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Home Features Daytime Emmy Coverage EMMY 2006 ~ SOAPnet's EMMY Party

EMMY 2006 ~ SOAPnet's EMMY Party

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Anybody who is anybody in soapdom hit the SOAPnet bash. We chatted with em all!
Join Soapdom on the Red Carpet ~ Everyone Was There!


Includes candid comments on Emmys in LA, up coming storyline, and more from James Scott (ex Ethan, AMC), Bryton McClure (Devon, Y&R), Ty Treadway (SoapTalk), Victor Alfieri (Passions),  Marie Wilson (Meg, ATWT), Linda Dano, Darin Brooks (Max, DOOL), Michael Graziadei (Daniel, Y&R), John Engle (Edward, GH), Jacob Young (JR, AMC), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH), Maura West (Carly, ATWT), Michael Park (Jack, ATWT), Leven Rambin (Lily, AMC), Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC), Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline, OLTL), Alec Musser (Del, AMC), Alexa Havins (Babe, AMC), Justin Bruenig (Jamie, AMC) and Matthew Ashford (Jack, DOOL).

On the night before the 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy's, SOAPnet hosted the official NATAS/ATAS great big celebration in honor of the nominees, presenters, and everybody who loves daytime!  It was formal and informal.  Just about anybody who is anyone in daytime came out for this event.  People headed over directly from work, others straight from New York.  Held at the historical Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, it was the first real red carpet event and a wonderful way to kick off a week-end of fabulous festivities.

James Scott (ex Ethan, AMC) is no longer on All My Kids, but you can still find him on the tube ' a commercial where he's dressed as of all things, a camel!  'You know what, if you can play a camel, I'll have you know, you can play just about anything. So, I feel pretty good.  It's good training for things in the future.'   He's been auditioning around LA for all sorts of rolls and Scott fans should keep their eyes peeled for this tall, handsome Brit, who might be landing in some other fictional soap town, soon!

Talk about the picture of cool, look no further than young Emmy nominee, Bryton McClure (Devon,Y&R), 'I'm very, very excited.  It's my first nomination. It's my first time attending the Emmy's.  It's been a big honor for me. This is all a first for me.  This is gonna be the start of my third year on the Young and the Restless. To be here and be nominated among the caliber of people I get to work with everyday is a great big experience.'

No one is more shocked than Ty Treadway (Host, Soaptalk; Troy/Collin, OLTL) about the strange and wonderful turns his life has taken, 'I was an accountant.  I was looking for the missing 53 cents. Somehow I ended up on the red carpet.  Last night I was doing my show for Fox Reality, American Idol Extra.  I got to sit down with Andrea Bocelli.  What a thrill! You know, I've gotten to sit down with some of the most amazing actors in daytime, Tony Geary (Luke, GH), Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH).  The list goes on and on. It's been thrilling. I'm just been blown away and very privileged to have the job.  It's not work at all.  It's such a privilege.'

Soapdom wanted to know about his nomination and like all talk show hosts, he wasn't at a loss for words, 'I'm unbelievably excited and what a great group to be nominated with, Regis, who's the King; Ellen, who I love; and the ladies from The View.  I'm not sure we have a great chance at it, but man, what an incredible group to be included with.'

Victor Alfieri (Jose/Franco Kelly, DOOL; Giovanni Lorenzano, B&B) was in and out of Passions faster than you could blink, 'It was a request from NBC and I was happy to do it.'  Good fortune is smiling on this devilishly handsome Italian stallion. His movie career is moving into high gear. In about a week he starts work on his first studio feature with Harvey Keitel, Amber Valetta, and Frankie Muniz.

Fans of Alfieri won't have to that long to see him on the big screen.  'I just got back from Bulgaria, where I was shooting a period film called, Pompeii, which is how Pompeii got destroyed in 79AD.  It's been sold all over the world, but not yet in the US.'

When Soapdom asked Marie Wilson (Meg, ATWT) about Meg and Paul, her voice went up a few octaves, 'It's getting goooood!'   But that's all she would commit too.  Not much, but the smile on her face told another story, if only we knew.  What Wilson really wanted to talk about was the Emmy show in Los Angeles. It's so easy for her, no travel, no fuss because this is her home and she commutes on a regular basis to tape World Turns in the Big Apple.

Linda Dano (Felicia, Another World; Gretel/Ray, OLTL, AMC, GH) looked beyond stunning in a caramel colored knee-length satin dress.  Perhaps, the best look of the night, she was dressed from head to toe by Domenico Vacca.   Her plate is very full right now:  Her campaign for depression and spokesperson for Eli Lilly and she's doing a play called, Sylvia, this fall at the Cape Playhouse on Cape Cod.  'I want to get my legs when it comes to theatre, and than I'd like to debut on Broadway.'

Darin Brooks (Max, DOOL) has been on the show for over a little year and he can't get over what goes on with the Emmy's.  A big fan of all the other daytime shows, he's excited to meet everybody, but he didn't bring a camera, 'I have a little camera on the phone, which I might use later, this will be fine.'

On his character Max he was a little cagey, 'There's gonna be something more with the racing. There might be another character coming soon, we don't know yet.'

Very easy on the eyes in a blissful white suit, that's how you could describe, Michael Graziadei (Daniel, Y&R).  Excited about his second Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor in as many years, Y&R's very popular heartthrob was in a great big hurry, 'I've got my Mom and Dad inside.'  But most of his cast mates were leagues ahead of him and ready to party-hearty!

When Soapdom caught up with John Ingle (Edward, GH), the soap vet with a real twinkle in his eye, was beaming from ear to ear.  He's delighted to be back on the show that gave him his start in daytime.  Since he started life as a drama teacher and only ventured into acting after retiring in 1985, Ingle was probably one of the most learned and interesting men at the party.  He had a different take, 'Well, I'm the oldest,' and gave out with a very loud howl.

He may have been the oldest, but he certainly had the youngest spirit.  Instead of joining others inside, Ingle stood off the side and watched as other actors made their way along the red carpet.  Then suddenly, Jacob Young (JR, AMC) turned and ran up to Ingle.  They embraced and anyone paying attention could see that Young was thrilled to see his former GH co-star.  Even with all the commotion, it was clear to see how proud Ingle was of this young man, who's about to make his Broadway debut as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast.  In Ingle's eyes, the young boy from General Hospital was finally graduating, stepping on the boards.

Young is incredibly excited to be making his Broadway debut, but very nervous all at the same time.  Working on AMC is also incredibly exciting.  The return of Cady McClain is opening up all sorts of story lines for JR and everyone else on the show.  His career and his life couldn't be sweeter!

Tyler Christopher (Nicholas Cassadine, GH) had less than a minute to talk, but he had a couple of things to say about Emmy, 'It's a welcome change.  NY is a long haul to go to every year. Soapnet is great.  They've done a lot to help daytime television by making their own programming and re-running all the shows.'

He looked pretty smashing a grayish suit with blue pinstripes and a matching shirt.  But he disappeared in a nano-second.  The suit and the boyish good looks were just a blur.

Unlike, Christopher, Maura West (Carly, ATWT) and Michael Park (Jack, ATWT) were taking their time, really just strolling down the red carpet.  They were taking in every minute of the LA experience.  Park and West flew with about 15 of their cast mates out to Los Angeles.  It must have been some plane ride!

'It's a tad refreshing,' Park said, 'And it's hard to leave our families.  I think that's the problem we had getting on the plane today.'  Before he could go on West cut him off, 'I prefer to be at home.  It's my birthday!' Then really yelling with glee, 'And that trumps everything.'  Then it was as if these two actors who play lovers on screen were more like brother and sister, never letting the other finish a sentence.  He said, 'It's the first time she's told someone''  She said, 'Yeah, it is my birthday. And, I'm not with my family.'  She wanted to be back in NY.

'At the same time,' Park went on, 'I'm excited to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of As The World Turns ' ' but West cut him one more time, 'He's excited to celebrate my birthday.'  Then he cut her off, 'And your birthday!'

For someone who's still a teen-ager, Leven Rambin (Lily, AMC), has the poise and the charm of someone way beyond her 16 years.  This is her first Emmy nomination, 'I am so ecstatic and honored and absolutely excited for everything.'  Rambin had no idea about her nomination, 'I was walking home with my sister, from lunch, and I knew The View was on, but I didn't watch it because I wasn't sure.  My agent called me because she knew it had been announced and she asked if I was freaking out and I had no idea why.  Then she told me I had been nominated and I thought, Oh, my God, and I started crying.  It was really silly, but I'll always remember it.'

'It's been such a whirlwind.  Look at all this and once a year we get to feel so glamorous and special and all the dress shopping and jewelry and excitement and parties.'

Rambin's dress was designed by her friend, Tamara Bagasian, and her handbag was created by her sister.  She makes purses, Moe Handbags, and they can be purchased at moebags.com.  Rambin was thrilled to give her sister a plug.

As always, Susan Lucci looked wonderful in a short white chiffon dress with all sorts of mint green leaves covering it.  But she was really happy to be in LA, 'I get to see my daughter, I get to see her often, but it's extra fun to have this little trip here.'    Unlike her alter ego, Erica Kane, La Lucch is always the diplomat, 'I always thought it would be most fair that one year we have the Emmy's in NY and then another in LA.  I don't what the plans are, but I'm hoping we alternate.  I think that's only right.'

Lucci couldn't give up too much of her upcoming story line, but she did give Soapdom some clues, 'That's a really hard question, but I think I'm in the middle of something that is going to be more fully explored and this Greg Madden thing is outrageous and we'll see where that goes. But frankly, I think a lot of the fans are missing the devilish Erica Kane and the delightful and the glamorous.  It's been very heavy handed, so, I'm hoping that they'll be a little bit more romantic comedy and as well as the heavy story lines to balance it out.'  That's all she had time for, since every person with a mic or a tape recorder was trying to get her attention.  Through it all, she was the picture of ease and composure.

Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline, OLTL), nominee for Best Supporting Actress looked gorgeously glam in a red and white, almost animal print like, halter top dress. 'I'm over the moon. It's like getting married.  It's like every special wonderful fantasy that you have as a little girl.'

Goldsberry was on The View when she heard the news of her nomination, announcing other Emmy nods.  She found the whole experience fun, and a bit awkward, 'It was TV and they wanted a good response, so they were looking at me as if to say, you're excited, you're excited, you're nominated, you're excited, you --- go!  They didn't have to say that to me, I was actually just over the moon really excited and I was surrounded by Michael Easton (John, OLTL) one of my co-stars and Robin Strasser (Dorian, OLTL) was with me.  It was just a dream and the dream keeps getting better.'

Speaking of Easton, Goldsberry loves working with him. 'I miss working with him.  He's one of those actors, you work with him and it makes you better.'  Who she's going to wind up with is a matter of debate. 'I don't know if she's get together with Cristian, but she's got some good prospects.  What I'm really excited about is that they're going to be some other men in town that are fighting for her.  Every girl's dream!  You can't go wrong with any man they have on the canvas there.  I'm excited about some attention from some men for Evangeline because I think she's long overdue.'

Whether you think of her as Renee or Evangeline, her smile and her joy were contagious.  She floated off into the party with her whole family who were there to support her. 'They'll all be at the Emmy show, too, cheering me on.  Isn't that lovely?'

The last winner of Who Wants To Be A Soap Star, Alec Musser (Del, AMC) was making his way down the red carpet like an old pro.  Even though he's working hard in New York, Musser makes his home in San Diego and spends a great deal of time racking up mileage flying from one coast to another.  The experience on winning is even more than he expected, 'It's a total trip. It's awesome. It's completely awesome.  I've been on for almost nine months now and it's great.'  As with so many other AMC cast members, the return of Cady McClain, (Dixie) he feels the stakes in every story line are just that much higher. 'Del's definitely got some things coming up.'  What they are, he doesn't know. 'I've just been hearing a rumor that maybe I've got a niece somewhere (Tad and Dixie's baby, Kate).  I'm sure the fans have heard that as well.  That's all I really know.'

Since Musser first arrived in Pine Valley, he's had lots of good times, but one really stands out, 'There is a moment in an episode prior to the ball, where Di is in the hospital and Tad's there and I come in and confront Tad and Tad wrestles me to the floor.  I'll never forget that because Michael Knight and I have joked that I'm a few inches taller and outweigh him by a little bit.  We like to joke that he's beating my butt.  We laughed a lot a during that scene.'  Musser loves the physical part of acting and especially enjoyed the working out the fight choreography.

The second time in one day Soapdom caught up with Alexa Havins (Babe, AMC) and  Justin Bruening (Jamie, AMC), who were holding hands as they tackled the lights, paparazzi, and the red carpet.  Before appearing on All My Children, both Havins and Bruening lived in Los Angeles ' but not as couple.  As all of their fans know, they met and fell in love on the set.  Married for just about a year, their characters have broken up and the times they are a changing for Babe and Jamie.  Both of them miss the love story, but they also understand the needs of the story come first, 'For my character's point in time,' Bruening says, 'I think it's good, just to give some more levels'' Before he can finish, Havins interrupts, 'I have to admit, you don't miss it.  He'll say, 'I actually have time to miss you,' and Bruening smiles, 'That's true.'  But Havins is on a roll, ' Usually we're together 24 hours a day but we've been working separately, lately and he tells me he actually misses me now.'  Both agree this is good and probably much healthier.

Soapdom wanted to know if breaking up Babe and Jamie was deliberate and Havins popped up with a very quick response, 'It seemed to, I don't know.' Bruening heartily concurs, ' A real coincidence.'  The story takes its own real life soap left turn according to Havins, 'Like the week that we got back from our honeymoon they split us up.'  But they weren't shocked, 'Whatever works for the story,' is how Havins looks at it.  'The fans didn't like it at first, but now it makes sense because of the baby.'  Even though they've been married just about a year, Havins and Bruening are finishing each other's sentences, like a couple who have been together forever.

Boy, is Matthew Ashford, (Jack, DOOL) glad to have the Emmy's in his own backyard, 'They've been back in NY for how long and it's time to give LA a whack.'  It seems everyone's really confused about Jack and Days, 'People keep asking me if I'm back on the show, but I never left.  Jack thought he was dying and he disappeared into the hinterlands. They've given Jennifer a chance to start fresh with Frankie and now that she's finally getting close to Frankie, Jack's changing his mind and he's gonna come back after all and everything's a big mess. And, it's all about messes.'

Meantime, Ashford's acting up a storm in the musical, URNINETOWN. Interactla is his theatre company and you can find it in the trendy theatre LA theatre district referred to as NOHO. To find out more about it, URINETOWN and the theatre, go to http://www.interactla.org/

Suddenly things quieted down and the excitement on the red carpet was gone.  All members of the press were packing up their gear and heading home. What was going inside the party, well, that's something we'll find out when we catch up with some of the stars in the future.  But there was one lovely moment at the valet.  John Ingle (Edward, GH) was waiting for his car and told Soapdom that the noise inside was just too much for him.  But it was worth it, just to get a chance to see Jacob Young (JR, AMC) and talk to him about his Broadway debut.  As far as Ingle is concerned, there's nothing sweeter for an actor than plying his craft on the Great White Way!

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