OLTL Fan's Daughter Looking to Dance to Song

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Song over montage hits home with viewer


Michael Easton (John, OLTL)Dear Soapdom,

(I am) desperately looking for song and artist from a song heard on One Live to Live. On Sept 27,2006 -- towards end of the show -- a beautiful song was heard. The episode is 9786. The song starts with David and Dorian saying goodbye, leads into several love scenes and then ends with Natalie crying by a window. This is the episode when they find out John is dead.

The song goes "It's okay. I'm going home now. You'll be okay tonight. I just want to be alone now with the dark of light. Let's not fade the color blue, and as a sun sets in the sky, there's just something in the hue there in the corner of my eye. In the dark and light. In the blue and white. All the things that I've forgotten. All the things that I am not holding back and never letting you see. I'll imagine the dark now. See any shadow on the wall. Doesn't seem too much like me, though its not like me at all."

There is more, but I hope you can help me. My daughter is a dancer and really wants to dance to it. Help. Please.

Thank you for your time and help,
Judie McClimans
via email

Dear Judie,

Thank you for contacting Soapdom. The song is called Blue and White. It is by Beth Waters,  a singer/songwriter based in San Francisco and can be found on her self titled cd, "Beth Waters."  It's available on Amazon.com

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