Soap Talk Fan Missing New Episodes

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Fan wants to know, "Is Soap Talk cancelled?"


Dear Soapdom

What happened to the show, “Soap Talk?” Did it get cancelled?  I haven't seen it for awhile now.  What is Lisa doing now, besides the “Dancing with the Stars” tour?  And what about Ty?  I enjoyed the (Soap Talk) interviews with the soap stars.  Sometimes Lisa would monopolize the conversations, but for the most part, I enjoyed the show.

Thank you,
Cheryl Bush
via email

Dear Cheryl,

The SOAPnet Cable Network decided not to pick up "Soap Talk" for a fifth season.  After the episode that were taped in Hawaii earlier this fall, there will be no new "Soap Talk" shows taped. However, SOAPnet is airing repeat shows.  To find out what episodes are airing this week, visit Soapdom's promo for SOAPnet Original Series.  Every Sunday we publish this info, so be sure to check Soapdom's home page, or do a search for "Soap Talk" to see what shows will be airing and when. 

Far as Lisa Rinna is concerned, you're correct. She has been working hard preparing for the "Dancing with the Stars" tour.  Additionally, she has landed a new hosting job on the Oxygen network.  In Soapdom's Suds Buzz Column for October 2006, we reported as follows:

Soap Talk's Lisa Rinna may be making her swan song departure from SOAPNet this week (Friday brings to a close new programming for Soap Talk), but that's not going to keep the seasoned host down for long.  Oprah's Oxygen cable network has just announced that it is going into production on its first-ever competition series,"Tease," which will be hosted by Rinna.  "Tease," centered on the world of hairstyling, pits two up and coming hair stylists, chosen from salons nationwide, against each other in each hourlong episode. They will face off in what is described as an "outrageous, Olympics-style" tournament, competing for a chance at a one-on-one battle with a high-profile "master stylist." Should they beat the pro, they will receive a honor dubbed the "silver scissors." "Tease" is set to go into production next week in Los Angeles for a January premiere. So far, there is a committment for six-episodes.

Ty Treadway was hoping to audition for some new pilots this coming pilot season. We wish Ty and Lisa the best of luck as they set out post "Soap Talk."

The Editors