The Passions DIRECTV Controversey

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Fans disagree in regard to Passions move to the satellite service


Ben Masters (Julian, Passions)Dear Soapdom, 

I disagree with the user named Kerri who sent an email about Passions (and DIRECTV.)

First of all, Howard Stern's move to Sirius was called a "bad move" and Kerri stated that Sirius "thought" it would boost subscriptions.  Kerri should check out the subscription numbers since Stern started.  As far as it being a bad move.  Who was it bad for?  Certainly not Howard and certainly not the listeners who want to continue hearing his show and now it's uncensored.  Everyone in the country can now get Stern where before you could only pick him up in certain markets. 

As for the customers who do not want to or cannot pay for Sirius OR DirecTV, too bad.  If they are such a huge Passions fan, I think they could switch to DirecTV.  I am sure they have cable now.  Switching is usually free for installation and since the DirecTV channel that Passions will be on comes with the basic package, in my area basic DirecTV is actually less expensive than basic cable. 

The biggest misconception in Kerri's email is that the viewers have been "screwed."  Screwed by WHO?  The show was obviously not profitable enough for NBC or they would have kept it.  Certainly not by the show Passions.  They had no choice, except to decline the offer from DirecTV which would be just silly.  People would lose jobs and the fans who do have or will get DirecTV would not have the ability to see the show continue on. 

Oh yeah, one last note.  DirecTV is buying this series.  How could NBC possibly continue to air the episodes on the internet? I hate to burst (anyone's) bubble, but sometimes we have to pay for things that we want and soap operas and radio shows are a BUSINESS.

Thank you,
Bruce B.
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