The Good and Bad of Three Soaps

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Storyline suggestions for GH & OLTL. Passing on Passions

Dear Soapdom,

I am trying too get in touch with Kathy Brier.  I am a big fan of hers and (I) also have a mother who is 78 yrs old that really wants too meet her and the guy that plays Al (Nathaniel Marston) on one Live to Live. Do you know a email addy I can get?

Bobby G.
Springlake, NC

Dear Bobby,

Thanks for contacting Soapdom. The best way to reach Ms. Brier and Mr. Marston is to send snail mail to the studio.  You can find the studio address for One Life to Live here. 

The Editors

Dear Soapdom,

I agree with the most fans.  WHAT HAPPENED? THEY ARE ABOUT TO LOOSE ME.

On OLTL, Natalie should be gone.  John belongs with Evangeline.  They need to bring her family into the show.  Send RJ anywhere, his character is boring. David and Dorian are witty and cool together.  Jessica is so not.  Todd and Blair belong together.  I love Starr, she and Michael (GH) should win best actor for under 15. That little Matthew does not have enough energy. He should be written off or sent to boarding school.

On GH, the worst mistake was to replace Carly. This new Carly (Jennifer Bransford) is trying, but (the role) doesn't fit her.  However, I do like her and Lorenzo.  They are good together.  I am sorry he is leaving. GH should focus on Jason and Sam.  Sam won me over.  She takes no crap from anybody and supports her man. Sonny is beginning to show fatigue, he needs a break. This was the Sonny and Carly show, but maybe they need to write them out like they did Luke and Laura (we got over them). I love them, but something needs to change. If the writters can't come up with better script (for them) get rid of them.
I tried to watch Passions, but I jut can't get into seeing dead people always showing up. So, I will try the other soap on another channel.

Secretave (via email)