NBC Daytime Fans Not Happy

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Fan fed-up with Days; doesn't like Passions Simone recast

Dear Soapdom,

Why are the characters of Passions being moved, flipped, flopped, and replaced so much??? I am not feeling the "new" Theresa, or the "new" Simone. The old actors (who played) the two, are more emotionallly involved in their characters. Sadly, I am becomming less interested in Passions. I wondered if it was only me, but a few friends of mine, feel the same way.  Sherille N., Mont Alto, PA

Dear Sherille,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Passions. The good news is that "new" Theresa was a temporary replacement, hired to allow Lindsay Korman Hartley (original Theresa) to get some much deserved time off to spend with her new baby.  Lindsay Hartley is on her way back to Passions.  As for "new" Simone, that was a casting change made by the powers that be in order to take Simone's story in a new direction.  Give the new actress a little time to get her feet wet in the role. You may come to enjoy her work as much or more than you did the old Simone.  It may just take a little getting used to.  The Editors

Dear Soapdom,

I agree with Fran! (See Your Letters, October 11, 2004) I have watched Days for 33 years, and after it was pre -empted for the Olympics for two weeks in August, I found out I didn't miss it at all.  The storylines had gotten so bad and ridiculous, I was fed up.   Lynn S., Bel Air, MD

Dear Lynn,

Thank you for sharing your comments.  Days has always taken risks in its storytelling. Sometimes they work well. Sometimes not. Soaps tend to have an ebb and flow of great stories and not so great stories, and not every story is going to appeal to every viewer all the time. My rule of thumb?  Sit out the ones that you find are not so great, as before you know it, there will be a great one on the front burner.  The Editors