LUMI Wedding Looming, but Many Fans Want Sami & EJ

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Sami and Lucas a Days fan fave couple or not?


James Scott (EJ, Days of our Lives)Bryan Datillo and Alison Sweeney (Lucas and Sami of Dayd of our Lives)Dear Soapdom,

There is no way Sami and Lucas can be called "Days favorite couple" considering the growing number of fans who want EJ and Sami together. Sami and Lucas might be a popular couple for some; but they don't make the earth shake like EJ and Samantha do!

Days favorite couple is more likely to be Bo and Hope or John and Marlena altho many polls, etc., are coming up with a Sami/Lucas/EJ because of the current storylines. Not much weight can be given to them however since people tend to use various usernames and email addresses so they can vote for "their couple." It is probably realistic to say the viewers are close to being split 50/50 between the two.

Most of us realize this wedding will happen, and agree with it, but it's the AFTER the wedding we're focusing on!

The writers at Days, quite honestly, would be insane to ignore the pure magic of EJ and Sami. A pot of gold has literally landed in their laps, but it remains to be seen if they'll accept it or make the mistake of not going with this natural force.

As a long time environmental activist, I love the idea of promoting a Green wedding: and that is one of the reasons I feel the wedding will take place (the promotion of the earth friendly wedding is a great thing).

Again, however, we can only hope for a short marriage and the long term excitement that can only be EJ and Samantha!

Barbara Richardson
via email