Rants and Raves for DOOL and B&B

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 hspace=5 src=Dear Soapdom,

This week on Days of our Lives Zack's accident sent chills through me.  I cried with Bo and Hope.  It was so moving -- so real. Kristian (Alfonso, Hope) and Peter (Reckell, Bo) made the event seem so real.  It was heart breaking. 

My hat is off to them.

Sally C.
Cleveland, OH


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Dear Soapdom,

Is this the right place to send my comments to whoever does the writing for the Bold and Beautiful?  I just wanted to say that they have gone way overboard this time on Ridge's character. He is one of the biggest a-holes on the show.  How can he play this holier that thou person and be the worst?  Taylor also did her worst job of acting today (Tuesday, January 10, 2006) that I ever saw. 

I am done with this show.  I realize it's a soap opera, but it's gotten to be a real waste of time!

FK from Iowa