Your Letters~ Fan Needs Info on All My Children v2.0

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Alicia Minshew (Kendall, All My Children)Dear Soapdom,

I don't quite understand what has happened to All My Children Soap Opera. The show is off the air but can still be watched online. Will the show continue as it ended on screen or will it be a totally new All My Children? Are there going to be the (same) cast members, or new ones?

I am a true LOVER of the show. Please let me know when and which web site to watch it on.
Thank you,
Ven Milton (a fan)
via email

Dear Ven,

Thanks for contacting Soapdom.  Yes, yesterday was a sad one for All My Children fans, but not to worry. The show is coming

back.  The new production company is in the throes of doing deals with the same actors, etc., but we may see some new faces as well. They expect to be back in production before the end of this year, with new shows airing on the internet iin early 2012.  The shows will then find their way to Cable TV about two weeks after they air online.

There will be five new shows a week, just like it is now, but get this -- we will actually get more of an episode each day. The broadcast network had eaten into the show's time so much in order to air commercials to pad the botom line, but now that the show is going to the internet, there will still be commercials but not as many, meaning there will be more time to tell the story each day. How cool is that?  

Exactly how the story direction will go is dependent on a number of factors:  like which actors will agree to stay on, etc.   

At this time, that's about all we know, but we will stay on top of the situation and as soon as the website url is announced, we'll let you know. Stay tuned to for the latest details.

The Editors