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"This would be a good time to talk about bipolar disorders..."


Victoria Rowell (Dru, Y&R)Dear Soapdom,

For the producers of Y&R:

What happened to the actor who played John Abbott?  Could you please tell me his real name?  

Please get rid of the actress who plays Carmen. She is not very appealing (sorry).  

The storyline with Brad and Victoria is truly unbelievable!  Juice it up a bit (make it more realistic and mysterious like Brad really did kill that boy as a kid and that woman that is playing his mother is in on it).  

Otherwise keep up the good work! Thanks for making the African American characters so positive!  

I think that this would be a good time to talk about bipolar disorders.  I've just been diagnosed and all of the things Dru is experiencing are things I experienced until I was properly diagnosed and educated.  

Have a great day!
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Dear Kim,

Jerry Douglas (John, Y&R)Thanks for sharing your suggestions in regard to the Young and the Restless.  The actor who plays John Abbott is Jerry Douglas.  He is still appearing on recurring status as "John's ghost," who comes to try and talk some sense into Jack.  Unfortunately, the character of John Abbott died several months ago after he suffered a debilitating stroke.   

Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)Regarding your idea for a bipolar storyline, it's a good one and we hope Y&R is listening.  In case you didn't know, General Hospital just covered this issue in a very intriguing story regarding the character of Sonny, who is played by Maurice Benard. Benard suffers from bipolar disorder in real life and like you, felt it was time his show did a story on it.

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