GL Fan in Awe of Find Your Light

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To the producers of Guiding Light...


Gina Tognoni (Dinah, GL)Dear Soapdom,

Wow, what a show today about Find Your Light!  I think this is the best show yet about Find Your Light. You should open this up to the world and see where it leads us.  I know I have been off work with  back surgery since March of last year and when I saw this show today it hit home -- Find your Light!  My light is my one and only Jesus and my faith that has gotten me through the past year and still have another four months of recovery time before I can even think about going back to work! 

Thank you for this Find Your Light episode.
Jonie Cunningham
via email

Dear Jonie,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on today's Guiding Light "Find Your Light" 70th anniversary special episode.  Soapdom couldn't agree more about today's excellent episode.  What a way to kick off the 70th Anniversary year.

Be sure to check in to for more ways to participate in this milestone anniversary for GL.  All year long, GL will be involved in activities that will help bring the light to those who are more than deserving.  Check Soapdom's Seeing Stars calendar for more. Also see this article on Guiding Light's 70th Anniversary celebration. 

We wish you a continued and speedy recovery.

The Editors