Passions Director Writes Soapdom

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Phideaux Xavier responds to fan's kudos.

McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) and Galen Gering (Luis) PassionsSoapdom's Cyber Soapbox!

Several weeks ago, we published a letter sent in by Willie Mae, who asked if Passions' director Phideaux Xavier was male or female because "… I enjoy the show so much more when this director directs. I think that it is a combination of passion and gentleness, (if that makes sense) which seems to be present." 

Shortly after we ran the letter, and our response, we received this personal note from Mr. Xavier...

Dear Soapdom,

"I recently heard there was a letter about me on your website and asked our Publicity Director at Passions to hunt it down for me.  She sent me the link to your delightful site and I was able to view the letter and response about my humble directing forays at Passions.  I just wanted to write and thank you for the kind things you had to say to Willie Mae about my work in your response.  We directors of daytime drama do not always appear above the radar in the fans' eyes or hearts and it is wonderful to get some feedback from the audience.  I love the actors and characters of Passions and believe deeply in our kooky and somewhat loopy show.  However, I maintain that beneath the silliness and impossibility must exist truth and humanity and yes, passion.  It is a privilege to work in the serial medium and a particular pleasure to work on Mr. Reilly's show. Thanks again for your encouragement."


Phideaux Xavier

Dear Phideaux,

Thank you for contacting us and sharing your experiences directing episodes of Passions.  Many more thanks for your kind words on  We hope you will visit with us often!  Keep up the great work.  LMS