Hispanics on Passions

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Latino audiences not easily fooled. Where has Passions gone wrong

Eva Tamargo Lemus (Pilar, PAS)Dear Soapdom,

We are Hispanic women who love American soaps, so we were happy to hear that NBC was reaching out to us Latinos by introducing more hispanic characters in their soaps.

But what NBC has done lately on PASSIONS is truly offensive. First they have talk-show host Christina playing herself. And now they have news magazine anchor Maria Celeste Arraras playing -you guessed it- herself.

My friends and I adore the actress who plays Pilar (Eva Tamargo Lemus) and we think it was disrespectul to her and the rest of the cast to have to work with these non-pros!

Hispanic audiences aren't easily fooled. Most of us are bilingual and watch the Anglo and the Spanish-language networks, so we know there's lots of Latin-TV actresses, who are just as famous as these two ladies, who are bilingual and can actually act. So if  NBC really wants to win us over they should start casting popular bilingual ACTORS instead of talking heads who can't act, even when playing themselves.

Thanks for letting us vent!

Rogelia C., Tifanni L., and Alma R.
El Paso, TX