Michael Nader Fans Want Him Back -- Still!

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AMC treated Nader unfairly

Michael Nader (ex Dimitri, AMC, Dex Dexter, Dynasty)Dear Soapdom,

Remember when Michael Nader first started on All My Children?  Since I've recently been watching tapes of those wonderful episodes, the memory is clear in my mind.  Coincidentally, a fellow Loyalist sent me an article written during that time.  I've included two paragraphs:

"Since joining the cast of ABC's All My Children as Dimitri Marick, Michael Nader has kept a tight rein on the publicity that surrounds him.  Speculation on why he is doing this has run the gamut from 'He's difficult' to 'He's shy.'  The answer is:  Michael Nader is a professional.

That proves itself to anyone who tunes in to AMC these days.  The Dimitri/Natalie/Trevor/Janet storyline has intrigued viewers, while lifting the show in the Nielson ratings for the past several months."

It deeply saddens me that the publicity that inevitably surrounds a great talent has made ABC treat Mr. Nader so unfairly and callously.  This is the sole reason I do not watch anything on the ABC network anymore.  Their treatment of this man is outrageous and unforgivable.  I wait for the day when someone over there at ABC realizes the huge mistake the network made by firing Mr. Nader and actually takes steps to rectify it. 

Will it happen?  Does ABC have a heart.. or brain?  Will they act out of decency and make a wise business decision?  Or, will their self-induced but laughable lily white image get in the way?  Will their double standards (Tim Allen, Jack Scalia, Kim Delaney etc., etc.,etc.) end?  Will they make amends with Mr. Nader and attempt to give the ex-viewers what they want?  Will they do the right thing?

Michelle B

ABC may not have any immediate plans to bring Nader back to All My Children, but Nader fans fear not.  You can see Michael Nader star as Dex Dexter on Dynasty, now airing on Soapnet.  The soap cable network began airing Dynasty episodes on November 4, 2002, and will run a Dynasty Marathon this Christmas.  For more on the Dynasty marathon on Soapnet, click here!