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Soapdom's Most Memorable Moments 2007

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We weigh in on what stood out most for us in 2007.  Do you agree?


Linda Marshall-SmithEvery year end, Soapdom polls the major contributors to see what moments of the year were most outstanding for each of us.  Whether story related or real life related, 2007 ranks as one of the most interesting and challenging years since we began covering soap operas in 1999.  Everyone at Soapdom wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as we take you down memory lane of 2007.

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO & QueenRuler

The year began with a jam packed and very memorable January.  www.Soapdom.com was nominated as a finalist in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business as Website of the Year on January 10th.  It was a sad day for B&B and all of soapdom as Darlene Conley (Sally) passed away on January 14th after fighting a three-month battle with stomach cancer.  On January 17th, word surfaced that AMC would be killing off fan favorite, Cady McClain (Dixie) by the end of the month.  On that very same day, and much to insiders and fans’ chagrin, NBC announced the cancellation of Passions.  January 20th marked the memorial service for Darlene Conley, while on January 23rd, B&B taped a bittersweet 5000th episode.  On January 25th, Guiding Light celebrated its 70th year on the air (debuting on radio in 1937 and on TV in 1952); on January 26th, B&B honored Darlene Conley on air at the close of the day’s episode; and, on January 30, Soapdom’s Lesleyann Coker was interviewed by Broadcasting and Cable Magazine.

As the months progressed, Passions was picked up by DirecTV in a groundbreaking move by NBC to keep the soap alive. Many fans were disgruntled; as they either couldn’t or wouldn’t subscribe to the pay satellite service.  Cady McClain returned to As the World Turns in her Emmy-winning role as Rosanna, only to have the role cut short and by the end of the year, she was informing fans that she would soon be history in Oakdale. 

The Bold and the Beautiful celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in March with a gala celebration in Beverly Hills which was attended by current and former castmembers including Bobbie Eakes (Krystal, All My Children; ex Macy, B&B) and Joseph Mascolo (Stefano, Days of our Lives; ex Massimo, B&B). 

Guiding Light, to celebrate its 70th anniversary year, traveled the country helping those in need to “Find Your Light.” 

The Daytime Emmy’s were held in Hollywood for the second year in a row, but this time, they were broadcast June 15th as opposed to the usual mid May air date.  As always, Soapdom was on the Red Carpet where we asked the stars an interesting question:  Who was their favorite soap actor!  We got some amazing responses. 

In October, tragedy struck the set of the Bold and the Beautiful for the second time this year, as the son of Hunter Tylo (Taylor) was found dead of an accidental drowning at the family home in Henderson, Nevada.  Our hearts are still hurting over Tylo’s loss.  On a lighter note, October also saw the first ever live finale of SOAPnet’s I Wanna Be a Soapstar where for the first time in the show’s four season history, fans were able to vote for the winner, Ashlee Holland, who debuts on Days of our Lives as Crystal, a mystic, on Wednesday, December 26th.   Hosted on Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, Halloween was honored by Passions and DirecTV as they rang in Tabitha’s (Juliet Mills) 308th birthday and broke a Guinness’ Book of World’s Records record for a gathering of the most witches at the same time. 

November saw ABC hosting its 12th Super Soap Weekend at Disney/MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida where ABC daytime fans continued to pack the park to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.

By December, I was taping segments for a Canadian television series all about soap operas set to air mid 2008, Passions future was again looking bleak even as DirecTV ordered 52 more episodes fulfilling its year commitment, but after August 2008, the show's future is anyone's guess,  and General Hospital aired one of it’s most powerful Christmas episodes ever. Who knew Tony Geary (Luke) could sing? He not only sang “I’ll be home for Christmas” over a montage, but he performed “My Way” so dynamically, I had to stop wrapping last minute Christmas gifts, to focus only on him. 

Storyline wise, 2007 saw a number of tragic rape stories (Days of our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful.)  All My Children introduced the first ever transgender character, Zarf/Zoe, fan favorite, Drake Hogestyn (John, Days of our Lives) was killed off the show, much to the outrage of longtime Days fans, the Young and the Restless mounted a major disaster storyline when the buiding development known as Clear Springs came crashing down upon  itself taking lives and livelihoods with it, and we saw the first ever same sex male kiss on daytime when As the World Turn's Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silberman) took the leap.

An auspicious year to say the least.  But that’s just my take on things.  Here’s what was most memorable to our contributors.

Lesleyann Coker Lesleyann Coker
Columnist, Busted to Blissful
Feature Writer


After eight memorable years, NBC canceled Passions in 2007.  It was picked up immediately by DirectTV and a week after its network run ended, it made its DirecTV debut.  Unfortunately, even though Passions is DirecTV's number one rated show, DirecTV recently announced it was canceling Passions as well.  The show will run through August, and it seems unlikely to continue on yet another channel.

Passions deserved better.  Although it never broke through in the ratings, it always did well in the critical 18-49 demographic.  It also caused lots of water cooler conversation with its quirky blend of creativity and chutzpah. Who will ever forget Sheridan's fictional friendship with Princess Diana during the show's inception; the incorporation of a witch and a doll into its cast of characters; the show's focus on the supernatural; its seamless integration of African American, Latino and Caucasian core families; its propensity for repetitious dialogue or its knowing tongue in cheek ability not to take itself too seriously.  It always had a buzz about it that even mainstream media couldn't ignore.

While Passions might not have been everyone's cup of tea (or pitcher of MarTimmies), it certainly wasn't your grandmother's soap either.  It was cutting edge, innovative, and yes, downright strange at times.
Passions had its faults, as all long running shows do, including a tendency to drag out storylines interminably. Yet none of this should take away from the fact that Passions was a true original, in a genre not known for straying from its comfort zone.  With Passions around, the daytime landscape looked different.  It will truly be missed. 


Drake Hogestyn has been a staple on Days of Our Lives since his 1986 debut.  Though he went through many character incarnations in that time, the character viewers liked best was John Black.  The hero with the cocked eyebrow and trademark catch phrase became such a phenomenon he was rumored to be the basis for Matt LeBlanc's soap opera actor character Joey, on Friends.

Given Hogestyn's popularity it's surprising the show killed off his character.  And the show didn't just kill John, but it did so in as violent a way as possible, replaying John being slammed over the windshield of a car over and over again.  Not a nice way to treat a  beloved fan favorite.  Hogestyn - and viewers' - agony was prolonged by the fact that John lingered gasping for breath in a hospital bed for two days. 

Days is know as the show that kills characters only to bring them back, so maybe we haven't seen the last of John Black.  Maybe he is only soap-dead and not dead-dead.  It's rumored that Hogestyn is on his way back to Days as another character.  Let's hope so - then it can make the list for Most Memorable Moments of 2008. 


Any storyline that calls attention to transgender issues on daytime is an important one.  Even though the story didn't always make sense (lesbian Bianca falling for Zarf before he became a woman), it created awareness and tried to erase stereotypes.  Zoe, as Zarf came to be known during her transition, was a likeable enough character, and it was fun to watch her slowly change the perceptions of the denizens of Pine Valley.

The friendship that developed between Zoe and Babe was especially touching.  Babe became fiercely loyal and protective of her new friend, and helped Zoe to make peace with who she really was.  The scenes of Zoe deciding she wanted to become a biological woman were groundbreaking and heartfelt, as were the ones of her actually beginning the treatment.

When daytime, and in particular, All My Children, decide to tackle social issues with thoughtfulness and bravery, it can succeed in educating people.  This controversial story was no exception, which is why it should be celebrated.

Laura DeBrizziLaura DeBrizzi
Sneak Peeks
First Looks & Fresh Peeks
Feature Writer
Soap Opera Buzz Contributor


Although she hasn't always been an angel over the years, no one wanted such a heinous crime inflicted on her.  Sympathy surrounds her everywhere she goes while allowing viewers to honestly and truly "feel" for her.  Yes, other injuries suffered by Brooke in the past drove some people to feel, but then the bruise would fade and before you know it everyone had sharpened their claws, ready to kill.  This time, however, the rape has left such a scar that it would be hard to completely remove the thought from the backs of their minds. 

Mama bear went down and it was so unexpected.  In one moment, we had a new love triangle in Donna, Eric and Stephanie, a murder mystery to contend with and an influx of Logans to declare war on the Forresters!

The best thing that GH has executed masterfully can be summed up in two words:  Kate Howard.  Why?  Well, first off, allowing Sonny to finally have true emotions for another woman allowed his back-and-forth with ex-wife Carly to come to a halt.  Yes, we all know that the two will always love each other, but after a while the banter becomes boring if there is no payoff-and their hasn't been.  Megan Ward (Kate) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) just seem to click.  I also believe it was brilliant to have them know each other from the neighborhood because it allows viewers to recognize not only the trauma that Sonny endured, but also the fun of a teenager.  In love and young (at that time in Bensonhurst) provides good memories and at the same time allows these two characters to have a bond instantly.  Prior to Kate, the writers would simply shove another pretty face in Sonny's direction and we, as viewers, were supposed to believe that a sudden passion would come off as genuine?  I think not!  With Sonny and Kate sharing a similar past, the bond is automatic and understood without the need for dialogue.   No one has friends like he/she did back in grammar and high school ... even if you do not see them for years, it's like time stops and you welcome that person back into your life because you did have a history, shared memories and stand as a reminder of the innocence that every child once owned.  Finally, General Hospital writers created the perfect love story with endless possibilities.   If the powers that be choose not to utilize this couple, then, maybe these writers should be fired!

Marla JonesMarla Jones
Columnist, Come Clean


The death of Ji Min Kim (Eric Steinberg) the owner of House of Kim and front man for Jabot Cosmetics was a big surprise. Ji Min had become a love interest for Jill Abbott. He was a strong businessman with class and style.  The actor could hold his own in scenes with Y&R veterans Victor, Jack, Kay and Jill. The murder of Ji Min was memorable because he was the only fulltime Asian American actor in daytime soaps.  His death was a huge disappointment to fans. He had so much potential, was a real hottie and was great love interest for Jill.  While it lasted, it was good to see a mature love with these two.


The return of Rosanna Cabot (Cady McClain) was highly anticipated. Although the character had been in a coma for over a year in Switzerland, when she returned she was insecure, whiney and clingy.  I wonder if she had a lobotomy while in that clinic in Switzerland. I was looking forward to Rosanna's return and her kicking some serious butt in her Prada pumps. But she returned as sniveling doppelganger of the real Rosanna Cabot. 


The introduction of Betty White and Alley Mills as Stephanie Forrester's mother and sister has been a real treat. For long time fans, it was a pleasure to get to know Stephanie's past. Betty White makes an awesomely wicked mother and can put the Forrester Grand Dame in her place. And Pam plays a twisted cookie baking, pot roast making sister! Their addition to the cast has been hysterical. 

And any scene with Brooke's sister Donna Logan in all her clothes is always memorable! MEOW!

Dani RoeDani Roe
Recapper, Young and the Restless
Recapper, Bold and the Beautiful

2007 has definitely been the year of tragedy for CBS soaps. The year in retrospect has not been marked in the history books of the soap world with any unforgettable romances, weddings or grand adventures, only loss, on screen, and off.

The first that comes to mind is the death of Tammy Winslow from Guiding Light. Her hospital death and emotional funeral still brings tears to my eyes when seeing clips or remembering the stellar performance the entire cast gave, especially that of Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall) For the fans of the sweetheart Tammy and bad boy Jonathan the show did manage to keep them alive, and on screen throughout the year with the ghostly appearances by Tammy and Reva’s quest to keep Jonathan and Sara safe.
The presumed death of Drucilla Winters and Nick Newman, did leave Y&R fans with a taste of action and heart wrenching drama that was a timely prelude to the Clear Springs disaster that effected all of Genoa City.

On ATWT, 2007 has been a disappointment, and frankly a bore, even the anti-climatic departure and return of Carly. The creation of “Cleo,” the dim-witted, buck-toothed psycho that wanted Gwen’s life, was a complete embarrassment for the show. ATWT did get Rosanna back, though AMC lost Dixie. The awakening of Rosanna and her performance and storyline to date has been boring and disappointing, like the rest of ATWT’s year.

In the fashion world, Forrester Creations swapped hands of ownership almost as many times as Brooke and Ridge broke-up and got engaged. Brooke was tragically raped. The rape scene itself was produced quite lifelike, unfortunately the lead up to the rape and aftermath was silly, giving women the wrong message about rape. I must mention the “who’s the mama?” storyline that is still going on. Although Ray Charles could have seen this plot twist coming, B&B could have excelled with the story rather than letting it drone on with little or no drama or unforeseen developments. What could not have been foreseen was the tragic death of Hunter Tylo’s (Taylor) son.

Though tragedy has been the community theme for Y&R, B&B, ATWT, and GL during 2007, the good news is CBS managed to win more Daytime Emmy nominations and wins than any other network, to include a tie for best dramatic series going to Guiding Light and Young & the Restless. Young & the Restless also celebrated their 100th Emmy win.

2007 marked two important anniversaries that should not go unmentioned. Bold & the Beautiful turned twenty years old, and most impressive, Guiding Light celebrated it’s 70th year in broadcast.

One last special mention and memorable moment has been the great work the cast of Guiding Light has done by going into communities across the country helping those less fortunate or in need. 2007 may not have shined so brightly on screen for the CBS soap family but they have certainly proved they are number one.

Mark WilowsMark Wilows
Feature Writer
Soap Opera Buzz Contributor

Oh boy...The year of 2007 in the world of soaps. And what a year it was. I believe every show had the imaginable, but as you all know, I'm a Days of our Lives and As The World Turns viewer for, well lets just say since four Presidents ago. ( I can't give my age, but do the math)  Anyway....

On Days of Our Lives, I was glued to the Sami, Lucas, and E.J. triangle. Then of course I hit the ceiling when I found out that E.J. was actually Elvis Di Mera, son to Stefano and Susan Banks (whom incidentally Stefano did the unimaginable). This was so fascinating to see it play out, and of course as any loyal viewer knows, it's far from over.

The highlight was the vendetta on the Brady family by the Di Mera's, which is older than dirt, but when EJ got Sami pregnant, well call me strange, but I loved it! Now isn't it fascinating to see that Sami had twins and Lucas is also the father of one of the twins along with EJ. I mean this could only happen to Sami.

This gal has been through it all. But mostly she asks for it. So OK, then she had to marry EJ hoping the family feud would go away. Well.....of course that will never happen, and now someone shot EJ (I think I know who shot him), but I love that everyone is a suspect. And who was the bullet meant for? Sami or EJ? I guess we will have to wait and see. EJ is in a wheel chair, and I never laughed so hard when it was discovered that Sami had a bullet hole in her gown.

What will become of Sami? Or EJ, or Lucas? Who shot them? Well, I guess we'll have to wait to 2008 on the edges of our seats and find out.
On As the World Turns I was glued to the Luke and Noah story, the gay couple. Now...I must clarify, I'm not gay, but I enjoyed seeing this play out. Two actors involved in such scenes really giving it their all. The best was Noah's father who couldn't accept this relationship, so he lured Luke to the woods and shot him leaving him paralyzed. And now as a result this only brought the two closer, as Noah now helps Luke with his therapy. I don't care if it's two guys or a guy and a gal, but I'm always intrigued when two people can actually care about each other.

Then we have poor Lily. I mean we all know Holden and Lily should be together, but there is always an obstacle, and these days Lily is the most mixed up character I've seen on a soap in a long time. She is torn between two men (Dusty), but yet she loves Holden.

Speaking of Holden, there’s his poor mother, Emma, who is always great at giving advice, but these days her son , Holden is in trouble with Lily, her grandson Luke is gay, and then, oh Yes! There is bed hopping daughter, Meg. She's pregnant, and the wrong guy thinks he's the daddy. It's a riot. I mean how much can a mother take?

What I really like about this show is the family values. As the World Turns is really a down-on-the-farm type of show. I love the Snyder kitchen. I feel like it's a place I can even go to see Emma.  I know I must put reality in perspective, but I love how all the problems get worked out while Emma is baking a pie.
These two shows have really (in my opinion) have out done themselves this year. Every time I watch, I can put my problems behind in this crazy world and take a trip to Salem and Oakdale, which make my problems small. Tell me, what do you think?

Do you agree or disagree with our memorable moments? Do you have a few of your own.  Share below...


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softball3332 said:

Marla was definitely right about Ro!
December 27, 2007
Votes: +0

rolauzon said:

I agree with Marla's statement about ATWT's Rosanna. I was soooo happy when I heard the news that she was returning, but once she came back her spunk was still in a coma. This wasn't the Ro we were all used to loving.
February 07, 2008
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