How Times Change on B&B

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More screen time for Brooke & Nick on B&B

Over a year and a half ago, on Saturday, March 13, 2004 Soapdom recieved this letter from a Bold and the Beautiful fan.  She wrote:

Dear Soapdom:

Brooke and Nick scenes have been few and far between, but when we do finally get some, WOW!!  Katherine Kelly Lang and Jack Wagner light up the screen together and bring a certain magic that's been lacking for far too long.  Their poolside frolicking last week was a pleasure to watch and the little actress who plays Hope is an absolute JOY!  Nick and Brooke on his boat this past week were also a breath of fresh air.  Brooke was happy and BEAMING and was very intrigued and amused by Nick's quirky mood.  It obviously rubbed off on her! 

We need more of these scenes.  Nick has been nothing but supportive in whatever decisions Brooke has made since meeting him and he's never judged her.  He's encouraged her to move on with her life, be optimistic and have FUN!  Brooke has had nothing but heartache for 17 years, mainly at the hands of Ridge Forrester, and she so deserves happiness and a man who loves her for who she is.  That man is Nick.  Vicky B.

Dear Vicky,

How times have changed. Since the time you wrote us, Brooke has remarried Ridge, Bridget and Nick are in love, and Taylor has returned. Although Nick continues to profess his love for Bridget, he likewise continues to be kind and considerate of Brooke.  We like Nick.  The Editors