General Hospital Check Up Week of October 1, 2012

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Connie puts a snag in the wedding

Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)As much as I enjoy Connie, it would be nice to see her depart for good. Sonny really does deserve his happy ending. And so does Kate. Although, since the truth about Trey is out, it’s unlikely that Kate will ever have peace or sanity of mind, not to mention her happy ending.

It’s interesting how Tracy’s human side only shows when she falls for the wrong man. After years of bad relationships, now Tracy has fallen for Joe Jr. This man could arguably be the worst choice in a mate Tracy has made to date. Call me crazy, but after all is said and done, it feels like Joe really cares about Tracy.

Tracy and Carly have a lot in common. Over and over, they continue to fall for the wrong man. In Carly’s case, she had it good with Jax. It’s really heartbreaking to watch Carly fall apart because she fell for the wrong man again in Johnny. She gave Johnny so many chances, more than he deserved. It’s time for Carly to move past Johnny and find a man worthy of her.

Speaking of a worthy man – it seems like Todd is falling for Carly. Even though he’s far from normal, Todd is a better match for Carly than Johnny, Sonny, and even Jax. Todd really seems drawn to Carly. And if this heartbreaking episode with Johnny finally brings Carly some happiness with Todd, then good for her.

In actor news, Steve Burton (Jason) has taped his final scenes. Just how the character leaves the canvas remains to be seen.

Watch for Vanessa Marcil (ex Brenda) on an upcoming episode of 'Hawaii Five-0.'

Kelly Monaco (Sam) is safe to dance again this week on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Watch Kelly and her partner Val dance Monday night at 8pm EST.  To vote online for Kelly and Val, visit the official 'Dancing with the Stars' website.