Passions to DIRECTV Bogus

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Fan likens the move to that of Howard Stern to Sirius Satallite Radio


Tracy Ross and Ben Masters (Eve and Julian, Passionis)Dear Soapdom,

This is completely bogus.  Passions being moved to DIRECTV is as bad a move as when Howard Stern moved to Sirius Satallite Radio. Sirius thought that Stern moving to their organization was going to cause a major boost in subscriptions, and that is exactly what DIRECTV is thinking.

But what about the Passions fans, like myself, who either don't have or don't want to subscribe to DIRECTV? How are we supposed to be able to continue watching the show that we have faithfully enjoyed for the past eight years? What happens if the longtime ongoing storylines don't get resolved before the show leaves NBC? Are we never to know what happens to our beloved characters?

I'm sure that I speak for many Passions fans that campaigned to save the soap, when I say that we feel like we've gotten screwed. NBC should at least consider continuing to broadcast Passions on their website (which they have not yet mentioned anything about whether or not they will do), so that more fans will still be able to enjoy it and keep with the show's storylines. To do otherwise would be completely unfair.

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Dear Kerri,

Thank you for sharing your opinion with  We agree that the move to DIRECTV is not the most ideal for all Passions' current fans, but better Passions remains on air with new programming with some kind of distribution, than having it canceled all together. 

Unfortunately, we have confirmed with the network that once the show moves to DIRECTV, the episodes will no longer stream on the internet as DIRECTV will own all rights to the the show's distribution.  But who knows? Perhaps down the line, DIRECTV will also start to air the episodes online.

In the meantime, here are some faqs to help in making the transition...

Q)  I want to make the switch to DIRECTV so I don't miss a single episode of Passions.  What do I do?

A) DIRECTV will make it easy for Passions viewers to keep track of the happenings in Harmony by providing fans free installation, a DVR or HD receiver upgrade, and a portable DVD player by calling a special phone number (866-788-0003) or visiting the Web ( ) that will give those without DIRECTV plenty of time to switch before the new season begins.

Q) I can't get DIRECTV.  Will I still be able to watch Passions episodes online or on iTunes?

A) No, Passions will only be available exclusively on DIRECTV's Channel 101. 

Q) Will the current message boards still remain active?

A) Yes - will continue to be the center of the official "Passions" online community.  Look for enhanced features and new content soon! You can also discuss your fave show on the Soapdom Passions Board and chat room , and as usual, Soapdom will continue to publish daily episode recaps and preview sneak peeks.

Q) Will my favorite characters still be on the show?

A) Passions hopes to carry over the entire cast and crew as the show moves to DIRECTV, but it is still a little too early for confirmation on that.  We'll know for sure in the next several weeks.  Please keep checking back for updates!

The Editors

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