against her?  Is there anything she can do to make amends before it’s too late?  At the same time, Craig has been extremely crafty of late, but his deception may soon be exposed as Meg begins to put the pieces together.  Will she confront him, or keep her suspicions to herself?  Meanwhile, Dusty’s day goes from bad to worse.  Lily, a woman who very well may have been scorned, attacks him.  Does he deserve it? Will she cause physical damage?  Keep your eyes peeled to As the World Turns this week and find out.

Bold and the Beautiful

Now that Brooke has blown Storm’s cover, Stephanie takes matters into her own hands. Instead of agreeing to Brooke’s plan and having that be the end of it, a vengeful Stephanie takes things a step further and blackmails the Logans.  Will her actions sit well with Brooke, et al?  We think not. So how will the Logans deal with Stephanie’s behavior this time?  Speaking of the Logans, it’s a day of reckoning for Donna when she must choose between her love for Eric and her family.  Will she choose wisely?  Does she decide based on her mind or her heart?  The week winds down as we are back with Stephanie as she faces off with Stephen in prison.  Who will walk away the victor this time – not that Stephen can walk all that far, being he is behind bars and all.  Does he remain locked up for long?  Find out when you keep your eyes peeled to the Bold and the Beautiful this week.

Days of our Lives

It’s an eye opener for Sami this week.  When she calls Will to explain about the shooting of EJ, she discovers that he already knew about it.  She can’t help but wonder how Will is so knowledgeable on this subject.  At the same time, Hope comes clean and confesses to Shawn that she’d kept Belle’s secret.  Is Shawn pleased by this news, or not?  While over on the other side of Salem, the town’s respected doctor, Marlena, agrees to meet the mystic, Crystal, at the Brady Pub. Does Marlena really believe that John may be alive?  Is he?  Could it be possible? Oh my.  Keep your remote glued to Days of our Lives this week and see.

General Hospital

You know what they say. Love conquers all. Or goes it?  Sonny decides he’s going to give Kate’s way of life a try and guess what?  He’s arrested!  But why and for what?  Does he get carted off to the pokey, or does he get off?  At the same time, Sam confides in Lucky regarding Nikolas’ condition – she could also be at risk.  How will Lucky take the news?  Meanwhile, although Ric seems sincere, what is he really scheming in regard to Skye?  Does he plan to take advantage of her?  Shortly thereafter, Luke finds himself in another precarious situation.  First, he celebrates his recovery by smoking a cigar. Not the best move. He collapses after a puff or two. While Leo struggles to revive him, Luke goes to purgatory where he tries to save his soul by playing defense, prosecution and judge for his own life. His family members even serve as witnesses!  Meanwhile, Alexis and Diane separately get word that they are nominated for the Litigator of the Year award. In traveling to the ceremony, they encounter each other on the same plane and realize they're competing for the award!  Will a catfight ensue?  The week winds down as  Felicia decides to work with Mac to find Georgie's murderer just as new evidence comes in and it points the finger at Coop!  Is he the Text Message Killer?  Be sure to watch General Hospital all week and see.

Guiding Light

Hold on to your remotes, GLers.  This week, Buzz makes a startling admission.  To what does he confess?  Does it have anything to do with the election?  At the same time, even though they may not always see eye-to-eye, and even though there are some unresolved feelings out there for another woman, namely Harley, Marina finds that she cannot stay upset with Cyrus.  Phew. Looks like he gets a pass. But what did he do to cause Marina concern in the first place?  At the same time, Dinah announces to other patients just how perfect she and Mallet are.  Is she trying to convince them, or herself?  Tune in to Guiding Light this week to find out.

One Life to Live

The week begins with Talia suspicious of Antonio’s change of heart.  Why doesn’t she trust him?  At the same time, Gigi finds herself in a hostage situation.  Are Ramsey and Todd to blame?  If so, what are they holding over her head?  Will she capitulate?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we can share that Gigi will warn Marcie of a trap.  When Marcie gets in her car with Tommy to get away, Ramsey pulls a gun, fires at them--and another Llanview resident gets hit!  Who could it be?  More importantly, is it a life threatening injury or just a flesh wound?  At the same time, Todd attacks Ramsey for shooting at his son, and the gun goes flying. Marcie grabs the gun and is ready to run with Tommy when she realizes that her money and passports are at the diner. When she arrives, she comes face to face with Viki. What's Marcie's next desperate move? Back in Llanview, Lindsay is touched to find there are so many in Llanview who support her.  Support or not, what is Lindsay’s future fate?  Keep your eyes on One Life to Live this week and see.


It may be New Year’s in Harmony, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will turn over a new leaf, especially where Theresa and Ethan are concerned.  Thanks to the situation at hand, Theresa is forced to lie to Ethan. Will he see through her deception? More importantly, what is she lying about this time?  At the same time, now that Miguel knows of Kay’s um “magical” powers, Miguel makes a special request of her. He has Kay promise not to do witchcraft.  Will she be able to keep her witchy woman ways under wraps?  The week winds down as the latest serial killer’s identity is revealed!  Who could it be?  Find out this week on Passions.

Young and the Restless

It looks like Victor is warming up to JT, as it’s now known that JT is indeed the father of Victoria’s baby.  However, a wise Paul warns JT about Victor. Will JT heed the warning?  While on the other side of town, Brad’s feelings for Sharon are again kicking into high gear. He decides that he wants to break up Sharon and Jack.  To what ends will he go to separate them? Is their love strong enough to withstand Brad’s machinations, or is Sharon’s already tenuous position ripe for Brad’s plan to work?  At the same time, Victor could be on his way to prison thanks to new evidence in the Ji Min murder investigation.  What has come to light?  How will it implicate the elder Newman?  Tune 

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