OLTL Fan Requests Song Info

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Viki & Clint flashback song by Mary Fahl

Dear Soapdom,

Could you please tell me the exact title and artist of the song about home that played during One Life To Live's 35th anniversary episode in July, 2003?  The song was played during a flashback sequence featuring Vicki and Clint and their relationship.  Also, any idea about how I might be able to purchase a CD that includes that particular song?  I welcome your response.

Thanks so very much,

Dear Joanna,

Thanks so much for your email.  And thanks to our contacts at One Life to Live, we have found out that the song in question is called "Going Home."  The artist is Mary Fahl.  You can find "Going Home" on Mary Fahl's CD titled "The Other Side of Time."

And to the spokesperson of OLTL, thanks a bunch for researching this for us.  You rule!

The Editors