Guiding Light and Passions Fans Ask Soapdom...

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Info on PASS actor's death and GL fan needs to stay tuned

Dear Soapdom,

When did David Bailey of Passions pass away? What caused his death?  Thank you.

Andrea K.
South Bend, IN

Dear Andrea,

The death of David Bailey shocked and saddened all of soapdom when he passed away tragically and suddenly as the result of a drowning accident in the pool of his apartment complex.  The accident occured on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2004 in Los Angeles.  For more on this story click the links below.

Passions Actor Dies in Accidental Drowning
Passions Re-Casts Alistair Crane

The Editors

Dear Soapdom,

Guiding Light needs new story lines.  The Tony and Michelle, Holly and Sebastian and Richard and Dinah storylines need to be changed.  I am a long time viewer of Guiding Light, but you need better storylines in order to keep (this) viewer interested.

Margo B.
Columbus, OH

Dear Margo,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Guiding Light with us here at  Soaps usually have an ebb and flow in their storytelling and as a result, eventually there are lulls, where some of the stories are not jelling well with some of the viewers.  Looks like that's what's happening now with you and GL. Our advice? Just hang in there.  Things are bound to pick up soon.  Stay tuned.

The Editors