New Year's Resolutions for Soaps

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Fans list what they want to see happen this year on all shows

The call went out to Soapdom members. If they were the show runner on any soap, what New Year's Resolutions would they make for their show.  Here's what they said!

New Year's Resolutions
From Soapdom Royal luvnsweet

Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC)All My Children

~ I want the show to focus more on the veterans of the show rather than it's new characters. I felt that in 2002; the show focused on many new characters (Simone, Aiden, Maggie, Frank, Laurie, etc.)
~ Have Tad stop acting like a royal-class jerk and hypocrite and make him go search for Dixie and Katie. How out of character was it for Tad to just accept that Dixie was dead even though there was no body and the whole death thing just sounded suspicious. Tad, being presumed dead once himself, should have searched Switzerland up and down for Dixie/Kaite, but he accepted it along with Brooke (who now has found 2 people who were presumed dead!)
~ Jackson and Erica reunion! No matter how many men they throw at Erica, I will always prefer her with Jack. Jack and Erica were together even more Tad/Dixie and are also quite popular. However they have never even been married! I hate Chris/Erica. I love Erica but her romance with Chris bores me. Besides Jack needs a storyline, and I don't want him to be in a triangle with Anna!
~ People in Pine Valley need to stop ragging on Adam. I couldn't stand the way Tad was talking about Adam when he learned that Brooke had an affair with him. Yeah trying to drive Liza crazy wasn't nice (not that she didn't deserve it), but Tad was on Liza's side even when she embezzled money from Chandler Enterprises. Liza is not the victim here, and I hate the way everyone blames Adam for everything. Also I love Brooke/Adam together.
~ David needs to pay for his crimes. With all the illegal things this scumbag does, he gets off by doing community service at the free clinic. I want this guy to suffer!!!!!

Scott Holmes (Tom, ATWT)As the World Turns

~ More Margo and Tom scenes! They are a great couple with plenty of chemistry but we rarely ever see them together. The liver cancer/Hepatatis C had some good scenes but it was way too short.
~ A reconciliation between Rosanna and Carly. I don't want these two to be the best of friends but I also don't like it when they bite each other's heads off everytime they see one another. The scenes at the diner where they briefly made up were so poignant and well-acted. That only lasted for like a day though! The bickering is getting old...
~ You have to have teens on a soap opera but the current teen storylines on ATWT is boring. The only teen character that I can actually stand somewhat is Allison.
~ Katie and Simon! I know that Paul Leyden is leaving the show so I hope that his exit is good. Poor Katie!

Joseph Mascolo (Massimo, B&B)The Bold and the Beautiful

~ The relevatioin about Massimo being Ridge's father better be good. I especially want to see Eric's reaction!
~ If Brooke is going to be in a romance, please not let the man be a Forrester or a son in law.
~ More CJ and Bridget scenes! I was so disappointed that they were not even mentioned in the Previews for 2003.

Alexis Thorpe (Cassie, DOOL)Days of Our Lives

~ Character driven plots not plot driving character.
~ Get rid of the alien twins and Rolf. They contribute nothing to the show and the whole twin storyline was just stupid.
~ Less teens! And instead of just focusing on the romance department, have the teens have problems with school. The teens are still young so the writers shouldn't be rushing in the romance department. Brady/Chloe have already done the deed and now Belle/Shawn are planning it soon. WTH?
~ There should be a balance for the three supercouples on the show: Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer, and John/Marlena. Bo/Hope have been front and center in 2002 so they should be backburner for a while. The murder mystery should be Jack and Jennifer's storyline with Bo and Hope as supporting characters.
~ Sami/Lucas. This couple have never been explored on Days and they are a gold mine if only someone will acknowledge it!

Tony Geary (Luke, GH)General Hospital

~ My main gripe about General Hospital is that none of the couples I like are together. Jax/Skye (I hate Brenda!), Sonny/Alexis (I can't stand Carly), AJ/Courtney (I am not buying the Jason/Courtney romance).
~ I hope the conclusion to the who killed Alcazar murder storyline will be worth the wait!
~ Luke's storyline with Summer is boring... can't we find another storyline?

Jordi Vilasuso (Tony, GL)Guilding Light

~ Why TPTB keep on promoting Marah and Tony, I will never understand.
~ Danny/Michelle/Bill love triangle? I just hope that Michelle doesn't wind up sleeping with Bill.
~ I like the Ben and Marina romance. I want to see where the writers are going to go with them.

Laurence Lau (Sam, OLTL)One Life to Live

~ Get Sam out of Todd/Blair's storyline!
~ The Keri/Antonio storyline was ridiculous to begin with so I hope it will end soon.
~ Nora and Troy I am sick off. Bo and Nora all the way!
~ I hope Jen gets what is coming to her!

Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Sharon Case (Sharon) Y&RThe Young and the Restless

~ I'm anxious to see how the Newmans will react to the news that Victor is Abby's father.
~ The teen romances (JT/Colleen, Raul/Brittany, Mac/Billy) are good.
~ I want some happiness between Nick/Sharon! They've been tortured enough. And Nikki suspecting that something is going on between Sharon and Victor is completely absurd.

Charles Divins (Chad) and Brooke Kerr (Whitney) of PassionsNew Year's Resolutions
From Soapdom Royal Shuis4evr


I would resolve this whole Antonio/Beth/Luis/Sheridan thing. I would also resolve Chad/Whitney/Simone.

Renee Jones (Lexie, DOOL)Days of our Lives

I would resolve Larry Welch's whole plan and just make him die or something. I would also resolve the Lexie's baby storyline.