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Home Features Daytime Emmy Coverage EMMY 2006 ~ 33rd Annual Daytime Creative Craft Awards LA

EMMY 2006 ~ 33rd Annual Daytime Creative Craft Awards LA

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LA stars praise their crews and scoop their storylines!
Even though the wind was blowing and there was a chill in the air, some of daytime's hottest stars were warming up the red carpet as they made their way into Hollywood's Grand Ballroom.  Just steps away from The Kodak Theatre where everyone gets all dolled up for Emmy's big night; this event is a lot more low-key and easy-going.  Each and every one of the actors and actresses who ran the gauntlet of reporters and camera crews checked their egos with their cars and came to praise the unsung heroes who make them look great!

Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R), very chic and comfortable in a black pantsuit with a white jacket was one of the first to arrive on Saturday evening. Even though this is far less formal than the broadcast event, Cooper loves the simplicity of the night and she would put on a fancy dress, 'In a shot, I would do it.  It's equally as important. This is basically what makes the other one possible and any one who isn't aware of the fact that this is basically where it's at--- 'cuz this is the blood, sweat, and tears. We sweat along with them and cry along with them, but the technology that they develop to make us look better, sound better, makes things progress faster, quicker. This is where it's at.'

Recently on Soapnet's Soaptalk, Jess Walton talked about the possibility of an upcoming storyline with Cooper.  The Grande Dame smiled liked a Cheshire cat and responded, 'That I think is coming up and we will see a storyline, I think, that might prove that she's not my daughter.'

 hspace=10 src=Soapdom wanted to know what's up with Massimo Marone and we got an earful, 'He's having quite a fight with his family and with his company.  There's going to be a problem with that.  He's going to have to come back and show them the reason he's such a powerful guy. When you're that rich and you own that much ' it's a wonderful fantasy.'

Cute and incredibly affable, young Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas, B&B) wasn't shy when it came to giving credit to the people whose names go by so fast on the credit crawl, we have no idea who they are or what they really do.

'As an actor you just go in front of a camera and say the lines that a writer has written for you and you're broadcast by a cameraman, who's pointing a camera at you.  Your sound is being picked up by a boom operator.  The set looks nice from the set decorators.  You look good from the costume designer.  They make you look pretty because of the make-up people, so there's this whole team that's basically behind an actor that deserves credit. It's nice to have this function for them.'

 hspace=10 src=Like everyone else, Bell loves this night; 'It's a little cozier because it's not a high profile event.  It's nice just to come and hang out with everybody.  It's kind of like a glorified cast party, because for a cast party we have everyone come, but this is everyone from all the shows.'

As for his character, things are moving a bit slowly right now, 'We've kind of backed him off a little bit from the mat because we're having trouble with relationships and getting the girl.  On that we could really get substantial character development going.  For right now, I think you'll see him at family functions and he'll show up at weddings and funerals.'  But that didn't seem to bother him.  His adorable smile and fresh face are enough to make a girl's heart stop.

Two young men with great big personalities and lots of energy made there way down the red carpet to Soapdom, the last of many publications vying for a few words. Eric Martsolf (Ethan, Passions) a few steps ahead of Dylan Fergus (Noah, Passions), both presenters, stopped first.   His smile was as wide as Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards combined.  Why?

 hspace=10 src='My wife just gave birth to Chase and Mason Martsolf, my two twin boys.  I'm now a father.  My life has changed. It's absolutely crazy.  Now, in addition to my character, Ethan Winthrop's two children, I think they're illegitimate at this point, I now have two legitimate children so my cup is full at this point.'

'Everyone said this was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me, it absolutely is!  There's nothing else in the world that really compares to it. Nothing. Especially in Los Angeles, you think career's so important and getting ahead and getting the right role and getting the right dialogue, but when you have kids it pales in comparison.'

Marstolf's cell phone was close at hand, awaiting his wife's emergency phone call --- just in case. 'If I'm up at that podium and my wife calls and there's something wrong, I'm outta there.'

With all that's on his plate, it seems Marstolf still has time to surf the web and let us know that he visits Soapdom frequently. So, Soapdom readers, Marstolf's got some news about things for the denizens of Harmony -- as oblique as it is.  Maybe you can read between the lines. 'The majority of the cast is headed to Rome and it turns out a lot of secrets are going to be revealed. In my particular storyline, there's a secret that's basically seven years old that may be coming to fruition in the next couple months. And that is all I'm at liberty to say.  It's gonna be a good summer for the show because there are a lot of things the fans want to be revealed, that just may be revealed.'

But will they really be taking a jet plane and heading for The Eternal City, 'Rome for us is Studio City, but we have some pillars that look really authentic,' he said with a smile.

 hspace=10 src=Fergus joined in at the end and without much prompting hot Martsolf to pull out a gorgeous black and white photo of the twins.  As Martsolf marched off to talk to another reporter, he jokingly gave Fergus permission to brag about the twins.  'His twins, so many jokes available!'

Just like Marstolf, Fergus is extremely familiar with Soapdom.

Unlike almost everyone else at the Creative Craft Awards, Fergus was making his debut. 'When I was approached to come, I was very excited because you end up having such rapport with all of the tech guys.  There's such passion, I hate to say it, there's such passion for everyone doing what they love and working really hard.  So, it's great to come here and then to present an award, but it didn't really hit me hit how great it was until I was back in the Green Room and they had all the Emmy's lined up.  I went over and touched them and they were real'and this is a big deal, you know!  It's just a great event to come to.  This one you can just let loose, everyone's having a good time and getting recognized for some really good work.'

When it came to Fergus' other half, Noah, Soapdom didn't get very far, just a lot of funny double talk to keep fans on their toes, 'The show is going to Rome and secrets will be revealed.  Do you want to know what my secret is?'  Sure.  Without missing a beat, 'I can't tell you,' and gave out with a real devilish smile.  What secrets lurk behind that grin?  'We're going into the world of what you want to do, versus what you can do.  Like right now, I want to tell you my secret, but I can't.  The burning question, does Fergus know his secret?  'I know my secret.  Honestly, I just found out about a week ago and I was totally shocked.  In about six weeks the fans will be totally shocked.'  It seems Passions fans will just have to wait.

 hspace=10 src=Amelia Heinle (Victoria, Y&R) really loves Y&R, 'It's really a great soap opera to be involved with and people are great'good storyline all the time. I'm happy.'

She has no news to report about Victoria because she doesn't know. 'I'm surprised daily. I only have two shows in advance.  They try to keep us all in suspense. And I think it helps.'

When Heinlie was in New York working on All My Children, she went to the tech awards and had a blast. This was her first ceremony in Los Angeles. 'It's nice to he here for the all the tech people.  They work really hard. A lot of them don't get to come to our Emmy's so I like to participate in this and it's low key.'

Heinlie is a tiny little thing and looked very happy to have a shawl over her shoulders. It was an unusually chilly night in the City of Angels. She headed up towards the cocktails and munchies in the lobby.  More than that it was a chance to mingle with all of the well-deserving nominees.

'I'm here to show my love and support to the hordes of talented and creative people we have working on our show on The Young and the Restless, week in and week out.  And, I hope that we reap the benefits of everybody's really hard work.'  Those were the first words Soapdom heard from Greg Rikaart (Kevin, Y&R)

The Emmy winner and current Emmy nominee showed up completely crazed, 'I'm not even wearing a tie tonight.'  Soapdom wanted to know about Rikaart's alter ego, Kevin, but the actor looked to the show's publicist for a little help, 'Kevin's got troubles with his Mom and he's on this perpetual road to rehabilitate himself and his mother's really pulling him down to the mud.  And, yet again, Kevin's losing and trying to get it back.  Poor guy, I'm grateful I don't have his sex life.'

 hspace=10 src=Always on the go and full of life, Windsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B) is also a man of few words. 'I think it's important for us to come out and show our support for the people behind the camera.  We're the ones who always get the glory and everything like that and it's nice for us to come out and support the people who are not recognized on a daily basis.'

To be completely honest, Harmon has no clue as to what's going to happen Thorne.  Like his fans, he's waiting to find out.   In a flash he was gone.

Ronn Moss (Ridge, B&B) was optimistic that his team of costume designers would be big winners. 'Hair and make-up, that should be a big win for us, too. 'Cuz, it's all about the hair,' he laughed.

And like his television brother, Harmon, he didn't have a great deal to say about what's in store for Ridge, 'I'm curious myself.  We don't always find out until maybe a week ahead, when we get the scripts and I haven't looked at them yet so I don't really know. It's kind of a little game I play.'

 hspace=10 src=Another one of B&B's leading men walked up and smiled a 1000-kilowatt smile, Lorenzo Lamas (Hector).  One of the few who had never been here before, Lamas was pretty clear about his role, 'It's just great, really low-key and casual and fun and it's a way for us in front of the camera to say thank you so much for doing what you do.'  Just as he finished praising his fellow B&B artists, Hunter Tylo (Taylor, B&B) joined him. With the temperature dropping and the wind kicking in, Tylo was freezing in a backless dress.  Ever the gentleman, Lamas covered her shoulders with his leather jacket.  Neither one of them could give Soapdom a clue about the future, but Lamas has certainly found a home on the stages of CBS, 'We're just really hoping that the second half of the season is as exciting as the first half of the season was for us.'

Just as everyone was rushing inside, Ashley Jones (Bridget, B&B) stopped for a quick minute and shared a big scoop in regard to her life at B&B, 'I think this summer there's going to be a very large triangle between Bridget, Dante and Felicia. Then towards the end of the year, we're going to get back to triangle of Bridget, Dante and Nick.'  You heard it here first!

Once the ceremony began, winners and presenters made their way through the Green Room to have their pictures taken.  Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R) sat back with all the press and watched the show on a monitor just like the rest of us.  Every once one a while she made a speedy appearance on stage moving plants around.  It was a gag that got a lot of laughs and reminded everyone of something Lucy would have done, just to be near Ricky.

Eric Marstolf was hanging out yakking on his cell phone.  He couldn't stop thinking about the twins.

 hspace=10 src=The winners, in all the technical categories are listed here.  The TV Academy voters spread the wealth, and Dylan Fergus was right. It was amazing to see all those golden statues lined up waiting for their rightful owner.

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