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P> hspace=10 src=Hi Linda,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my "Passions Timeline"
poster about a week ago and love it. I even went to Pat Catan's, a local
crafts store, and placed an order for it to be framed in a nice cherry
wood frame, which will be amazing. I love Passions, it's the only soap
opera I watch. I just want to thank you for your connections with NBC
in obtaining them, because no one else has any kind of "Passions"
memorabilia. It's an awesome memento from the show that I will always
treasure. It will be hung right next to my desk, so I can look at it

Thank you so much,
Robert Johnathan Freeman

Dear Robert,

It's Soapdom's pleasure to pass along such a wonderful and collectable Passions poster.  Delighted it will maintain a place of honor in your home. Thank you for your all access membership to Soapdom, where all access definitely has its privileges.

Linda Marshall-Smith
CEO & QueenRuler, Soapdom, Inc.

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during the months of August and September recieved this
one-of-a-kind collectable Passions Time Line Poster.
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