Xmas Wish List 2002

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What Soapdom fans want to see on fave shows

In Top of the Week for December 9, 2002 we asked Soapdom's members to tell us what they want to see on their soaps in 2003 -- their Christmas wishlist.  Here's what they say:

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, GH)Steve Burton (Jason, GH)Soapdom Serf Shannahan says:
"I would like to see Jason and Elizabeth finally get together on General Hospital!"


Diedre Hall (Marlena, DOOL)Soapdom Royal garbos2000 wants to see DOOL cull from the classics...

"I say they take Marlena through a mini version of "It's a Wondeful Life" and show her what would happen if she hadn't met John. After she see's what a stong backbone she has and that she'd be fun and full of life again...she comes back from her 'dream' and dumps him!"

Ali Sweeney (Sami, DOOL)Soapdom Royal cpalma has multiple wishes for DOOL...

"1. More romance, LESS SEX.
2. Location shoots that include romance, intrigue.
3. For every woman who gets pregnant to know who the father of her baby is, no questions asked!!
4. For the writers to stop giving us what they "think" we want and to come up with Frances Reid (Alice, DOOL)new, exciting storylines. Be brave and write refreshing, NEW stories.
5. Sami to get off her broken record life.
6. Less Teens
7. More Horton family scenes that include Alice. If she's too old to do her soap duties, then make Maggie or Julie the matriarch. We need to get back to family."