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Home Features Legacy Galleries irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 5-1-0

irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 5-1-0

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Photo Gallery Rewind

All My Children

This week is for you Zendall fans!  What’s in store for your favorite couple?  Well, we already witnessed Zach professing his love for Kendall last week, but this week finds the expectant mother returning his feelings. Does this mean they get back together?  You betcha!  But what happens after they seal things with a little lovin?  How do you feel about a second trip down the aisle?  Yes that’s right, the Slaters get hitched once again.  Ok, so now that they’re all happy and blissful, what will Kendall decide to do about her little bun in the oven?  Apparently she decides to keep it.  But since they’re one big happy blended family, how will Dr. Madden feel about his latest baby maker keeping her offspring and ruining his plan?  Furthermore, how will Ryan?  Elsewhere, Babe tries to help JR and stages an intervention.  How will that go over?  Probably, just as you imagine—not well.  What will he do in response to his family rallying around to convince him to stop drinking?  We know it doesn’t go well, but could it possibly make things worse?  Balance out the bad with the good this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

While Emily lies in the hospital, Hal does some investigating.  What does he look into first?  It seems he wants to know what Henry’s involvement in Dusty’s kidnapping was and wants to arrest him.  Will he actually put our favorite sidekick behind bars?  Or will Emily rise from her coma and save the only sort of friend she has left?  Next up for Hal is looking into Emily’s medical chart.  Since he’s not a doctor, what is he looking for and can he make any sense of it?  It seems so, as he finds a very interesting diagnosis regarding his ex-wife. What does he find?  How will it affect Emily’s future?   Across town, while Mike and Katie say their “I do’s,” the cops show up at the nuptials.  What do they want?  Could they be there to arrest Mike?  It certainly looks that way, but under what charge?  Theft or murder?  Elsewhere, panicked that her free ride is over when Luke exposes their lies, Jade makes a drastic move.  What does she do?  Well, she hightails it over to Holden to appeal to his paternal instinct where she’s concerned. Will he buy into her manipulations and take pity on her?  He might, but it’ll probably all be ruined by what she does next.  What’s that? Hold on to your hats, because Jade kisses Holden!  That’s quite an act of desperation, but how will this help her situation? What will Holden do in response?   It’s a week of shockers, but in order to keep up with all the madness you’ll have to keep that remote glued to As the World Turns.

Bold & the Beautiful

Brooke makes an announcement that stuns Ridge. What does she say?  Why is he so shocked?  Speaking of announcements, it seems Dante has one of his own for Bridget.  What does he tell her?  We hear he lets her know he wants her to be his wife and proposes.  What will she say?  Will she accept or politely decline?   In cryptic news, it appears a slew of reporters invade the fashion world. What’s so news worthy?  Have the Forresters unleashed a new line?  Also, keep your eyes peeled for a new fashionista named Shelly.  Who is this person?  Whose life will she affect?  You don’t want to miss a minute of this exciting week, so take a stroll down the catwalk with the fashion world on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

It looks like things are going quite well for Jennifer and Frankie. What does that entail?  Well, word on the street is they hit the sheets again.  Are they really gonna make round two work?  Can high school sweethearts truly get a second chance?  Only in the world of soaps! Speaking of getting hot and heavy, Chelsea seemingly walks in on her parents in a compromising situation.  What does she see?  Are Bo and Billie really getting intimate or does she misinterpret what she spies?  Up at Green Mt. Lodge, it appears as if Belle and Shawn do in fact find a place to meet.  Where do they run into each other?  It’s not as private as the rooftop, but it looks like the Lodge bar will have to do. What do they talk about?  Will they continue to torture themselves with what they can’t have?  Back in Salem, Lucas attacks Austin.  Why would he go after his own brother?  Well, there’s really only one reason, and that’s Carrie.  But what about his fiancé has got him so riled up?  Put yourself smack dab in the middle of all the love and betrayal this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

Everyone (and by everyone we mean Jason) thinks Sonny’s at fault for Sam getting shot. Are they right?  Was he too late in calling off the hit? Either way, Jason holds him responsible and vows to kill him.  Oh, how far they’ve fallen!  While Sam lies in the hospital, Jason makes a life changing decision on behalf of his ladylove.  What does he do?  Our sources tell us Jason lets Alexis know that she’s Sam’s mother.  Talk about dropping a bomb, but how will the legal eagle take the news?  Will she accept Sam and welcome her into her family?  Well, Sam’s gotta make it out of the hospital alive first.  Assuming she does, just how will Sam react to Jason telling Alexis her secret?  Will they become one big happy family?  At the same time, Ric thinks Sonny should use the situation to his advantage.  What does he suggest?  Apparently, Ric advises his big brother that now is the time to take the business back.  Is Jason really so distracted by Sam’s predicament that he’ll let the business slip away from him?    Elsewhere, Robert finds Luke. Is he with Holly?  Not exactly, as Luke is discovered all tied up and alone. Where’d Holly go? Will they track her down and the old friends team up once again?  It’s all love, betrayal and intrigue this week on General Hospital so don’t miss it.

Guiding Light

Jonathan tries to butter up the girl who helped Lizzie fix her pregnancy records. How did he find out about her?  Will he get the info he’s looking for? He just might if he gives in to her demands.  What does she want from him?  Oh, just for him to meet her later that evening.  But when he shows up, it turns out to be a lot more than he bargained for.  What shock does he receive when he meets the girl who holds the key to who Lizzie’s baby’s daddy is?  Elsewhere, Reva’s doctor wants to discuss treatment options with her.  But why is Reva so hesitant to deal with her disease?  And when she finally goes in to see her doctor, why does she fight him at every step? On the other side of town, Gus confesses to Mallet that he was under the influence when he shot him.  How will his partner react to Gus’s admission? Actually he takes it pretty well, and tells him he can make it up to him.  What does Mallet have in mind?  Will Gus accept the terms?  At the same time, Olivia comes running to Buzz with a problem.  What’s wrong?  Well, that‘s not really important, as Buzz accuses her of trying to ruin his relationship with his son.  Is that the case?  What will Liv have to say for herself?  Keep up with all things Springfield this week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

There’s trouble brewing in Llanview this week. Alright, that’s nothing new, but what’s happening to stir things up?  Well, it looks like a big storm blows into town--what changes will it bring with it? For starters, Michael and Marcie actually get married!  Yes, the crazy kids become husband and wife, but will the storm affect their reception?  Next, Tessica delivers a beautiful baby girl. That’s one crisis averted, but what’s in store for the dueling personalities?  We hear hurricane Claudia shows up and causes some trouble. What does she do?  It looks like her first stop is with Antonio, where she convinces him that Nash should be kept away from the baby.  What does she say to make Antonio believe her?  What will he do out of fear for his possible child’s life?  Next, she heads straight to Nash.  What does she want with him?  Seemingly, she lets him know she wants him back and is moving to town.  How will he respond to her shocking revelation?  Finally, the storm apparently stirs up some romantic feelings for a couple of Llanview’s finest.  Who gets together in the middle of the chaos?  Proving Kevin’s been right all along, Kelly and Duke make love.  Uh-oh!  Why does Kelly finally give into Duke’s advances?  More importantly, since he’s become a drunk just thinking about the possibility, how exactly will Kevin react to this act of betrayal?  Board up your windows and take cover, it’s gonna be a wild and stormy week on One Life to Live. 


Fancy approaches Noah in a Roman nightclub. Is this scene more than it appears?  You bet, but is the couple aware of the danger surrounding them?  Better question, what danger are they in?  We’re not gonna let that cat out of the bag, but we hear the two get into an argument.  What do they fight about? Who knows, but Fancy does find comfort in the arms of another man. Who’s that you ask?  That would be Gianni. But what kind of comfort does he offer?  Elsewhere in Rome, Chad finds an intimate memento while searching for Whitney.  What does he stumble upon?  Will it bring him any closer to his sister?  Don’t know, but as he tries to retrace his steps things aren’t exactly as they appear.  What’s that about?  As for the Monk, are we getting one step closer to finding out some much needed info?  Perhaps, as Luis learns some shocking info on the monks in Rome.  What does he learn?  And is “our” monk included in this revelation?  At the same time, Simone, Paloma and Jessica come across the mysterious symbol.  Where do they spot it? What does it mean?  Back home, Kay isn’t exactly buying Siren’s naïve act.  Why is she suspicious of her? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Miguel finds her cluelessness charming?  Later, Kay turns up an unusual keepsake after cleaning up after Siren.  What does she find?  Want to find out, then keep up with Harmony’s finest this week on Passions. 

Young and the Restless

It seems Gloria and Kevin’s plan is working as Jabot becomes embroiled in a P.R nightmare.  What have they done?  Will Jabot be able to come out of it unscathed?  Elsewhere, Brad is shocked to learn of Colleen’s new living arrangements. Where’s she living now? Why’s her dad so upset?  Meanwhile, Neil reaches out to Daniel. Why does he extend the olive branch?  Is he finally accepting his marriage to Lily?  Well, Lily certainly hopes so, but is she right?  Get tangled up in all the ties that bind this week on The Young and the Restless.

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