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Home News First Looks & Fresh Peeks First Looks & Fresh Peeks 8-27-07

First Looks & Fresh Peeks 8-27-07

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Secrets revealed.  Justice served.  Fresh peeks all soaps.


Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children)All My Children

Poor Ryan.  He’s got a wife and the woman who birthed his baby and both of them are doing things behind his back.  First of all, Kendall continues to be heartbroken and in denial about Spike's affliction.  She secretly seeks out the specialist she thinks can cure him. However, Ryan wants Kendall to face Spike's situation, but Kendall won't hear it. (Ahem, no pun intended.)  Instead, she sneaks their son the special vitamins she obtained in secret from the specialist. Will the vitamins help or hinder Spike’s condition?  At the same time, Annie's past is jumping up and biting her in the butt. When she receives a mysterious gift, she lies to Ryan about who it's from. The next morning when Ryan awakes, Annie is nowhere to be found.  Is her disappearance related to the mysterious present?  More importantly, is Annie all right?  One sure way to find out. Watch All My Children this week.

As the World Turns

We didn’t know that Meg was squeamish.  Well, it looks like she is this week and when she gets to cop a gander at a surprising site, she literally faints on the spot.  What causes her to pass out?  In the meantime, Rosanna continues to make progress as her memories begin to return.  Should Craig be even more concerned now that Rosanna is remembering what happened?  Shortly thereafter, when Margo questions Dusty about recent events, he lies to her.  However, it appears that he can’t keep the truth hidden for long.  Dusty does open up to someone.  To whom does he choose to tell all?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we do know this.  Lily is the one who tells Holden about the murder at the hotel. The week winds down as Gwen makes a major decision.  Will can’t help but be surprised by it.  What does Gwen choose to do and has she chosen wisely?  High tail it to As the World Turns all this week and you’ll see.

Bold and the Beautiful

Why must Stephanie continue to alienate her entire family? Maybe she does know what’s best for them, but her “bedside manner” certainly leaves much to be desired.  She really should take a lesson from that old adage -- you can get more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.  This week, Thorne gives her an ultimatum. Shortly thereafter, Ridge mortifies Stephanie when he tells her about the gift he gave to Brooke.  Plus, if Brooke and Donna weren’t enough for Stephanie to handle, this week, Katie Logan returns to town!  Finally, it’s like a weight off their shoulders when Nick and Jackie make a huge decision about Forrester Creations.  What are they choosing to do?  Keep that remote glued to the Bold and the Beautiful this week to find out.

Days of our Lives

First it was EJ’s life hanging in the balance.  Well, later in the week, Benjy is kidnapped.  Who takes him and will he be rescued before it’s too late?  At the same time, Steve has been working overtime developing a plan to trap Andre diMera.  With all the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted, Steve ....



...presents his scheme to Bo.  Does Bo agree to go along with it, or will Bo talk some sense into Steve?  In the meantime, the week winds down as Shawn takes a big step.  He actually considers a brand new career path.  What will he do with his life now?  Tune in to Days of our Lies this week and find out.

General Hospital

Lots of combustion in Port Charles.  What was once a happy and loving couple, Jason and Sam are truly now at odds.  When Jason learns that Sam planned the attack on Liz , he has no recourse but to confront her and demand answers!   Once she recovers from Jason’s “ambush,” they have a huge argument.  Jason, who was never one to mince words, states that if she ever messes with Elizabeth again, he will kill her!  Nice huh?  This from the man Sam wanted to have children with.  “C’est la vie,” as they say in gay Paris.  Sam is not only hurt, but angry and upset.  After all, she was driven to such tactics, wasn’t she?   She runs to Lucky for comfort and guess what!  No sooner does Lucky offer his shoulder to lean on, the two are embroiled in a passionate lip lock.  And get this!  Jason sees them kissing.  How is he going to deal with that?  Meantime, Carly  is having a difficult time adjusting to the fact that Jax slept with another woman.  She just cannot deal with it.  The more Jax explains that he did what he did to protect her from Irina, Carly can’t help but wonder if his actions are really a form of revenge against the night she spent with Sonny. Is Carly on the money?  Keep your eyeballs glued to General Hospital all this week and see. 

Guiding Light

Dinah doesn’t know if she’s coming or going where Griggs is concerned.  This week, Cyrus still tries to convince Dinah that Griggs is not real.  But Dinah knows what she saw.  Right?  At the same time, Reva discovers news about her marital status. It’s not what she wanted to hear. She immediately goes about her business to make it right. Will things work out her way?  Here’s what we do know.  She and Jeffrey agree to new living arrangements. While on the other side of Springfield, Harley accuses Natalia of drugging her. Could this be possible?  What about the bottle of valium Gus discovers? The plot thickens.  Meanwhile, Marina turns down Coop’s offer of a double date with him and Ashlee.  However, it does appear that she has eyes for Cyrus.  The week winds down as Lizzie and Billy uncover something very interesting and it has to do with Phillip.  What do they find?  Catch all of Guiding Light this week and you’ll see.

One Life to Live

The truth about Todd’s son is finally revealed to Todd this week. But first, John makes an arrest in the murder of Spencer Truman.  The suspect is none other than Lindsay. (Boy we never saw that one coming.)  But get this.  Lindsay agrees to tell John everything that happened. However, she has conditions.  John must not reveal Tommy's true identity.  John agrees, and when he learns that Miles has already told Blair that TJ is actually Tommy, John tries to convince Blair to keep quiet.  Blair upholds John’s request at first. Like when Marcie and Tommy pay Todd a visit, she doesn’t say...



Trevor St. John (Todd, One Life to Live)...a thing about it. But once they leave, Blair spills every single bean and Todd gets an earful. He finally knows the truth about his son! Question is how is he going to deal with this newfound knowledge?  Stay tuned to One Life to Live this Week and find out.


As the week progresses, Alistair has even more evil plans to implement.  First up, he decides to use Pretty to get back at Fancy. Will his scheme work?  We’re not that sure as Pretty soon learns what Alistair has in mind. Does she turn the tables on him and warn Fancy?  Meanwhile, as Theresa keeps vigil at Ethan’s bedside, he starts to regain consciousness.  Hurrah!  Perhaps now the newlyweds may resume their honeymoon.   Finally, as Vincent begs his Aunt Sheridan to save him, Eve vows revenge on Sheridan. Is Sheridan’s goose cooked?  Watch Passions this week and find out!

Young and the Restless

Jill’s pact with Ji Min involves exposing a secret that could destroy many key citizens of Genoa City -- Jack, Katherine and Nikki included. What do Jill and Ji Min have up their sleeves?  At the same time, Amber can’t help but believe she could be sent to prison.  Fearing the worst, she continues to search for the missing money.  Meanwhile, when Noah finds out about Brad and Sharon’s affair, he lashes out in anger.  Can Sharon redeem herself in her son’s eyes?  One way to find out.  Catch all of the Young and the Restless this week.

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