OLTL's Execution Music

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It was a somber day, and the music reflected the mood


Dear Soapdom,

I wanted to know the name of the song played on the OLTL episode of Todd Manning's execution.  It was played during the execution.  If you could tell me where i could find out about the music played on soaps, I'd appriciate it.

Amanda Fontaney, via email

Dear Amanda,

Thanks for contacting Soapdom regarding the song that played during Todd's execution on One Life to Live.  We checked with the show, and unfortunately it is not available.  It was created by OLTL Music Director Paul Glass with Michal.  She performed on the show a couple of years ago on Valentines Day at Capricorn. 

The good news is there are a number of One Life to Live songs available for purchase at Soapsongs.com.  Check it out and thanks again for contacting Soapdom.

The Editors